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Hambüchen Headlines Star-Studded Field for Stuttgart World Cup
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Fresh off his eighth and ninth world championship medals, German star Fabian Hambüchen headlines this weekend's FIG all-around World Cup in Stuttgart, where an impressive lineup of gymnasts from 15 nations also will compete in a team event. Pictured: Twelve-time world and Olympic medalist Aliya Mustafina (Russia) is part of an impressive roster in the DTB Pokal team competition.

Fresh off his eighth and ninth world championship medals, German star Fabian Hambüchen headlines this weekend's FIG all-around World Cup in Stuttgart, where an impressive lineup of gymnasts will compete in a separate team competition.

The Stuttgart World Cup is the first of four all-around events for the FIG's 2013-2014 season. The remaining events are Dec. 7 in Glasgow, the American Cup March 1 in Greensboro, and in Tokyo April 5–6. Each event carries a prize purse of 100,000 Swiss francs (50,000 for male and female each), with 15,000 for first place down to 1,000 for eighth place. The male and female gymnasts who win the most points for their placements in the four events win the overall World Cup series titles and a special trophy.

Hambüchen, who won the all-around bronze and high bar silver at last month's world championships in Antwerp, said the Stuttgart World Cup is his final major event for the year. Many of the gymnasts from Stuttgart will head to the Glasgow World Cup the following weekend, but Hambüchen said he needs a break.

"I won't be in Glasgow this year because it's just too much," he told IG. "I had a really long season without a break, and I need to relax a bit for next year. I will be back at the American Cup and maybe there is still a chance to win the overall title!"

The three-time Olympian, who has often suffered ill-timed injuries, said he feels healthy but needs the break after a long 2013. He suffered a hand injury in the spring that limited his performance at the European championships in Moscow, but returned to win his seventh German national title in May, plus all-around medals at the University Games in July and at the worlds in October.

"I'm feeling pretty good, but I know that my body needs some rest after Stuttgart," said Hambüchen, who also competes in Germany's Bundesliga and attends the University of Cologne.

The men's World Cup lineup includes world medalists Daniel Purvis (Great Britain) and John Orozco (USA), 2010 Youth Olympic Games champion Yuya Kamoto (Japan) and 2013 Tokyo World Cup champion Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine). Half of the men's field in Stuttgart were top-eight finishers in Antwerp: Hambüchen (third, Brazil's Sergio Sasaki (fifth), Purvis (seventh), and Belarus' Andrei Likhovitsky (eighth).

"I think everyone will be very strong, but Vernyayev, Orozco and Purvis are my biggest competitors I guess!" Hambüchen said.

The women's competition includes world and Olympic medalist Larisa Iordache (Romania), defending champion Elizabeth Price (USA), former world champion Vanessa Ferrari (Italy), and German Olympian Elisabeth Seitz.

In addition to the FIG World Cup, the 31st DTB Pokal includes an accompanying team competition in Stuttgart featuring nearly 80 gymnasts from 15 countries. The outstanding field includes three-time world champion and four-time Olympic medalist Aliya Mustafina, two-time Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen (Germany) and British stars Dan Keatings and Sam Oldham. China is sending exceptional teams that include two new world champions from Antwerp — uneven bars champion Huang Huidan and parallel bars world champion Lin Chaopan — plus world all-around medalist and 2012 Olympian Yao Jinnan (China).

The competition kicks off Friday at the Porsche Arena with the team qualification. The women's World Cup and men's team final take place Saturday followed by the men's World Cup and women's team final on Sunday.

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Read interviews with Fabian Hambüchen and Vanessa Ferrari, plus a profile on Andrei Likhovitsky, in the December issue of International Gymnastics Magazine. To subscribe or order back issues, click here.

31st DTB Pokal/FIG World Cup
Nov. 30-Dec. 1, Stuttgart

Women's Competitors
Briannah Tsang
Ruby Harrold
Elisabeth Seitz
Vanessa Ferrari
Carlotta Ferlito
Larisa Iordache
Giulia Steingruber
Elizabeth Price
Men's Competitors
Andrei Likhovitsky
Sergio Sasaki
Fabian González
Daniel Purvis
Fabian Hambüchen
Yuya Kamoto
Oleg Vernyayev
John Orozco

31st DTB Pokal Team Competition
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2013, Stuttgart

Women's Competitors
Elisa Hämmerle Austria
Olivia Jochum Austria
Jasmin Mader Austria
Casey Carvalho Canada
Stefanie Merkle Canada
Jordyn Pedersen Canada
Briannah Tsang Canada
Huang Huidan China
Tan Sixin China
Tan Jiaxin China
Wu Liufang China
Yao Jinnan China
Kim Bui Germany
Pia Tolle Germany
Michelle Timm Germany
Sophie Scheder Germany
Janine Berger Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Annika Göttler Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Sarina Maier Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Lisa-Katharina Hill Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Lisa Top Netherlands
Noël van Klaveren Netherlands
Yekaterina Kramarenko Russia
Aliya Mustafina Russia
Tatiana Nabiyeva Russia
Anna Rodionova Russia
Jessica Diacci Switzerland
Nicole Hitz Switzerland
Ilaria Käslin Switzerland
Sara Metzger Switzerland
Men's Competitors
Pétrix Barbosa Brazil
Lucas Bitencourt Brazil
Fellipe Ferreira Brazil
Henrique Flores Brazil
Victor Rosa Brazil
Leonardo Souza Brazil
Alexander Batinkov Bulgaria
Dragomir Peyev Bulgaria
Velislav Valchev Bulgaria
Cheng Ran China
Deng Shudi China
Lin Chaopan China
Liu Rongbing China
You Hao China
Kevin Antoniotti France
Guillaume Augugliaro France
Julien Gobaux France
Quentin Signori France
Dominick Cunningham Great Britain
Dan Keatings Great Britain
Sam Oldham Great Britain
Ashley Watson Great Britain
Helge Liebrich Germany
Andreas Toba Germany
Marcel Nguyen Germany
Daniel Weinert Germany
Sebastian Krimmer Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Felix Pohl Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Sascha Palgen Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Alexander Maier Team Kunst-Turn-Forum Stuttgart
Toshiya Ikejiri Japan
Jumpei Oka Japan
Ryuzo Sejima Japan
Masayoshi Yamamoto Japan
Daniil Kazachkov Russia
Nikita Lezhankin Russia
Pavel Pavlov Russia
Dmitry Stolyarov Russia
Christian Baumann Switzerland
Benjamin Gischard Switzerland
Michael Meier Switzerland
Eddy Yusof Switzerland
Andrii Sienichkin Ukraine
Maxim Semyankiv Ukraine
Jacob Dastrup United States
Akash Modi United States
Paul Ruggeri United States
Donnell Whittenburg United States

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