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Moscow, Urals Win Russian Cup Team Titles
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Teams from Moscow and the Urals were golden as competition continued Thursday and Friday at the 2014 Russian Cup in Penza. Pictured, left to right: Medal-winning teams from St. Petersburg, Central and Moscow

Teams from Moscow and the Urals were golden as competition continued Thursday and Friday at the 2014 Russian Cup in Penza.

World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina competed three events to lead Moscow to first place in the women's competition by more than a 5-point margin of victory. Mustafina, who won the women's all-around title on Wednesday, had the highest scores of the day on uneven bars (15.033), balance beam (14.900) and floor exercise (14.300). Olympic bronze medalist Maria Paseka had the highest score of the day with her 15.300 on vault (Amanar with large step forward).

St. Petersburg took second, with high scores from veterans Tatiana Nabiyeva (14.800 on vault) and Yekaterina Kramarenko (14.567 on uneven bars).

Viktoria Komova (14.400 on uneven bars) and Maria Kharenkova (14.867 on balance beam) led the Central region to the bronze, a further 3 points behind St. Petersburg.

In the men's competition, European champion David Belyavsky led the Urals to first place over Siberia, 257.800-256.450. Belyavsky, second in the all-around Wednesday, competed all but still rings, scoring 15.500 on floor exercise, 15.100 on pommel horse, 15.350 on vault, 15.650 on parallel bars and 14.850 on high bar.

Russian Cup all-around champion Nikita Ignatyev competed all six events to help his Siberian squad to second place. He notched the highest score of the team final with 15.700 on parallel bars.

The Volga region finished third, with Belyavsky's scores holding the team up. (Russian competition allows gymnasts' scores to count for two teams to represent where they are from and where they now train). Penza's own Denis Ablyazin, who won four gold medals at the 2014 European Championships, had an off day with 14.400 on floor exercise and 14.300 on vault (overrotated Tsukahara double pike). He also scored 15.250 on still rings, .55 less than his score in qualification.

Competition continues Saturday with the first day of apparatus finals. The competition will be webcast live on the Russian Gymnastics Federation's official website.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Cup
Aug. 28-29, Penza

Women's Team FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
Aliya Mustafina15.03314.90014.300
Alla Sosnitskaya14.30013.30013.10012.533
Maria Paseka15.30013.567
Daria Spiridonova13.76714.83313.700
2.St. Petersburg42.53441.56740.63338.733163.467
Tatiana Nabiyeva14.70014.03313.133
Lilia Akhaimova13.76713.36713.633
Alla Sidorenko12.96712.667
Yekaterina Kramarenko14.06714.56714.13312.433
Viktoria Komova14.400
Kristina Kruglikova13.80012.26712.233
Daria Yelizarova13.20012.36711.96713.333
Maria Kharenkova14.00013.90014.86713.767
Olga Bikmurzina13.53312.90011.83312.100
Lina Akhmetshina10.90011.033
Anna Rodionova14.10012.367
Polina Fyodorova13.30013.03312.26712.400
Natalia Medvedeva12.50012.300
Valeria Golenischeva9.40012.03311.267
Yelena Scherbakova12.50011.46710.800
Maria Kharenkova14.00013.90014.86713.767
* 1-point neutral deduction

David Belyavsky15.50015.10015.35015.65014.850
Roman Suetin13.45014.60015.20013.85013.100
Nikita Lezhankin14.30014.30013.350
Mikhail Kudashov14.10012.80014.25014.70013.350
2.Siberia 142.10040.95043.70042.65044.45042.600256.450
Nikita Ignatyev14.85014.15015.15014.90015.70015.300
Daniil Kazachkov12.95011.30014.60013.60012.85012.850
Ivan Stretovich14.30013.70014.15014.40014.450
Grigory Zyryanov13.10013.95014.350
Denis Ablyazin14.40015.25014.200
David Belyavsky15.50015.10015.35015.65014.850
Daniil Kazachkov12.95011.30014.60013.60012.85012.850
Pavel Pavlov11.15014.65015.10014.25012.350
Nikolai Kuksenkov15.60015.15014.850
Kirill Prokopyev15.15013.55014.35014.85013.85014.300
Yevgeny Vasilyev13.55013.25011.65014.100
Ilya Kibartas10.70013.45013.40013.80012.950
Denis Ablyazin14.40015.25014.200
Alexei Rostov13.70012.75014.35013.85014.550
Artur Dalaloyan14.50012.45014.35014.50012.35013.050
Alexei Kosyanov
Boris Lozhkin13.45011.55014.10013.10014.45013.750
Alexei Bykov13.55012.80013.750
Sergei Yeltsov12.05011.70013.45013.35014.40013.550
Alexander Grishin11.95013.55012.150
7.Siberia 211.30023.1506.30011.85026.50023.600102.700
Andrei Cherkasov12.15014.30013.300
Igor Pakhomenko
Vadim Yegorov11.30011.0006.30011.85012.20010.300
Andrei Lagutov
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