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IG Online Interview: Gaelle Mys (Belgium)
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After representing Belgium at the past two Olympic Games, Gaelle Mys has her sights set on future competitions including this fall's world championships that the Belgians will host in Antwerp.

The 21-year-old Mys rejuvenated her career at this spring's Belgian championships, where she placed first all-around. Mys finished 24th in the all-around final at the 2008 Games in Beijing and 31st all-around in qualifications at the 2012 Games in London.

In this IG Online interview, Mys assesses her recent performances and explains her incentive for extending her long career.

IG: What was your goal going into the Belgian championships, and what was your impression of your performance?

Gaelle Mys at the 2012 Olympics

GM: My goal was to do a nice and clean competition and to get my points for worlds. Unfortunately I fell on bars and beam, and just came one point short for my qualification [target] for worlds. It was a very difficult competition for me. After bars I started to feel a heavy pain in my back, but I still had to perform on beam and floor. I didn't want to quit the competition because I trained well for it, and I wanted to qualify, so I went on. But I could feel that the pain wasn't just muscular, so after the competition I went to get X-rays and I couldn't do anything for one month.

I think with these circumstances I still did well for myself, but I had hoped to do better.

IG: You have already competed in two Olympic Games, and to many gymnastics followers, it is a nice surprise that you continue your career. What is your motivation for doing gymnastics now, and how is your motivation different from when you were younger?

GM: I found it a great opportunity that worlds will take place in Belgium, and after that we'll see where it goes. I'm just looking at one year at a time now. I'm older, so it depends on my physical condition and my studies. If I get there I'm hoping to get into the all-around final. It was a pity to be second reserve for the final in London, and I want to make that right.

IG: This year's world championships will be a unique opportunity for you to compete in front of your Belgian audience. What are your personal expectations for Antwerp? And what is your plan for managing the public's expectations there?

GM: First of all I still have to qualify for worlds. I missed some competitions because of my back injury. Then when I get there my goal is to get into the finals. During competition I try to stay focused and isolate myself from the crowd. I'm not really thinking about the public's expectations. The most important for me is to achieve my own goals.

IG: How much further would you like to compete in gymnastics?

GM: I have no idea yet. I'm just looking one year at a time, and we'll see how it goes. It depends on my physical condition, my studies, and if I can still improve, all of which are very important for my motivation.

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