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Mustafina, Kuksenkov Win University Games
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Host Russia continued its rout at the University Games in Kazan, winning both all-around titles Tuesday. All-around medalists Ksenia Afanasyeva and Aliya Mustafina (Russia) and Kim Bui (Germany)

Host Russia continued its rout at the University Games in Kazan, winning both all-around titles Tuesday.

World, Olympic and European champion Aliya Mustafina captured the women's all-around title Tuesday afternoon, topping teammate Ksenia Afanasyeva and German Olympian Kim Bui.

Mustafina won despite a fall on balance beam in the third rotation. She landed slightly off on her unorthodox switch half, Onodi combination and paused before attempting the third planned element in the series, a double turn, then fell on it. Her 15.200 on uneven bars (inside Stalder-full to Maloney-half; toe-blind to piked Jaeger; Stalder-full to Pak; toe-full to stuck full-twisting double) carried her to victory in a field where only two other gymnasts scored above 14.000 on the event.

Mustafina, who had nearly missed the competition with illness, again showed her fatigue on floor exercise with some untidy twists and turns (13.900). But she still took the all-around title by more than a full point in a relatively weak field that saw a lot of mistakes.

Afanasyeva had the top score on vault (14.950) for her double-twisting Yurchenko and survived uneven bars (13.750). She performed rather nervously on beam, where like Mustafina, she left out her standing Arabian. The world champion notched 15.000 for a near flawless routine on floor exercise (stuck double layout; two whips to triple twist; 2 1/2 front layout; double pike).

Bui had the second-best score to Mustafina on uneven bars with 14.500 to win her second bronze medal in Kazan after Sunday's team bronze.

Canadian Olympian Ellie Black — who like Mustafina qualified for three apparatus finals — was just .2 out of third. She had the best score on balance beam with 14.600 but swallowed a 12.450 on floor exercise (fall on front full through to double tuck).

The men's final on Tuesday evening was a much closer contest. The lead changed hands several times, and the top five gymnasts were separated by fewer than seven tenths at the end.

Ukrainian Olympian Nikolai Kuksenkov defended his all-around title from Shenzhen in his first international competition for Russia. Kuksenkov was near perfect in his efforts in a thrilling final, with scores ranging from 14.700 on vault to 15.350 on high bar. No longer wearing a wrap on his knee, Kuksenkov ended his day on floor exercise where he appeared much springier. He nearly went out of bounds on his triple twist dismount but just stayed in, and ended up with the gold medal by just .1.

Though his father is still head coach of the Ukrainian team, Kuksenkov now lives and trains in Vladimir under Igor Kalabushkin, coach of the late Yuri Ryazanov. Kuksenkov is the first gymnast since Vladimir native Yuri Korolyov (1981 and 1983) to repeat as University Games champion.

Three-time German Olympian Fabian Hambüchen picked up the silver with a solid all-around effort. He made it through his pommel horse routine — his nemesis the past few years — and then blew away the field on high bar with a spectacular 15.700.

European champion David Belyavsky (Russia) and Ukrainian talent Oleg Vernyayev tied for the bronze. He scored 15.700 on parallel bars, punctuated by a piked double front dismount, to sit in first place with Kuksenkov for first after five events. Belyavsky ultimately lost the title with a relatively weak routine on high bar, where he lacks some of the acrobatics he shows on the other events. Needing 14.900 for first place outright, Belyavsky managed to hit for just 14.500.

Vernyayev botched his pommel horse dismount in the second rotation, scoring just 13.600 compared with the 15.650 he had earned Monday. He was spectacular on parallel bars, however, scoring 16.000. Both light and quick, Vernyayev can conceivably put pressure on Kohei Uchimura at this year's world championships, if the Ukrainian can stay consistent and bring his high bar up to the level of his other events.

Olympian Ryohei Kato — second to Uchimura at the Japanese championships — was the early leader but inexplicably jumped off parallel bars in the fifth rotation. After a pirouette at the end of the bars, Kato dropped off the apparatus and sat on the mat, staring at his left arm. After a quick consultation with the trainer, he remounted and finished a sharp routine, punctuated by a stuck double pike, for 14.750. Kato underwent a shoulder massage and then finished his day with 15.100 on high bar to finish in fifth place, just .65 out of first.

Ukrainain Oleg Stepko fell on an Arabian double front on floor exercise, but nevertheless impressed with 15.000 on pommel horse and a competition-high 16.050 on parallel bars.

Competition concludes Tuesday at the Kazan Gymnastics Centre with the apparatus finals.

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27th University Games
July 9, 2013, Kazan, Russia

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Aliya Mustafina14.75015.20014.05013.90057.900
2.Ksenia Afanasyeva14.95013.75013.15015.00056.850
3.Kim Bui13.65014.50013.55013.50055.200
4.Ellie Black14.70013.25014.60012.45055.000
5.Lisa-Katharina Hill13.90014.35013.25012.65054.150
6.Hannah Whelan14.05012.75014.10012.75053.650
7.Elsa Garcia14.20012.30013.95012.70053.150
8.Zhang Yelinzi13.75012.45014.40012.45053.050
9.Yu Minobe12.45012.85014.25013.40052.950
10.Dorina Böczögő14.00012.55012.70013.70052.950
11.Mizuho Nagai14.50013.00012.30013.00052.800
12.Seon Mi Heo13.90013.15012.70012.45052.200
13.Angelina Kysla13.75013.00012.35013.00052.100
14.Jana Sikulova13.55013.60012.50012.35052.000
15.Karla Salazar13.50012.85012.85012.25051.450
16.Kang Yong Mi13.60012.80012.35012.50051.250
17.Lim Heem Wei13.50012.35012.80012.30050.950
18.Mackenzie Itcush13.55011.15012.75012.40049.850
19.Pak Sin Hyang13.75011.80011.85012.05049.450
20.Annika Urvikko13.20013.50011.55011.05049.300
21.Carmen Horvat13.45011.85012.05011.30048.650
22.Rita Oliveira13.10011.80012.25011.50048.650
23.Charlotte Lindsley12.45012.95010.90011.95048.250
24.Mai Liu Hsiang Han12.60010.75013.10011.05047.500

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Nikolai Kuksenkov14.85014.85015.05014.70015.15015.35089.950
2.Fabian Hamüchen15.35013.80014.85014.85015.30015.70089.850
3.David Belyavskiy14.80015.00014.50015.10015.70014.50089.600
3.Oleg Vernyayev15.15013.60015.25015.00016.00014.60089.600
5.Ryohei Kato15.50014.75014.65014.55014.75015.10089.300
6.Oleg Stepko13.50015.00014.80014.95016.05014.35088.650
7.Yusuke Tanaka14.20014.20014.80014.20015.65014.85087.900
8.Andreas Bretschneider14.45013.30014.15014.30015.00014.45085.650
9.Matthew Firth14.20014.20013.85014.40015.00013.80085.450
10.Kevin Antoniotti14.50013.70013.60013.90015.15014.45085.300
11.Arthur Mariano14.90012.20014.10014.75014.65014.30084.900
12.Zhang Yang14.15014.50014.60014.15015.25011.85084.500
13.Paolo Ottavi13.80013.90014.55013.85014.25014.05084.400
14.Simon Nuetzi14.20013.90013.95013.95014.15014.00084.150
15.Gustavo Simões13.95013.75014.60013.85013.95013.95084.050
16.Vlad Cotuna14.55012.15014.20014.10014.20014.50083.700
17.Paolo Principi14.30014.60014.30013.55013.70012.90083.350
18.Guillaume Augugliaro14.30013.00014.05014.30013.10014.50083.250
19.Kevin Rossi14.90012.30013.80014.10013.90013.95082.950
20.Lu Wentian13.10013.10013.35014.25014.35014.45082.600
21.Cristian Bataga14.00014.30014.45014.10013.15012.40082.400
22.Park Minsoo13.65013.20014.35014.05013.50013.10081.850
23.Bence Talas13.50012.80014.25013.80014.00012.60080.950
24.Francisco Barretto12.70011.75013.50013.25013.05013.75078.000
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