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Chinese Top Russians at DTB Team Challenge
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The Chinese women defeated Russia to win the Team Challenge at the 31st DTB Cup, held Sunday in Stuttgart.

The DTB Team Challenge competition used as a 4-3-2 format, with four gymnasts per squad, up to three competing on any event and the top two scores counting toward the team total.

Huang Huidan (China)

China, the top qualifier from Friday's preliminary competition, topped Russia, 114.150-112.450. The host team finished third ahead of Switzerland. China also won the men's team final on Saturday.

The Chinese had the best team total on on vault and balance beam. On vault, Tan Jiaxin's stuck double-twisting Yurchenko (click here to watch) brought the high score of the day. On uneven bars, world champion Huang Huidan hit beautifully for 14.750, but the team was forced to count Tan Jiaxin's 13.850 after Yao Jinnan fell for 13.300. After a beautiful routine that did not risk her Mo salto, Yao mistimed her double layout dismount, tucking down the second salto and fell (watch).

The Chinese all hit balance beam, counting 14.900 from Yao and 14.450 from Huang, allowing the team to throw out Tan Sixin's 14.400.

The defending champion Russian squad improved Friday's team score by more than 4 full points. Tatiana Nabiyeva, who on Friday erred on both vault (throwing a Yurchenko full instead of the double full she signaled) and uneven bars (extra swing), stepped up to hit both events Sunday. World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina again competed balance beam only, earning the highest score of the competition with 15.200 (watch). Veteran Yekaterina Kramarenko and relative newcomer Anna Rodionova competed all four events and were the only two gymnasts Russia put up on floor exercise.

Second in qualification, Germany dropped to third behind Russia's rise. The Germans performed solidly with just a few slipups, and had the best team total on floor exercise. Sophie Scheder tied Mustafina for the high score of the day with her 15.200 for a beautiful set on uneven bars that included a an inside-Stalder full, inside-Stalder-Shaposhikova to bail to toe-on full; inside-Stalder blind to Jaeger; and a very high full-twisting double back dismount (watch).

Switzerland finished fourth, with a top score of 14.050 on balance beam from the elegant Ilaria Käslin.

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31st DTB Cup Team Challenge
Dec. 1, 2013, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's Team Final VTUBBBFXTotal
1. China29.05028.60029.35027.150114.150
Huang Huidan14.75014.450
Tan Sixin14.40011.800
Tan Jiaxin14.90013.85013.200
Yao Jinnan14.15013.30014.90013.950
2. Russia28.80028.70029.10025.850112.450
Yekaterina Kramarenko13.80014.20013.95012.800
Aliya Mustafina15.150
Tatiana Nabiyeva14.65014.500
Anna Rodionova14.15013.40012.90013.050
3. Germany28.70029.55025.80027.200111.250
Kim Bui14.15014.35013.30014.250
Sophie Scheder14.15015.20012.05012.950
Pia Tolle12.500
Michelle Timm14.55012.75011.550
4. Switzerland27.20024.40025.55025.700102.850
Nicole Hitz13.3507.20011.50012.650
Ilaria Käslin13.85013.20014.05013.050
Sara Metzger11.20012.650
Jessica Diacci11.80010.650

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