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Britain, Russia Divide Junior European Titles
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Gymnasts from Great Britain and Russia shared the junior apparatus titles as competition continued Sunday morning at the 2014 Women's European Championships in Sofia. Pictured: All-around champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) won her third gold medal of the competition on balance beam.

Gymnasts from Great Britain and Russia shared the junior apparatus titles as competition continued Sunday morning at the 2014 Women's European Championships in Sofia.

Ellie Downie, the all-around bronze medalist and member of the silver-medal winning junior team, won vault to take home a complete collection of medals from Sofia. She is the first British woman to win a junior European title in a decade, since Rhian Pugh won uneven bars at the 2004 Junior Europeans.

Amy Tinkler won the bronze medal on vault and then took second behind the elegant Catherine Lyons on floor exercise. Great Britain, which won one bronze medal at the 2012 Junior European Championships, this time walked away with a total of six medals, including two golds.

Russia, which won the team competition on Wednesday and the all-around title on Friday, won the other two titles to finish with four of the six gold medals available in Sofia. Daria Skrypnik and Angelina Melnikova finished 1-2 on uneven bars, while Melnikova won balance beam.

Melnikova, the all-around champion, is too young to compete at this summer's Youth Olympic Games, lamented Russian coach Valentina Rodionenko. Female gymnasts must be born in 1999 to attend the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, while Melnikova was born in 2000.

"In my opinion this is really foolish," Rodionenko said of the age limit in place at the Youth Olympics, which prevents gymnasts from competing even though they will be eligible for the 2016 Olympic Games. "We can clearly see that Melnikova is aiming on getting to the Olympic team. She is very persistent. This is a golden quality we don't often see in these kids."

Romania picked up three silver medals from all-around runner-up Laura Jurca on vault, and Andreea Iridon, who was second on beam and tied Tinkler for the silver on floor exercise.

Germany won bronze medals from Maike Enderle on uneven bars and Tabea Alt on balance beam.

The women's competition concludes Sunday afternoon with the senior apparatus finals.

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2014 Women's European Championships
May 18, Sofia, Bulgaria

Junior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie Downie5.89.13314.93314.633
2.Laura Jurca5.88.96614.76614.383
3.Amy Tinkler5.88.93314.73314.349
4.Seda Tutkhalyan5.88.6660.114.36614.266
5.Sofia Busato5.39.06614.36614.249
6.Angelina Melnikova5.09.0000.113.90014.200
7.Desiree Carofiglio5.38.96614.26614.103
8.Isa Maassen5.37.7000.312.70012.933

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Daria Skrypnik6.38.53314.833
2.Angelina Melnikova6.18.66614.766
3.Maike Enderle6.18.40014.500
4.Tabea Alt5.98.16614.066
5.Ellie Downie5.38.50013.800
6.Anja Schwarz5.28.53313.733
7.Giada Grisetti5.38.13313.433
8.Loan His5.57.86613.366

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Angelina Melnikova6.18.47514.575
2.Andreea Iridon5.88.63314.433
3.Tabea Alt5.78.50014.200
4.Teal Grindle5.68.13313.733
5.Catherine Lyons5.38.36613.666
6.Anda Butuc5.67.73313.333
7.Seda Tutkhalyan5.27.90013.100
8.Axelle Klinckaert5.17.83312.933

Junior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Catherine Lyons5.28.83314.033
2.Amy Tinkler5.48.56613.966
2.Andreea Iridon5.38.66613.966
4.Chiara Imeraj5.28.50013.700
5.Laura Jurca5.58.2330.113.633
6.Anastasia Dmitriyeva5.28.20013.500
7.Axelle Klinckaert5.28.16613.366
8.Seda Tutkhalyan5.28.1330.313.033
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