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Belyavsky Wins European Title in Moscow
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Russian Olympian David Belyavsky captured the men's all-around title Friday at the 2013 European Gymnastics Championships in Moscow. Pictured: Gold medalist Belyavsky, flanked by silver medalist Max Whitlock (Great Britain) and bronze medalist Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine)

Russian Olympian David Belyavsky captured the men's all-around title Friday at the 2013 European Championships in Moscow.

Belyavsky grabbed the early lead in the first rotation with a Tsukahara double pike vault, which he had crashed in Wednesday's qualification. With his most inconsistent event out of the way, Belyavsky went about his business, confidently hitting routine after routine while his top rivals committed costly errors.

British Olympian Max Whitlock, the top qualifier, settled for silver after putting his knee down on his Yurchenko 2 1/2 vault in the first rotation. He recovered from the error and hit his five remaining routines. He took full advantage of his two best events, scoring 15.500 on floor exercise and 15.366 on pommel horse.

Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev was a lucky bronze medalist, with big errors on his final three routines. His drilled Dragulescu vault (15.500) and excellent parallel bars routine (15.666) put him nearly a point ahead at the halfway point, but he crumbled on high bar with missed connections and a low dismount. On floor exercise, he played it safe by leaving out his triple-twisting double, and he landed completely out of bounds on one of his passes. He had a chance to pass Whitlock on his final event but dropped off pommel horse and down to third.

Despite his fall, Vernyayev's score on pommel horse was enough to bump teammate Oleg Stepko out of the bronze. Like Whitlock, Stepko hit everything but vault (crashed Tsukahara double pike).

Britain's Daniel Purvis, who had tied for the all-around bronze medal at the 2011 Europeans, finished fifth.

Competition continues Friday evening at Olympisky Arena with the women's all-around finals. The competition will be streamed live to viewers in Europe at this link.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2013 European Gymnastics Championships
April 19, Moscow

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.David Belyavsky15.26614.90014.63315.40015.00014.60089.799
2.Max Whitlock15.50015.36614.20814.43314.96614.63389.106
3.Oleg Vernyayev14.33314.06614.73315.50015.66614.10088.398
4.Oleg Stepko14.73314.90014.66613.96615.43314.40088.098
5.Daniel Purvis14.40014.20014.53314.80014.46614.33386.732
6.Fabian Gonzalez14.80014.20013.83314.96614.30014.40086.499
7.Andreas Toba13.96613.73314.40015.03313.53314.76685.431
8.Artur Davtyan14.06613.70014.46615.00014.00013.80085.032
9.Claudio Capelli14.10013.83313.56614.86614.43314.13384.931
10.Nikita Ignatyev14.90013.60014.63313.66615.08312.86684.748
11.Guillaume Augugliaro13.33313.60014.33314.26614.38314.43384.348
12.Arnaud Willig14.46613.00014.33314.30014.39113.66684.156
13.Ludovico Edalli13.93314.00013.83314.10014.00014.00083.866
14.Daan Kenis14.03313.53313.10014.53313.96614.10083.265
15.Cristian Bataga14.33312.96614.20014.43312.50013.60082.032
16.Ruben Lopez14.30011.73314.23313.66613.90013.86681.698
17.Paolo Principi14.46613.56613.20013.70013.60013.10081.632
18.Dmitry Barkalov13.30811.26613.73314.40014.20814.46681.381
19.Serob Soghomonyan13.76613.06612.36613.56613.86613.96680.596
20.Bence Talas13.33313.60013.96613.93311.76613.93380.531
21.Jimmy Verbaeys14.06613.03313.46613.90011.80014.06680.331
22.Attila Racz13.40011.63314.20013.00013.96613.90080.099
23.Ferhat Arican12.66613.93313.30014.36612.53313.20079.998
24.Michel Bletterman13.53313.93313.58313.90011.13313.30079.382
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