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Vernyayev Victorious at DTB World Cup
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After a disappointing world championships, Ukrainian Oleg Vernyayev showed what he was capable of by going six for six at the 2013 DTB Cup/FIG World Cup Sunday in Stuttgart.

After a disappointing world championships, Ukrainian Oleg Vernyayev showed what he was capable of by going six for six at the 2013 DTB Cup/FIG World Cup Sunday in Stuttgart.

Vernyayev was nearly mistake free in his efforts, earning the top score on four of the six events. He totalled 92.165 to win the title by nearly 2 full points over German star Fabian Hambüchen (90.264) and British Olympic medalist Dan Purvis (89.931).

DTB World Cup champion Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine)

The competition is the first of four FIG World Cup all-around events for the 2013-2014 series, which continues next week in Glasgow and next year in the U.S. and Japan. Each competition offers prize money of 100,000 in Swiss francs (approximately $110,000 USD), with the all-around champion receiving 15,000 Swiss francs.

Vernyayev, long touted as an all-around threat, has suffered from inconsistency this year and performed disastrously at the world championships, held Sept. 30-Oct 6. in Antwerp. In qualification he finished 16th all-around with 11.633 on high bar, and he qualified only to the vault final. In the all-around he finished 15th, again with a blown routine on high bar (11.833).

Although he won the Tokyo World Cup last April, Vernyayev did it with a fall when he missed his triple-twisting double tuck on floor exercise. Falls and errors also left him in third all-around at both the 2013 European Championships, held in April in Moscow, and the 2013 University Games, held in July in Kazan.

But Vernyayev, who competed six routines Friday as part of the DTB Cup Team Challenge, finally hit when it counted Sunday. He played it safe on floor exercise (layout Thomas; stuck double-double; Randi; 2 1/2 to barani; stuck triple twist dismount) and outscored everyone on pommel horse (15.466) and still rings (15.500). On vault, he landed his high and far Dragulescu was over the line but tied for the top score with Hambüchen at 15.100. On parallel bars, he had a slight break when he bent his knees on a stutz but the rest of was impressive, including a low but landed full-twisting double back dismount.

Vernyayev, who scored 13.250 on high bar on Friday in Stuttgart, needed 13.332 to take the title away from Hambüchen. He hit his fairly safe routine (Yamawaki-half to mix grip; half-Tak to Možnik; Tak-full to Yamawaki; layout double-double) and followed it up with a quick kiss of the apparatus.

Hambüchen was also near perfect, hitting his six routines designed for all-around competition. He left out some of the bigger tricks he performs in the apparatus finals (including the 2 1/2 to double front on floor exercise and the Cassina and layout Tkatchev/Rybalko/Winkler combination on high bar he did in Antwerp finals), but showed a much improved set on his own nemesis, pommel horse for 14.266. He nearly stuck his Yurchenko 2 1/2 (Shewfelt) on vault and nailed a very clean routine on parallel bars, complete with a stuck dismount. High bar (piked Kovacs; Kolman; layout Tkatchev to Rybalko; Tak full to Yamawaki; Stalder to Rybalko) left him waiting to see if Vernyayev would err on high bar. After the Ukrainian hit his final event, Hambüchen was one of the first to offer congratulations.

Purvis had the best score on floor exercise, his best event, showing a double-double; double front; 2 1/2 punch front full and whip to stuck Arabian double front dismount. He stayed clean throughout the rest of his routines as well, particularly impressing with his excellent foot form.

Belarusian Andrei Likhovitsky finished fourth behind Purvis (88.765). U.S. Olympian John Orozco (88.599), Germany's Andreas Toba (86.864), 2010 Youth Olympic Games champion Yuya Kamoto (85.764) and Spanish Olympian Fabian González (85.131) rounded out the field.

The FIG World Cup series continues next weekend in Glasgow, where many of the same gymnasts are scheduled to to take part.

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31st DTB Cup/FIG World Cup
Dec. 1, 2013, Stuttgart, Germany

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev15.40015.46615.50015.10015.46615.23392.165
2.Fabian Hambüchen15.13314.26614.86615.10014.93315.96690.264
3.Daniel Purvis15.50014.86615.00015.06615.16614.33389.931
4.Andrei Likhovitsky14.53315.26614.23314.63315.00015.10088.765
5.John Orozco15.10015.26615.20014.80014.23314.00088.599
6.Andreas Toba14.26614.50014.93314.96614.46613.73386.864
7.Yuya Kamoto14.56614.53314.73314.36615.10012.46685.764
8.Fabian González14.86613.76613.76614.40014.13314.20085.131
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