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Iordache, Brägger Win 30th Gander Memorial
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Romanian Larisa Iordache and Switzerland's own Pablo Brägger won the all-around titles at the 30th Gander Memorial, held Wednesday in Morges, Switzerland.

Romanian Larisa Iordache and Switzerland's own Pablo Brägger won the all-around titles at the 30th Gander Memorial, held Wednesday in Morges.

Held in honor of the late FIG president Arthur Gander since 1984, the tournament alternates each year between the Swiss cities of Morges and Chiasso. The all-around features female gymnasts competing any three events and male gymnasts on any four.

Iordache skipped her weak event, uneven bars, en route to victory with 15.000 on vault 14.900 on balance beam and 14.250 on floor exercise.

Defending champion Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland) claimed second by skipping floor exercise, although she was a finalist on the event at the recent world championships in Antwerp. Germany veteran Elisabeth Seitz was third with a high of 14.700 on vault.

The Romanian women are the most successful in the history of the competition, with titles going to Simona Pauca (1984), Ecaterina Szabo (1985), Eugenia Golea (1987), Gabriela Potorac (1988), Lavinia Milosovici (1995), Simona Amanar (1997), Floarea Leonida (2002), Catalina Ponor (2003 and 2004), Sandra Izbasa (2005 and 2008) and Ana Porgras (2011).

Brägger competed all but pommel horse and still rings to edge Romania's Andrei V. Muntean and Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev by just .2. Vernyayev had the chance to take the title but struggled on pommel horse, finishing third because of a tie-break.

The competition also included a special trophy for the top gymnasts on women's floor exericse (Iordache) and men's parallel bars (Germany's Andreas Bretschneider).

Most of the gymnasts in the field compete again Sunday at the Swiss Cup in Zurich, where 10 teams will square off at the mixed-pairs event.

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30th Arthur Gander Memorial
Oct. 30, 2013, Morges, Switzerland

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache5.815.0006.414.9005.614.25044.150
2.Giulia Steingruber5.414.4505.914.1006.114.95043.500
3.Elisabeth Seitz5.814.7006.014.1005.413.45042.250
4.Kim Bui5.013.9006.014.1505.413.50041.550
5.Chiara Gandolfi5.014.0005.313.6505.013.10040.750
6.Shang Chunsong5.013.9006.313.8005.212.80040.500
7.Maegan Chant5.214.0505.712.9005.713.50040.450
8.Raer Theaker5.013.5505.713.5005.413.25040.300
9.Ilaria Käslin5.013.8505.112.4505.513.15039.450
10.Angelina Kysla5.013.7005.312.6505.211.85038.200
11.Manon Cormoreche4.912.7505.412.8004.611.65037.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Pablo Brägger5.614.4004.814.3005.714.6506.014.85058.200
2.Andrei V. Muntean5.714.0506.414.9505.614.8506.214.15058.000
3.Oleg Vernyayev6.513.6006.415.1506.014.8506.614.40058.000
4.Andreas Bretschneider5.614.2006.114.2006.415.4006.513.55057.350
5.Paolo Principi5.914.8005.914.1005.814.2005.914.20057.300
6.Zhang Chenglong5.714.0505.214.2506.114.7006.914.00057.000
7.Arnaud Willig6.013.7505.214.2006.214.5006.014.25056.700
8.Claudio Capelli5.813.5505.214.4005.714.5005.814.05056.500
9.Arthur Zanetti6.013.3506.715.7505.613.8004.812.45055.350
10.Kevin Lytwyn6.012.3006.215.2006.114.1506.513.40055.050
11.Reiss Beckford5.914.2505.512.6006.212.7006.214.40053.950

Women's Trophy - Floor ExerciceDScore
1.Larisa Iordache5.614.250
2.Kim Bui5.413.500
3.Maegan Chant5.713.500
4.Elisabeth Seitz5.413.450
5.Raer Theaker5.413.250
6.Shang Chunsong5.212.800
7.Angelina Kysla5.211.850
8.Manon Cormoreche4.611.650

Men's Trophy - Parallel BarsDScore
1.Andreas Bretschneider6.415.400
2.Zhang Chenglong6.114.700
3.Pablo Brägger5.714.650
4.Claudio Capelli5.714.500
5.Arnaud Willig6.214.500
6.Oleg Vernyayev6.614.400
7.Kevin Lytwyn6.114.150
8.Andrei Muntean6.214.150
9.Reiss Beckford6.212.700
10.Arthur Zanetti4.812.450

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