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Deva Does It Again at Alpen Adria Cup
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Romania's Cetate Deva club was back on top of the alps, dominating the 18th Alpen Adria Cup in Austria, held Saturday and Sunday in Klagenfurt. Pictured: Cetate Deva juniors pose in Klagenfurt with their coaches, including judge Gina Gogean.

The juniors of Romania's Cetate Deva club were once again on top of the alps, dominating the 18th Alpen Adria Cup in Austria, held Saturday and Sunday in Klagenfurt.

Coached by two-time Olympian Gina Gogean, Deva gymnasts finished 1-2 in two of the three all-around competitions on Saturday and then won Sunday's team competition among the eldest age group. It was an even better finish than the 2012 Alpen Adria Cup, which saw gymnasts from Cetate Deva win the gold medals in the two youngest age groups but finish second in the team competition.

Austria's Jessica Stabinger (1998) won the eldest age group, topping Deva's Alisia Botnaru (2000) and Hungarian Boglarka Devai (Sport School Szombathely). Stabinger, who trains at Innsbrucker Turnverein, won gold medals in the junior all-around, uneven bars and floor exercise at the recent Austrian championships in Ternitz.

Carmen Ghiciuc and Olivia Campean (both born in 2001) went 1-2 in the second age group over Slovenia's Lana Voler (2000) of GD Zelena Jama. In 2012, Campean was the champion in the youngest age group, with Ghiciuc finishing sixth.

Denisa Golgota (2002) won the youngest age group, topping teammate Andreea Ilaş (2002). The bronze medal went to Ronja Reuss (2003), who trains alongside Stabinger at Innsbruck Turnverein.

The competition was first established in 1996. Click here for the posters and results from every competition.

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18th Alpen Adria Cup
Nov. 23-24, Klagenfurt, Austria

Team FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Cetate Deva26.33323.20024.65026.166100.349
Emanuela Parva13.00012.15010.30012.433
Denisa Florea12.56711.05011.50012.367
Alisia Botnaru13.33310.45013.15013.733
2. Szombbathely25.43322.30023.25025.86796.850
Dora Szekely12.50011.15011.70012.867
Boglarka Devai12.93311.15011.55013.000
3. Vienna24.26719.50021.60022.00087.367
Hannah Schmid11.8007.30010.90010.433
Olivia Wasik12.4679.55010.70011.567
Bianca Frysak0.0009.9500.0000.000
4. Niederöstrerreich23.16710.60021.75021.03376.550
Klara Reisl11.5674.30010.75011.033
Alexandra Tumarova11.6006.30011.00010.000
5. ASKÖ Ried20.5335.95015.40017.30059.183
Victoria Steinbacher10.2332.9007.4009.167
Sarah Buchner10.3003.0508.0008.133

Junior All-Around 3 (1998-2001)VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jessica Stabinger1998LV Tyrol13.50013.20012.45013.06752.217
2.Alisia Botnaru2001Cetate Deva13.33310.45013.15013.73350.666
3.Boglarka Devai1999Sport School Szombathely12.93311.15011.55013.00048.633
4.Katharina Kern1998TULZ Linz12.66710.65012.60012.46748.384
5.Dora Szekely2000Sport School Szombathely12.50011.15011.70012.86748.217
6.Emanuela Parva1999Cetate Deva13.00012.15010.30012.43347.883
7.Denisa Florea2001Cetate Deva12.56711.05011.50012.36747.484
8.Olivia Wasik1999Union West Vienna12.4679.55010.70011.56744.284
9.Hannah Schmid2000Union West Vienna11.8007.30010.90010.43340.433
10.Alexandra Tumarova1998LV NÖ11.6006.30011.00010.00038.900
11.Klara Reisl1999LV NÖ11.5674.30010.75011.03337.650
12.Victoria Steinbacher1999ASKÖ Ried10.2332.9007.4009.16729.700
13.Sarah Buchner1999ASKÖ Ried10.3003.0508.0008.13329.483
14.Bianca Frysak1999TV Langenzersdorf0.0009.9500.0000.0009.950

Junior All-Around Level 2 (2000-2002)VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Carmen Ghiciuc2001Cetate Deva13.30011.85013.40012.63351.183
2.Olivia Campean2001Cetate Deva11.40011.40013.00013.26749.067
3.Lana Voler2000GD Zelena Jama13.23311.10011.15012.73348.216
4.Linda Hamersak2000TV Ternitz12.33310.10012.40011.96746.800
5.Lucija Hribar2001GD Zelena Jama12.50011.5009.60011.63345.233
6.Xenia Samstag2001MTV Hernals12.3678.80012.25011.70045.117
7.Alenka Pipus2002GD Zelena Jama11.2009.55011.10010.93342.783
8.Lina Vodnik2000GD Zelena Jama12.0338.65011.20010.56742.450
9.Tamara Graf2001TULZ Linz11.0679.00010.80011.13342.000
10.Beatrice Stritzl2000PHTV12.5339.8007.50011.10040.933
11.Nadine Ratschiller2001TULZ Linz10.7336.95010.3509.90037.933
12.Theresa Neudeck2001ATG Graz10.8007.5509.8009.10037.250
13.Nadine Schnabl2001TULZ Linz11.0004.8507.30010.63333.783

Junior All-Around Level 1 (2002-2003)VT1VT2Best VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Denisa Golgota2002Cetate Deva12.87013.16713.16710.05011.80011.26746.284
2.Andreea Ilaş2002Cetate Deva12.04012.20012.2009.6509.60011.73343.183
3.Ronja Reuss2003LV Tyrol12.46712.46712.4679.20010.65010.53342.850
4.Kathrin Pappenscheller2002TV Jedlsee12.90011.94012.9008.8009.40011.36742.467
5.Celina Karner2002KTC Klagenfurt12.24012.46712.4679.25010.15010.60042.467
6.Emona Berger2002LV Tyrol10.56710.24010.5677.9007.8508.43334.750
7.Athena Egger2002ATG Graz10.70010.93310.9334.2008.3008.73332.166
8.Julia Lener2002LV Tyrol11.40011.56711.5670.00010.2009.93331.700
9.Jaqueline Schaffer2003KTC Klagenfurt11.00010.94011.0004.0506.9008.53330.483
10.Johanna Kolmayr2003ATG Graz9.90010.33310.3332.4508.9006.26727.950
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