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Yao, Liu Win Chinese Nationals in Dalian
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Yao Jinnan and Liu Rongbing won the all-around titles at the 2013 Chinese National Championships, which concluded Sunday in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

The competition is also a qualification and testing event for the quadrennial National Games this fall, a multisport event featuring all Olympic sports. All the top 12 teams and individual finalists have earned their berths to the Games.

2013 Chinese champion Yao Jinnan

Yao, China's youngest London Olympian, finally managed to claim a national all-around title on her third shot despite a fall on beam, after major misses in the previous two years.

"It was so hard to recover from it," admits the 18-year-old Yao, referring to the thigh injury during the 2012 Olympics last year that cost her a berth in the all-around final. "I'm only at 70-80 percent right now, but I will be better this fall as my immediate goal is the National Games instead of the Rio Olympics."

All the other 2012 Olympians, though, are in their 20s and plan to retire and go to school after the fall Games. Olympic beam gold medalist Deng Linlin has committed to Beijing University and silver medalist Sui Lu to Shanghai Jiaotong University. Huang Qiushuang and He Kexin have not set a certain college to go to yet but are definitely retiring. Currently the oldest member of the women's National Team, 2008 Olympian and London alternate Jiang Yuyuan, 22, is already in her third year of sports management studies at Zhejiang University.

The top 12 of women's all-around final was dominated by youngsters except Huang Qiushuang and 2011 University Games all-around champion Xiao Kangjun. Second on the podium was 17-year-old Shang Chunsong, who told the media her dream is to win an Olympic all-around title, "because no Chinese woman has ever done that before." She also admits that she needs to clean up her routines, add some difficulty, and especially manage to ready her double-twisting Yurchenko vault for competition. She went on to win beam and floor titles at the championships. She threw an aggressive uneven bars routine that included a piked Hindorff into Pak and a Tkatchev into Gienger.

Surprising everyone, including herself, 14-year-old Yuan Xiaoyang of Zhejiang won the vault final with her piked barani (5.0 Difficulty) and Tsukahara full (5.2 D). While a thrilling achievement for Yuan herself, the low difficulty level reveals the problem the Chinese women are facing on vault.

"Coach Huang Yubin from the men's team has been leading us to find a way out of this situation, and we may select national coaches based on their abilities to teach vault," said Wang Qunce, coach of Yao, Yuan, Sui and Huang – all the women's gold medalists at the championships except Shang Chunsong.

Youngsters dominated the podium on the men's side as well. Liu Rongbing, 22, captured the all-around title by hitting all six of his routines. Four of the 2012 Olympians – Guo Weiyang, Feng Zhe, Zhang Chenglong and Zou Kai did compete in the prelims, but withdrew in the finals after having secured (or lost) team berths to the National Games for their teams.

Chen Yibing is the only 2012 Olympian who did not show up due to injuries and lack of readiness. The London Olympic alternates, Yan Mingyong and Teng Haibin, did qualify to some apparatus finals, and Yan won rings.

Teng — who crashed his team final routines in the Athens Olympics to cost the Chinese team a medal and won the pommel horse title at the same games at the age of 18 — waited eight years to be selected to the London Olympic again, only to be pulled off after the podium training because of an arm injury. However, now a recovered Teng is happily living with his girlfriend, fellow Athens Olympian and women's all-around bronze medalist Zhang Nan, an preparing to get married after the fall Games.

The National Games will be held Sept. 1-8 at the very same arena in Dalian.

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2013 Chinese Gymnastics Championships
May 8-12, Dalian, Liaoning Province

Women's All-AroundTotal
1. Yao Jinnan Fujian 56.701
2. Shang Chunsong Hunan 55.635
3. Zeng Siqi Hunan 55.335
4. Tan Sixin Shanghai 54.001
5. Huang Qiushuang Guangdong 53.535
6. Liu Tingting Guangdong 54.534
7. Huang Huidan Zhejiang 53.468
8. Xiao Kangjung Shanghai 52.801
9. Zhu Siyan Zhejiang 52.568
10. Wang Yan Beijing 52.401
11. Mei Jie Hubei 52.201
12. Li Shanshan Hebei 51.702

Men's All-AroundTotal
1. Liu Rongbing Guizhou 89.134
2. Lin Chaopan Fujian 88.568
3. Deng Shudi Guizhou 88.236
4. Cheng Ran Beijing 87.736
5. Chen Xuezhang Fujian 87.502
6. Zhou Shixiong Guangdong 86.536
7. Lu Wentian Jiangsu 86.135
8. Zhang Yang Jiangxi 85.936

Women's Vault FinalTotal
1. Yuan Xiaoyang Zhejiang 13.750
2. Yang Pei Shaanxi 13.734
3. Deng Yalan Jiangxi 13.667
4. Li Yiting Beijing 13.500
5. Yang Tianyi Shanghai 13.467
6. Li Yiwei Henan 13.367
7. Xiao Ziqian Guangdong 13.300
8. Jiang Tong Tianjin 6.417

Uneven Bars FinalTotal
1. Huang Huidan Zhejiang 15.134
2. He Kexin Beijing 15.000
3. Yao Jinnan Fujian 14.967
4. Wu Liufang Guangdong 14.634
5. Fan Yilin Shanghai 14.134
6. Xiao Kangjun Shanghai 13.967
7. Huang Qiushang Guangdong 13.334
8. Luo Huan Zhejiang 13.200

Balance Beam FinalTotal
1. Shang Chungsong Hunan 14.667
2. Deng Linlin Anhui 14.534
3. Tan Sixin Shanghai 14.500
4. Wang Yan Beijing 14.400
5. Yao Jinnan Fujian 14.234
6. Sui Lu Shanghai 13.9
7. Zeng Siqi Hunan 13.567
8. Liu Tingting Guangdong 12.700

Women's Floor Exercise FinalTotal
1. Sui Lu Shanghai 14.167
1. Shang Chunsong Hunan 14.167
3. Yao Jinnan Fujian 14.134
4. Zeng Siqi Hunan 13.934
5. Liu Tingting Guangdong 13.600
6. Lu Jiaqi Zhejiang 13.567
7. Tan Sixin Shanghai 12.767
8. Xu Chujun Guangdong 12.034

Men's Floor Exercise FinalTotal
1. Deng Xiaofeng Armed Forces 15.034
2. Cheng Ran Beijing 14.967
3. Sun Bing Tianjin 14.767
4. Wu Di Hubei 14.734
5. Wei Xin Shanxi 14.667
6. Ji Lianshen Guangdong 14.534
7. Cao Hengjiu Tianjin 14.334
8. Wang Haoran Shandong 14.000

Pommel Horse FinalTotal
1. Zhang Hongtao Shaanxi 15.800
2. Chen Xuezhang Fujian 15.234
3. Fu Yu Tianjin 15.100
4. Wang Bo Armed Forces 15.067
5. Teng Haibin Beijing 14.967
6. Liu Rongbing Guizhou 14.734
7. Lu Chenxi Zhejiang 14.167
8. Zhu Zhenquan Guangdong 12.934

Still Rings FinalTotal
1. Yan Mingyong Shanghai 15.767
2. Liu Yang Armed Forces 15.667
3. Liao Junlin Guangxi 15.500
4. Luo Xuan Hubei 15.467
5. Jiang Lei Sichuan 15.367
6. Qu Yexin Shandong 15.000
7. Tao Zhuyong Armed Forces 14.800
8. Cao Hengjiu Tianjin 13.600

Men's Vault FinalTotal
1. Cheng Ran Beijing 14.850
2. Zhang Zhongbo Shanghai 14.817
3. Luo Zepeng Sichuan 14.667

Parallel Bars FinalTotal
1. You Hao Jiangsu 15.500
2. Tang Xingxing Jiangxi 15.434
3. Wang Guanyin 15.334

High Bar FinalTotal
1. Zhou Shixiong Guangdong 15.700
2. Liu Rongbing Guizhou 15.567
3. Lin Chaopan Fujian 15.534
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