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Iordache, Muntean Win 8th Swiss Cup for Romania
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Romanians Larisa Iordache and Andrei V. Muntean paired up to bring the Swiss Cup back to Romania, which hadn't won the competition since 2007.

Romanians Larisa Iordache and Andrei V. Muntean paired up to bring the Swiss Cup back to Romania, which hadn't won the competition since 2007.

The annual event pairs a female and male gymnast, each competing one event per round. Eight teams advance to the semifinal and four teams advance to the final. Gymnasts who choose compete on vault must show two different vaults for an average of the two scores. The gymnasts cannot compete the same event through the first three rounds of competition, but can compete any event in the four-team final.

Romania is the most successful nation in the competition's history, with eight outright victories (1986-1988, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2013) and two championships which included a Romanian gymnast paired with an athlete from another nation (1984 and 2002).

Iordache, whose training before the recent world championships had been hindered by her sore back, looked stronger in Zurich. She particularly impressed with an improved set on uneven bars with 14.900 (Stalder-full to Maloney-half; giant blind to Jaeger; toe-full to Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney; full-twisting double).

After wobbling on her two-foot layout in the first round, Iordache nailed a nearly error-free routine on beam in the finale for 15.300 (ff tucked full; round-off layout; full turn with leg held vertically; front aerial to sissone; side somi; ro ff triple twist; 6.6D).

Teammate Andrei Muntean had a slight falter on his peach to one rail on parallel bars in the finale, but still scored a healthy 15.050 to give Romania the victory over Germany and Switzerland.

2010 and 2012 champions Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambüchen took second place, with 29.900. Both competed on their best events in the final, with Seitz scoring 14.900 on uneven bars and Hambüchen 15.100 on high bar.

"We are very pleased to be back on the podium," Hambüchen said. "It's hard to keep in shape two or three weeks after the World Cup — toward the end you get tired. But we didn't make any big mistakes so we can be really happy."

2011 champions Giulia Steingruber and Claudio Capelli, the only Swiss pair to ever win the competition, tied the German duo but settled for third due to a tie-break.

Ukrainians Oleg Vernyayev and Angelina Kysla rounded out the top four finalists. Vernyayev hit rings for 15.150 but Kysla managed only a 13.850 average on vault.

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2013 Swiss Cup
Nov. 3, Zurich

TeamRound 1Round 2SemifinalTotalFinale
1. Romania88.55030.350
Larisa Iordache6.414.9006.114.7005.814.550 6.615.300
Andrei Muntean14.3506.215.0006.115.050 6.415.050
2. Germany87.85029.900
Elisabeth Seitz5.914.3005.414.1005.714.150 6.014.800
Fabian Hambüchen5.914.8506.615.3506.215.100 6.715.100
3. Switzerland 188.05029.900
Giulia Steingruber5.914.15015.0005.914.500 14.850
Claudio Capelli14.8005.714.6506.014.950 6.115.050
4. Ukraine84.87528.975
Angelina Kysla5.613.80013.7755.311.700 13.825
Oleg Vernyayev6.514.7506.415.1506.915.700 6.415.150
5. Canada84.025
Maegan Chant5.213.25014.1755.713.650
Kevin Lytwyn6.215.0006.214.4006.513.550
6. Italy83.900
Chiara Gandolfi5.313.6505.113.4504.913.150
Paolo Principi5.914.8006.014.6005.914.250
7. Great Britain83.900
Rear Theaker5.413.4505.713.7505.713.700
Reiss Beckford6.214.4506.114.4006.014.150
8. Switzerland 282.050
Ilaria Käslin5.012.3005.413.8505.113.400
Oliver Hegi6.114.3005.614.5005.913.700
9. China54.850
Shang Chungsong6.114.5505.712.900
Zhang Chenglong 12.4506.814.950
10. France53.800
Manon Cormoreche4.812.7005.412.600
Arnaud Willig6.214.1506.014.350

Swiss Cup Champions, 1982-2013

2013Larisa IordacheAndrei V. Muntean
2012Elisabeth SeitzFabian Hambüchen
2011Giulia SteingruberClaudio Capelli
2010Elisabeth SeitzFabian Hambüchen
2009Kim BuiMatthias Fahrig
2008He NingLu Bo
2007Steliana NistorFlavius Koczi
2006Oksana ChusovitinaJordan Jovtchev
2005Han BingTeng Haibin
2004Catalina PonorMarius Urzica
2003Oana BanMarian Dragulescu
2002Monica RosuPhilippe Rizzo
2001Silvia StroescuMarian Dragulescu
2000Yelena ZamolodchikovaAlexei Bondarenko
1994-1999 Individual event competition
1993Yelena PiskunVitaly Scherbo
1992Svetlana BoginskayaVitaly Scherbo
1991Shannon MillerScott Keswick
1990Natalia LaschenovaValery Belenky
1989Kim ZmeskalLance Ringnald
1988Gabriela PotoracMarius Toba
1987Daniela SilivasNicusor Pascu
1986Ecaterina SzaboMarian Rizan
1985Yang YanliLi Ning
1984Simona PaucaDaniel Wunderlin
1983Not Held
1982Natalia SoloveyaDmitry Bilozerchev

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