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Brazil Best at Anadia World Challenge Cup
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South American gymnasts won four of the five titles Saturday as competition continued at the Anadia World Challenge Cup in Portugal.

The Brazilians — hosts of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro — took three of the titles available. Jade Barbosa, Diego Hypolito and Arthur Zanetti were all golden.

Women's vault medalists Chusovitina, Barbosa and Gomes

Barbosa, who lost her place on Brazil's 2012 Olympic squad due to a silly squabble over the leotards, looked sharp as she vaulted to gold Saturday (double-twisting Yurchenko and layout Podkopayeva). Top qualifier Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan, who celebrated her 38th birthday Wednesday in Anadia, had to settle for second (layout handspring front full; Tsukahara 1 1/2). Adrian Gomes brought another medal for Brazil with the bronze (Yurchenko 1 1/2; piked barani).

Russian Olympian Anastasia Grishina, who was seventh in qualification after missing her Maloney-half, hit under pressure Saturday to take the gold on uneven bars. She confidently sailed through her routine (inside Stalder, inside Stalder full to piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney-half; toe-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double) and celebrated with a big hug from new coach Viktor Razumovsky.

Germany's Lisa-Katharina Hill claimed the silver with an aggressive opening sequence of Weiler kip half to Maloney to back uprise half to free hip-full to Gienger. China's tiny Shang Chansong hit her own skill of free hip to piked Tkatchev right to Pak only to miss her Shaposhnikova. She finished the routine with a Hindorf, Tkatchev to Pak, and invert series into a full-twisting double for third place.

Top qualifier Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) had a brilliant routine going until she fell on her layout Jaeger.

Hypolito was unbeatable on floor with a nailed routine, showing no signs of the many foot and knee surgeries he's undergone during the past few years. He tumbled a whip piked Arabian double front then popped a Rudi out of the common pass of 1 1/2 to double-twisting front to Rudi. After a 2 1/2 to front full and layout Thomas, he cooly stuck his triple twist dismount.

Germany's Matthias Fahrig was second (double-twisting front to front full; piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2 barani; double front; Arabian double front) over U.S. Olympian Sam Mikulak (1 1/2 to double front; front double full to full; 2 1/2 to barani; very clean triple twist).

Top qualifier Eddie Penev, making his international debut as a member of the U.S. team, was near perfect during his set (layout Arabian front half-out; 1 1/2 to front double full; 2 1/2 to layout barani; layout Thomas) only to fall on a whip-triple twist dismount.

On pommel horse, Colombia's Jhonny Muñoz was the surprise winner, edging Olympic bronze medalist Max Whitlock (Great Britain) 15.200-15.100. Portugal's Gustavo Simões brought a medal for the host nation, tying Uzbekistan's Eduard Shaulov for third place.

Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti claimed Brazil's third gold of the day with a narrow victory on still rings over 2009 world champion Yan Mingyong of China in a packed final that saw six scores above 15.000. Argentina's Federico Molinari edged European champion Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) for the bronze, 15.550-15.000.

Competition concludes Sunday with the five remaining apparatus titles. The competition is scheduled to air in full on Portugal's RPT2 at 5:03 p.m. local time (12:03 p.m. EST/9:03 a.m. PST), which will be streamed online at

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2013 Anadia FIG Challenger Cup
June 22, Anadia, Portugal

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Jade Barbosa5.89.22515.02514.825
2.Oksana Chusovitina5.88.8000.114.60014.512
3.Adrian Gomes5.39.12514.42514.112
4.Kim Bui5.09.05014.05014.100
5.Janine Berger5.28.65013.85014.025
6.Briannah Tsang5.38.9750.114.27513.925
7.Makarena Adasme5.28.65013.75013.925
8.Alla Sosnitskaya5.87.5750.113.27513.775

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Anastasia Grishina6.48.35014.750
2.Lisa-Katharina Hill6.18.32514.425
3.Shang Chunsong6.77.47514.175
4.Noemi Makra5.48.55013.950
5.Jessica Lopez6.07.32513.325
6.Kim Bui5.87.37513.175
7.Laura Waem5.27.90013.100
8.Anna Rodionova5.77.00012.700

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.48.97515.375
2.Mathias Fahrig6.38.87515.175
3.Sam Mikulak6.28.90015.100
4.Arthur Mariano6.18.95015.050
5.Tomislav Markovic6.18.50014.600
6.Eddie Penev6.37.87514.175
7.Tomas Gonzalez6.57.62513.925
8.Danil Kazachkov6.27.30013.500

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Jhonny Muñoz6.48.80015.200
2.Max Whitlock7.18.00015.100
3.Gustavo Simões6.28.40014.600
3.Eduard Shaulov5.69.00014.600
5.Matvei Petrov6.27.97514.175
6.Zoltan Kallai6.57.57514.075
7.Waldemar Eichorn6.27.62513.825
8.Wang Bo6.86.97513.775

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.89.00015.800
2.Yan Mingyong6.88.95015.750
3.Federico Molinari6.78.85015.550
4.Igor Radivilov6.78.80015.500
5.Brandon Wynn6.88.42515.225
6.Tommy Ramos6.78.50015.200
7.Ng Kiu Chung6.58.00014.500
8.Mikhail Kudachov6.47.70014.100

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