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Italian Women Best French in Mersin
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The Italian women grabbed the first gold medal of competition as the 17th Mediterranean Games began Friday in Mersin, Turkey.

The Italian women grabbed the first gold medal of competition as the 17th Mediterranean Games began Friday in Mersin, Turkey.

Two-time Olympian Vanessa Ferrari led Italy to commanding victory over defending champion France, which had upset Italy at home four years ago in Pescara. Greece won the bronze over Turkey and Slovenia. Spain did not send a full team.

Ferrari was the top qualifier to the all-around and floor exercise finals, and qualified second to the beam final. The 22-year-old former world and European champion said retirement is weighing on her mind.

"Of course I'm thinking about retirement," said Ferrari, who won five gold medals at the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almeria, Spain. "Initially, when I was training at home, I was so tired that I thought I would quit after these Games."

Ferrari said she plans on assessing her future after a break from training. Following the competition she plans to go on vacation in Egypt with boyfriend Andrea Cingolani, a member of the Italian men's squad in Mersin.

"Is this my last competition?" she said. "I don't know, after vacation I will decide. I hope to win another gold [in Mersin], I'm coming off an injury but things are not yet ready."

Giorgia Campana, who had the top score on beam, qualified second to Sunday's all-around final ahead of French gymnast Valentine Sabatou. Egyptian Fadwa Mahmoud, who throws a handspring double front, was the top vaulter.

Competition continues Saturday with the men's team and individual qualification. Italy is the defending champion, having edged France by .2 four years ago in Pesaro.

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17th Mediterranean Games
June 21, 2013, Mersin, Turkey

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Vanessa Ferrari13.90012.66614.06614.00054.632 Q
2.Giorgia Campana14.13313.76614.26612.33354.498 Q
3.Valentine Sabatou13.63313.13313.60013.43353.799 Q
4.Vasiliki Millousi13.50013.40013.83313.00053.733 Q
5.Roxana Popa15.03313.03311.76613.33353.165 Q
6.Maria Paula Vargas13.93313.86612.20013.06653.065 Q
7.Maelys Plessis13.46613.36613.13313.06653.031 Q
8.Mira Boumejmajen13.66612.36612.06612.70050.798
9.Nancy Taman14.03310.90012.26612.50049.699 Q
10.Farida Shokry13.26610.73311.10012.83347.932 Q
11.Demet Mutlu13.70010.30010.80012.56647.366 Q
12.Sema Fidel Aslan13.30010.66611.56611.16646.698 Q
13.Mai Elsayed12.50012.2669.80012.10046.666
14.Carmen Horvat13.46611.53310.53310.93346.465 Q
15.Maria Trichopoulou12.46611.30010.30011.50045.566 Q
16.Maria Simou12.8338.86611.46612.23345.398
17.Myropi Christofilaki13.26612.0008.13311.86645.265
18.Yagmur Su Alparslan13.3669.76610.03311.70044.865
19.Rafaella Zannettou13.3008.8339.83311.70043.666 Q
20.Tina Ribic11.9669.2009.90011.10042.166 Q
21.Elisabetta Preziosa14.00013.36613.63340.999
22.Chiara Gandolfi13.70013.40012.86639.966
23.Teja Belak13.76612.03311.83337.632
24.Fadwa Mahmoud14.6008.80011.13334.533
25.Giulia Leni13.60013.66627.266
26.Johanna Cano13.80012.96626.766
27.Manon Cormoreche12.33312.76625.099
28.Saša Golob10.70013.00023.700
29.Ozlem Ozkan9.76613.13322.899
30.Ivana Kamnikar10.60010.600
Women's Team CompetitionTotal

Women's All-Around QualificationTotal
1.Vanessa Ferrari54.632
2.Giorgia Campana54.498
3.Valentine Sabatou53.799
4.Vasiliki Millousi53.733
5.Roxana Popa53.165
6.Maria Paula Vargas53.065
7.Maelys Plessis53.031

Women's Vault QualificationVault 1Vault 2Total
1.Fadwa Mahmoud14.60014.03314.317
2.Nancy Taman14.03313.63313.833
3.Johanna Cano13.80013.30013.550
4.Teja Belak13.76614.36614.066
5.Dernet Mutlu13.70013.33313.517
6.Giulia Leni13.60013.20013.400

Uneven Bars QualificationTotal
1.Maria Paula Vargas13.866
2.Giorgia Campana13.766
3.Chiara Gandolfi13.700
4.Vasiliki Millousi13.400
5.Maelys Plessis13.366
6.Valentine Sabatou13.133
7.Roxana Popa Nedelcu13.033

Balance Beam QualificationTotal
1.Giorgia Campana14.266
2.Vanessa Ferrari14.066
3.Vasiliki Millousi13.833
4.Valentine Sabatou13.600
5.Oziom Ozkan13.133
6.Maelys Plessis13.133

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationTotal
1.Vanessa Ferrari14.000
2.Elisabetta Preziosa13.633
3.Valentine Sabatou13.433
4.Roxana Popa Nedelcu13.333
5.Maelys Plessis13.066
6.Maria Paula Vargas13.066
7.Vasiliki Millousi13.000
8.Sasa Golob13.000
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