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Price Leads US Women's Sweep at Pacific Rim Championships
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World Cup champion Elizabeth Price led the U.S. women's squad to first place over Canada and China as the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships began Wednesday in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

World Cup champion Elizabeth Price led the U.S. women's squad to first place over Canada and China as the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships began Wednesday in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

The biennial competition features countries bordering the Pacific Ocean competing in artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics. This year's event included gymnasts from 15 nations, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and the United States. (Russia, which has participated in the past three events, did not send any gymnasts this year as it conflicted with the Russian national championships.)

The U.S. swept the gold medals, winning the team and both all-around gold medals for senior and junior women. Price topped world all-around silver medalist Kyla Ross, while Canada's Ellie Black won the bronze.

Price had the top score on every event except balance beam. She earned a high of 15.700 on vault for an Amanar and scored 15.100 on floor exercise (stuck double-double and double layout passes).

"It is cool to win the team gold and the all-around," Price said. "I haven't been to a team competition in a long time. To come back with this group of girls and hit all of our routines and win gold is a great experience."

Black bested the field on balance beam with 15.000 (6.6 Difficulty score).

"It was really exciting," Black said. "We were coming in to compete in the team event primarily and to come third in the all around at such a big competition was amazing."

U.S. junior national champion Bailie Key won the junior all-around title over teammate Nia Dennis. Teammate Norah Flatley had the third-best scored, but was bumped from podium by the two-per-country rule. China's Luo Huan, who finished .1 behind Flatley, instead took the bronze medal.

Competition continues Thursday with the men's team and all-around event. Video of the event will be broadcast live on the official website.

External Link: Official Website

2014 Pacific Rim Championships
April 9, Richmond, B.C.

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.United States61.45058.75058.05058.750237.000
7.Costa Rica35.65033.30038.65046.900154.500

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Elizabeth Price6.315.7006.415.0005.914.1006.015.10059.900
2.Kyla Ross5.815.3005.914.8005.714.4505.414.15058.700
3.Ellie Black5.514.7505.513.9506.615.0005.613.40057.100
4.Xie Yufen5.014.0006.414.4006.313.9004.913.10055.400
5.Aleeza Yu5.815.0005.312.8006.014.0505.413.50055.350
6.Georgia-Rose Brown5.014.2505.714.3005.613.5005.313.00055.050
7.Chinami Otaki5.014.0505.714.3504.913.1505.212.50054.050
8.Maegan Chant5.214.0505.212.9005.713.6005.713.25053.800
9.Mai Murakami5.014.0004.913.2005.113.1005.113.20053.500
10.Kiara Munteanu5.014.0505.713.7005.511.7005.312.80052.250
11.Charlotte Sullivan4.713.5004.711.9005.112.3505.713.45051.200
12.Courtney McGregor5.814.3004.710.6005.511.8505.513.50050.250
13.Valentina Brostella4.413.4003.210.6004.011.1504.913.05048.200
14.Dai Janessa Min Yi4.213.0004.111.2505.19.0504.812.85046.150
15.Lo Yu-Ju5.013.8503.27.4504.712.3004.412.25045.850
16.Anna Tempero4.212.8003.29.8004.810.2504.912.25045.100
17.Lin Tseng-Ning4.012.7004.410.8504.110.8504.810.35044.750
18.Peyton Ernst5.815.0505.914.6006.014.0500.00.00043.700
19.Wu Jhih-Han4.012.6001.88.3004.211.5503.410.20042.650
20.Karina Regidor4.012.2505.38.8005.110.0005.211.45042.500
21.Isabella Amado5.013.8500.00.0005.312.5005.113.30039.650
22.Ana Victoria De Leon4.212.7501.99.4503.610.2500.00.00032.450
23.Cristina Onofre4.212.5500.00.0004.86.8004.110.60029.950
24.Hiu Ying Angel Wong5.213.8000.00.0004.310.5500.00.00024.350
25.Ariana Orrego0.00.0000.00.0004.711.6004.812.70024.300
26.Jing Ying Joey Tam4.212.6000.00.0005.411.2500.00.00023.850
27.Ng Yuen Yin4.311.8500.00.0002.810.4000.00.00022.250
28.Leung Ka Man4.412.3500.00.0003.19.2000.00.00021.550

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Bailie Key5.815.3005.614.3506.314.8506.014.75059.250
2.Nia Dennis5.815.1505.414.0005.814.0505.914.75057.950
-Norah Flatley5.014.0505.714.2006.214.6505.213.95056.850
3.Luo Huan*5.014.0506.214.7006.014.1005.113.45056.300
5.Liu Tingting5.013.9505.713.8506.014.8005.113.60056.200
6.Rose-Kaying Woo5.014.1005.413.8505.713.6005.314.10055.650
7.Shallon Olsen5.814.7005.613.3505.711.9005.714.55054.500
8.Linlin Zhou4.613.7505.813.3505.914.6005.412.65054.350
9.Ayu Koike5.014.1004.913.2505.212.9505.413.45053.750
10.Marina Kawasaki5.014.0005.412.7505.412.8504.812.90052.500
11.Megane Roberts5.013.9005.011.8004.812.5005.514.10052.300
12.Aya Meggs5.013.8005.312.9504.510.8504.912.80050.400
13.Yurika Yumoto5.013.5504.913.0005.210.6505.112.10049.300
14.Yasmin Collier5.012.3505.012.7005.111.5505.311.90048.500
15.Ivanka Victory4.012.6501.87.8004.311.4005.112.55044.400
16.Heika Del Sol Salas4.010.7504.09.4003.59.2004.611.35040.700
17.Katrina Evangelista4.212.7001.06.6504.710.9504.210.00040.300
18.Emily Whitehead0.00.0004.812.9005.212.5005.013.10038.500
19.Liu Ying0.00.0005.613.0505.112.5005.312.80038.350
20.Huang Li-Ya2.410.7001.07.6503.99.1503.09.70037.200
21.Darcy Norman4.012.9005.812.8004.711.0500.00.00036.750
22.Mariana Andrade0.00.0002.17.3003.48.0503.811.55026.900
* Bronze medalist

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