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Chinese Women Win 11th Straight Asian Games
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The Chinese women's team won its 11th consecutive title as competition continued Monday at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Pictured, left to right: Huang Huidan, Yao Jinnan, Bai Yawen, Tan Jiaxin, Chen Siyi and Shang Chunsong

The Chinese women's team won its 11th consecutive title as competition continued Monday at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea.

2012 Olympian Yao Jinnan led China to a blow victory, topping second-place North Korea by nearly 15 points. Japan finished third, just three tenths behind North Korea.

China sent its top team to Incheon, using the competition as a final warmup to the world championships that begin Oct. 3 in Nanning.

Yao topped teammates Shang Chunsong and Chen Siyi in the all-around qualification, though only two gymnasts per country can advance to any final. The Chinese women earned at least the three highest scores on every event but vault. On uneven bars, all five Chinese gymnasts outscored their rivals.

Yao had the highest score on uneven bars, edging world champion teammate Huang Huidan. Shang led qualification on balance beam and floor exercise.

2008 Olympic champion Hong Un Jong (North Korea) was the top gymnast on vault, leading Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina. India's Dipa Karmakar qualified third, despite a botched landing on her attempt at a handspring double front (7.0 Difficulty).

Competition continues Tuesday with the all-around finals for men and women.

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17th Asian Games
Sept. 22, 2014, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
2.North Korea57.15052.10053.20052.200214.650

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Yao Jinnan5.814.4506.915.6506.014.2505.713.80058.150 Q
2.Shang Chunsong5.013.8006.714.1506.614.9006.013.95056.800 Q
3.Chen Siyi5.814.7756.214.6506.113.5505.613.77556.750
4.Azumi Ishikura5.013.7505.213.6005.614.0005.413.00054.350 Q
5.Yun Na Rae5.314.1505.613.7506.013.0005.613.40054.300 Q
6.Hong Un Jong6.315.3505.413.4005.011.8005.613.20053.750 Q
7.Yuriko Yamamoto5.014.0505.513.7505.012.7005.313.15053.650 Q
8.Kim Un Hyang5.013.6505.412.9506.014.2505.112.80053.650 Q
9.Kang Yong Mi5.013.6006.212.8505.412.9505.713.40052.800
10.Akiho Sato5.013.9004.812.8505.312.3005.213.25052.300
11.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.013.7004.712.4505.313.0005.213.05052.200 Q
12.Sakura Yumoto5.013.8004.813.0005.612.7505.311.70051.250
13.Park Ji Soo5.013.6505.411.9005.512.2505.413.25051.050 Q
14.Lim Heem Wei4.613.4004.512.4755.012.5504.512.55050.975 Q
15.Jeong Hee Yeon5.013.5005.112.6005.711.7505.212.50050.350
16.Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi5.013.6505.310.4505.013.0005.313.22550.325 Q
17.Asal Saparbayeva4.813.2504.711.7504.512.1005.212.90050.000 Q
18.Arailym Darmenova4.612.9504.611.2504.712.3504.712.60049.150 Q
19.Yelena Rega4.212.6505.311.7504.811.7004.512.65048.750
20.Aida Bauyrzhanova4.413.2005.09.9004.913.0005.212.60048.700 Q
21.Zhanerke Duisek4.212.7004.110.7505.212.3504.712.65048.450
22.Do Thi Van Anh5.013.7002.910.2005.112.0504.812.20048.150 Q
23.Dipa Karmakar5.213.9504.510.1505.212.6004.911.15047.850 Q
24.Anna Geidt4.813.1504.710.0504.610.9505.212.65046.800
25.Khilola Doniyorova4.212.6005.010.8504.610.8504.712.15046.450
26.Lo Yu Ju5.012.6003.39.7504.511.7004.512.25046.300 Q
27.Chen Feng Chih4.212.5003.49.3504.812.0004.612.00045.850 Q
28.Do Thi Thu Huyen4.612.2003.110.3505.011.8504.511.15045.550 Q
29.Praewpraw Doungchan4.813.3004.09.9504.911.6504.910.60045.500 Q
30.Pranati Nayak4.613.4254.39.4504.510.9504.510.85044.675 Q
31.Pranati Das4.613.0504.28.6504.711.2504.610.75043.700
32.Fan Chieh Ting4.212.4503.08.0504.811.1004.511.85043.450
33.Wu Jhih Han4.412.7002.39.2003.910.9504.510.57543.425
34.Aruna Budda Reddy4.613.6003.77.6503.710.6004.811.30043.150
35.Lin Tseng Nung5.013.2004.59.8504.18.2504.511.85043.150
36.Ichinkhorloo Baatarjav4.212.4504.59.8755.010.0504.010.30042.675 Q
37.Yekaterina Chuikina2.411.2001.17.3004.110.0504.111.60040.150
38.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar4.411.8003.87.6003.28.4753.98.60036.475 Q

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Hong Un Jong6.39.050 15.35015.350 Q
6.48.950 15.350
2.Oksana Chusovitina6.28.800 15.00014.675 Q
5.58.850 14.350
3.Dipa Karmakar5.28.750 13.95014.400 Q
7.07.850 14.850
4.Ri Un Ha5.88.850-0.114.55014.200 Q
5.28.650 13.850
5.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.88.600 14.40014.175 Q
6.27.750 13.950
6.Do Thi Van Anh5.08.700 13.70013.625 Q
5.08.550 13.550
7.Hiu Ying Angel Wong5.28.400-0.313.30013.450 Q
8.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.08.700 13.70013.425 Q
4.68.550 13.150
9.Aruna Budda Reddy4.69.000 13.60013.375 R1
4.68.550 13.150
10.Sakura Yumoto5.08.800 13.80013.350 R2

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Yao Jinnan6.98.750 15.650 Q
2.Huang Huidan6.88.650 15.450 Q
3.Tan Jiaxin6.78.450 15.150
4.Chen Siyi6.28.450 14.650
5.Shang Chunsong6.77.450 14.150
6.Yuriko Yamamoto5.58.250 13.750 Q
7.Yun Narae5.68.150 13.750 Q
8.Minami Honda5.18.600 13.700 Q
9.Azumi Ishikura5.28.400 13.600
10.Hong Un Jong5.48.000 13.400 Q
11.Sakura Yumoto4.88.200 13.000
12.Kim Un Hyang5.47.550 12.950 Q
13.Jong Un Gyong5.37.600 12.900
14.Akiho Sato4.88.050 12.850
15.Kang Yong Mi6.26.650 12.850
16.Eum Dayeon5.47.250 12.650 Q
17.Jeong Hee Yeon5.17.500 12.600
17.Kim Chae Yeon5.17.500 12.600
19.Lim Heem Wei4.57.975 12.475 R1
20.Dilnoza Abdusalimova4.77.750 12.450 R2

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong6.68.300 14.900 Q
2.Bai Yawen5.98.450 14.350 Q
3.Yao Jinnan6.08.250 14.250
3.Kim Un Hyang6.08.250 14.250 Q
5.Azumi Ishikura5.68.400 14.000 Q
6.Kim So Yong6.07.850 13.850 Q
7.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.97.900 13.800 Q
8.Tam Joey Jing Ying5.48.150 13.550 Q
9.Chen Siyi6.17.550-0.113.550
10.Minami Honda5.77.750 13.450 Q
11.Huang Huidan6.07.550-0.113.450
12.Aida Bauyrzhanova4.98.100 13.000 R1
13.Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi5.08.000 13.000 R2

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong6.07.950 13.950 Q
2.Yao Jinnan5.78.100 13.800 Q
3.Chen Siyi5.68.175 13.775
4.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.67.900 13.500 Q
5.Yun Narae5.67.800 13.400 Q
6.Kang Yongmi5.77.700 13.400 Q
7.Akiho Sato5.28.050 13.250 Q
8.Park Ji Soo5.47.850 13.250 Q
9.Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi5.37.925 13.225 Q
10.Hong Un Jong5.67.700-0.113.200 R1
11.Yuriko Yamamoto5.37.850 13.150 R2
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