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Melnikova, Yeryomina Win Twice in Penza
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Junior all-around champions Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) and Yelena Yeryomina (St. Petersburg) each added two more gold medals in apparatus finals as the Russian women's championships concluded Sunday in Penza.

Angelina Melnikova

Melnikova won balance beam and floor exercise in the junior Master of Sport category, while Yeryomina won vault and uneven bars in the Candidate for Master of Sport group.

Alla Sosnitskaya (Moscow) made her case for a berth on next month's European championships team with medals on three events: gold on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko and layout Podkopayeva), silver on floor exercise (double layout mount) and bronze on uneven bars.

Newcomer Daria Spiridonova also impressed. winning uneven bars (inside-Stalder, inside-Stalder full to Maloney to Pak salto; . Maloney-half; inside-Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; full-twisting double) and taking second on balance beam behind fellow first-year senior Maria Kharenkova. Spiridinova is coached by Tatiana Fomkina, who previously coached World Cup gold medalist Irina Isayeva.

All-around champion Aliya Mustafina competed casually, dropping out of the floor exercise final and dropping off uneven bars (after scraping her legs on the mat during her Pak salto). She managed only the bronze on balance beam, where she is the current world champion, with a routine full of missed connections.

Superstar Viktoria Komova was cruised on uneven bars until she fell off on a short inside-stalder blind change. She tried it again and fell again. She also performed an exhibition on balance beam, where she had several wobbles and missed connections but stuck a gorgeous ff, tucked Arabian combination.

Team coach Valentina Rodionenko said the coaching staff was happy with the new talent that proved themselves in Penza.

First of all, the Russian championship were searching for the next group for the 2016 Olympic Games," Rodionenko said. "And we're glad that now a lot of young girls come from good programs. They have proven their abilities with results in Penza. For example, second all-around to Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina was Alla Sosnitskaya, a young girl who practically just appeared on the senior level. And Maria Kharenkova, although she performed only bars and beam because of an injury, presented herself very well. She even won the competition on balance beam - a great success for her age. Daria Spiridonova perfectly manifested herself on the uneven bars and balance beam, landing on the medal podium. I repeat: the young girls demonstrated their good preparation. This means within the team there will be serious competition that we coaches certainly can rejoice about."

The Russian men's national championships take place April 10-13. The Russian Gymnastics Federation will offer live streaming video of the competition from the Burtasy Sports Palace.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Women's Championships
April 6, Penza

Senior Vault FinalScore
1. Alla Sosnitskaya Moscow 14.500
2. Maria Paseka Moscow 14.384
3. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 13.867
4. Lilia Akhaimova St. Petersburg 13.600
5. Anastasia Osetrova South 13.500
6. Anastasia Cheong St. Petersburg 13.467
6. Yekaterina Mikhalkina Volga 13.467
8. Olga Bikmurzina Volga 13.183

Senior Uneven Bars FinalScore
1. Daria Spiridonova Moscow 14.733
2. Anna Rodionova Volga 14.467
3. Alla Sosnitskaya Moscow 14.200
4. Yekaterina Kramarenko St. Petersburg 14.133
5. Maria Kharenkova South 13.767
6. Aliya Mustafina Moscow 13.667
7. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 13.267
8. Viktoria Komova Central 11.467

Senior Balance Beam FinalScore
1. Maria Kharenkova South 15.300
2. Daria Spiridonova Moscow 14.400
3. Aliya Mustafina Moscow 14.100
4. Polina Fyodorova Volga 14.067
5. Alla Sosnitskaya Moscow 13.900
6. Kristina Goryunova Northwest 13.167
7. Kristina Kruglikova Central 12.833
8. Daria Yelizarova Central 11.733

Senior Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Polina Fyodorova Volga 14.133
2. Alla Sosnitskaya Moscow 14.033
3. Kristina Goryunova Northwest 13.900
4. Lilia Akhaimova St. Petersburg 13.700
5. Alina Martynova South 13.233
6. Yekaterina Kramarenko St. Petersburg 13.133
7. Daria Spiridonova Moscow 13.100
8. Kristina Kruglikova Central 13.067

Junior Vault Final (MS)Score
1. Seda Tutkhalyan Moscow 14.417
2. Daria Mikhailova Moscow 13.817
3. Anastasia Dmitriyeva Volga 13.717
4. Palina Spirina Siberia 13.484
5. Ksenia Molozhavenko South 13.400
6. Daria Lopatina Volga 13.084
7. Yevgenia Menovshchikova South 12.967
8. Ksenia Ivanova Central 12.750

Junior Uneven Bars Final (MS)Score
1. Daria Skrypnik South 14.600
2. Seda Tutkhalyan Moscow 14.333
3. Polina Petukhova St. Petersburg 12.567
4. Daria Mikhailova Moscow 12.400
5. Ksenia Molozhavenko South 11.033
6. Olga Valekzhanina Volga 10.967
7. Angelina Melnikova Central 10.633
8. Anastasia Dmitriyeva Volga 9.833

Junior Balance Beam Final (MS)Score
1. Angelina Melnikova Central 14.700
2. Daria Mikhailova Moscow 14.433
3. Anastasia Dmitriyeva Volga 14.367
4. Daria Skrypnik South 14.200
5. Seda Tutkhalyan Moscow 13.533
6. Yekaterina Tyunina Central 12.567
7. Polina Petukhova St. Petersburg 11.700
8. Margarita Varnakova Central 11.267

Junior Floor Exercise Final (MS)Score
1. Angelina Melnikova Central 14.167
2. Anastasia Dmitriyeva Volga 13.933
3. Daria Mikhailova Moscow 13.467
4. Yelena Aleksenko Urals 12.933
4. Irina Kaigulova Volga 12.933
6. Seda Tutkhalyan Moscow 12.033
7. Palina Spirina Siberia 12.000
8. Yulia Biryulya Siberia 11.233

Junior Vault Final (CMS)Score
1. Yelena Yeryomina St. Petersburg 13.950
2. Irina Mitreneva Siberia 13.884
3. Yekaterina Sokova Central 13.500
4. Yelizaveta Kochetkova Moscow 13.367
5. Viktoria Mukhortova Volga 13.334
5. Ilsia Aminova Volga 13.334
7. Yekaterina Polikarpova Central 12.750
8. Yelizaveta Osina Northwest 12.167

Junior Uneven Bars Final (CMS)Score
1. Yelena Yeryomina St. Petersburg 13.867
2. Yekaterina Sokova Central 13.167
3. Yelena Likhodolskaya Central 12.567
4. Ilsia Aminova Volga 12.433
4. Polina Borzykh Urals 12.433
6. Irina Mitreneva Siberia 11.933
7. Varvara Batalova St. Petersburg 11.267
8. Yelizaveta Kochetkova Moscow 10.933

Junior Balance Beam Final (CMS)Score
1. Yekaterina Sokova Central 13.400
2. Yelena Oganesyan Central 13.167
3. Viktoria Mukhortova Volga 12.567
4. Yulia Bashurova Siberia 12.200
5. Viktoria Gazeyeva Moscow 11.400
6. Ksenia Sabaldash Volga 11.233
7. Anastasia Grekova Volga 11.200
8. Yelizaveta Kochetkova Moscow 11.167

Junior Floor Exercise Final (CMS)Score
1. Yelena Likhodolskaya Central 13.700
2. Yekaterina Sokova Central 13.200
3. Alyona Arkusha Siberia 12.867
4. Ilsia Aminova Volga 12.800
5. Varvara Batalova St. Petersburg 12.733
6. Yelizaveta Kochetkova Moscow 12.533
7. Yelizaveta Osina Northwest 12.367
8. Viktoria Trykina Moscow 11.667
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