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IG Magazine: January/February 2014
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Vietnam VIP
World vaulting medalist Phan Thi Ha Thanh has elevated and inspired Vietnamese gymnastics. IG contributing photographer Thomas Schreyer visited the Vietnamese National Training Center in Hanoi

Front & Centered
Ukraine’s Oleg Vernyayev is finally reaping the benefits of having the hardest routines in the world

Twist of Fate
Interview: With his landslide floor victory at worlds, Japanese teenager Kenzo Shirai blew away everyone in the sport

Rebuilding Brazil
Interview: Having developed champions wherever he’s coached, Alexander Alexandrov now turns his attention to Brazil

10 Questions With Zoltan Jordanov
The Hungarian native offers his candid insights on the challenges and opportunities that he faces as head coach of the ever-improving Swiss women's national team

Taming Fame
Interview: Carlotta Ferlito, reality television star and 2013 MTV Italy Awards' "Sport Hero" winner, speaks with IG about her fame, her responsibilities as a role-model and teammate, and her ongoing quest to reach her gymnastics potential

Ziert Alert!; Open Stretch - World Cup Leaders; Training Tips - Balance Beam Control; Interviews - Arnaud Willig; Profile - Pablo Brägger; Mini-poster - Roxana Popa; Last Pass - Leah Homma; and much, much more!

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