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Iordache Wins Stuttgart World Cup
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Romania star Larisa Iordache won the women's all-around title at the DTB World Cup, held Saturday in Stuttgart. Pictured: All-around medalists Jessica Lopez (Venezuela), Iordache and Kim Bui (Germany)

Romania star Larisa Iordache won the women's all-around title at the DTB World Cup, held Saturday in Stuttgart.

Iordache, the all-around silver medalist from October's world championships, hit four strong events to take the title with 59.766. Two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez (57.799) was second over Stuttgart's own Kim Bui (56.665).

Iordache had her highest score, 15.533) on balance beam with a clean routine (ff tucked full; two-foot layout; RO ff triple twist). She clinched the title with 14.600 on floor exercise (tucked and piked full-ins; triple twist; double pike).

Lopez vaulted a double-twisting Yurchenko for 14.600, then earned the best score of the day on uneven bars, 14.833, for a pack routine (piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney uprise free hip pirouette; elgrip Jaeger; giant-full to Tkatchev to Gienger; elgrip to double front). After a few wobbles and checks on balance beam, she performed beautifully on floor exercise (whip; triple twist; 2 1/2 to front layout; double pike) to clinch second ahead of Bui.

Bui had her highest score of the day on uneven bars, showing tremendous amplitude (Maloney-half; toe-on full to Gienger; Jaeger; Pak salto; Maloney to bail; high full-twisting double). The 2012 Olympian ended strongly on floor exercise with a double layout; whip immediate double tuck; 2 1/2 to pike front and double pike.

Two-time Olympian Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) finished fourth, less than three tenths behind Bui. Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina (Russia) had an off day to place fifth. After a strong start on vault (15.000), Mustafina fell off uneven bars (cast handstand gone wrong) and balance beam (standing Arabian).

Another Russian gymnast, Alla Sosnitskaya, finished sixth ahead of Canadian Olympian Ellie Black and Germany's Lisa-Katharina Hill.

Following the World Cup event, the Japanese men claimed victory at the DTB Team Challenge.

Only third in qualification, Japan defeated the United States, Germany and Brazil to win the team final. The top four teams from Friday's qualification advanced to the final.

Competition continues Sunday with the men's World Cup event and the women's team final. The lineup for the men's World Cup features Sergio Sasaki (Brazil), Fabian Hambüchen (Germany), Yusuke Saito and Yusuke Tanaka (Japan), Nikolai Kuksenkov (Russia), Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) and Donnell Whittenburg (USA).

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2014 DTB World Cup
Nov. 29, Stuttgart

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache15.13314.70015.33314.60059.766
2.Jessica Lopez14.60014.83314.20014.16657.799
3.Kim Bui14.13314.60013.66614.26656.665
4.Vanessa Ferrari13.80013.93314.33314.36656.432
5.Aliya Mustafina15.00013.83313.60013.96656.399
6.Alla Sosnitskaya14.33314.00012.93314.10055.366
7.Ellie Black13.93313.73313.70013.83355.199
8.Lisa-Katharina Hill13.93314.96612.70013.26654.865

1. Japan44.15043.70044.05043.40043.60043.400177.100
Daisuke Suzuki14.55014.00014.10014.00014.600
Shohei Fujiwara14.25014.75014.80014.50014.350
Rikii Hoshino15.35014.50014.80014.800
Yoshiaki Furutani14.95014.75014.80014.450
2. United States43.80042.90030.15029.15043.20042.400176.550
Marvin Kimble14.10014.10014.75015.10014.500
Akash Modi14.45014.45014.75015.00014.150
C.J. Maestas15.25014.35015.40013.750
Robert Baker14.40013.100
3. Germany44.30042.50041.30043.50042.75044.250175.950
Philipp Herder14.80014.10012.35014.750
Helge Liebrich14.60014.05014.90014.300
Andreas Bretschneider14.90014.40014.25014.90015.150
Andreas Toba14.35014.55014.35013.10014.800
4. Brazil43.10042.05043.30044.00041.05041.900175.250
Lucas Bitencourt14.60013.80014.10014.45012.40014.250
Francisco Barretto14.20013.35014.70014.850
Arthur Mariano15.15014.05014.65013.95012.800
Arthur Zanetti13.35015.85014.900

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