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British Men First in France
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Olympians Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham led Great Britain to first place in a quad meet against France, Germany and Switzerland, held Saturday in Sotteville.

British Olympians Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham led their team to first place in a quad meet among France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland, held Saturday in Sotteville.

Oldham competed all six events to help Britain win comfortably over the host nation, 270.350-263.550. Germany placed third (259.200) ahead of Switzerland (258.500).

Great Britain, the defending European champion, had the top team totals on every event except still rings. France — aided by co-European champion Samir Aït Saïd's 15.700 — earned the best sum on rings.

Whitlock, who won his second British all-around title last month, impressed with the highest scores of the meet on floor exercise (15.300) and pommel horse (16.250 with 7.4 Difficulty). Oldham had the best marks on both parallel bars (15.550) and high bar (15.400). Switzerland's Michael Meier had the top score on vault (14.950).

Germany was without the services of Fabian Hambüchen, who was resting a sore shoulder in preparation for the European championships. Germany, the 2010 European champion, finished last on high bar with falls from three of its four gymnasts. Only Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen hit (14.850).

"Our tasks are fairly clear cut," German head coach Andreas Hirsch said of his team's preparations for the upcoming European championships in Sofia.

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2014 France vs. Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland (MAG)
May 3, Sotteville, France

1. Great Britain45.10045.65044.05044.10046.05045.400270.350
Sam Oldham14.70013.90014.85014.45015.55015.400
Max Whitlock15.30016.25014.50014.65015.050
Dan Purvis15.05014.85014.70014.750
Dan Keatings14.55015.45014.950
Frank Baines14.75014.90015.050
Ashley Watson14.40014.250
2. France42.35043.90044.45043.95045.20043.700263.550
Kévin Antoniotti14.15014.15013.65014.50015.10014.400
Arnaud Willig13.85013.75014.25014.30013.10013.650
Hamilton Sabot14.20014.50015.20014.950
Samir Aït Saïd14.35015.70014.900
Cyril Tommasone15.55014.90014.350
Jim Zona13.85014.550
3. Germany43.05042.30044.00042.95044.75042.150259.200
Marcel Nguyen13.35015.20014.25015.25014.850
Andreas Bretschneider14.65014.50014.40014.90013.250
Andreas Toba14.20014.00014.30013.35013.700
Sebastian Krimmer14.95014.60013.600
Waldemar Eichorn14.20013.25013.850
Matthias Fahrig13.15014.30013.850
4. Switzerland42.20042.65042.90043.50044.75042.500258.500
Pablo Brägger13.35012.25013.75014.25015.15015.150
Eddy Yusof14.55013.85014.35013.35013.150
Oliver Hegi14.80013.90014.90013.450
Claudio Capelli14.00014.70013.900
Simon Nützi12.05014.65014.300
Michael Meier14.30014.950

Individual ScoresFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Sam Oldham6.414.706.013.905.814.855.614.456.415.556.515.4088.85
2.Kévin Antoniotti6.014.155.814.155.413.655.214.506.415.106.314.4085.95
3.Pablo Brägger5.913.355.412.254.913.755.214.256.315.156.715.1583.90
4.Arnaud Willig5.913.855.313.756.014.255.614.305.813.105.913.6582.90
5.Max Whitlock6.715.307.416.255.914.506.114.656.115.0575.75
6.Marcel Nguyen5.013.356.
7.Andreas Bretschneider6.314.656.114.505.614.406.214.906.013.2571.70
8.Andreas Toba5.914.
9.Eddy Yusof6.114.555.613.855.814.355.613.355.413.1569.25
10.Dan Purvis6.515.056.114.856.214.705.614.7559.35
11.Hamilton Sabot6.014.205.714.506.715.206.214.9558.85
12.Oliver Hegi6.314.805.113.906.414.905.813.4557.05
13.Samir Aït Saïd5.614.356.815.705.614.9044.95
14.Dan Keatings7.114.556.915.456.114.9544.95
15.Cyril Tommasone6.915.556.214.905.714.3544.80
16.Frank Baines6.314.755.614.906.215.0544.70
17.Sebastian Krimmer6.214.956.214.605.713.6043.15
18.Claudio Capelli5.614.006.114.706.013.9042.60
19.Mathias Farhig6.613.156.014.306.013.8541.30
20.Waldemar Eichorn5.814.
21.Simon Nützi5.612.056.014.655.214.3041.00
22.Michael Meier6.214.305.614.9529.25
23.Jim Zona6.013.855.214.5528.40
24.Ashley Watson5.714.006.514.2528.25
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