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Gymnasts Continue Challenge in Cottbus
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Gymnasts from five nations took gold medals Saturday in the first day of finals at the 37th Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany.

In her 15th appearance at the Cottbus competition, 37-year-old six-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina took the women's vault title. Chusovitina, once again suiting up for Uzbekistan, looked even stronger than she had at last weekend's World Cup in France. She got a tremendous block on handspring layout front full, and nearly stuck her Tsukahara 1 1/2.

Anastasia Grishina won the uneven bars final in Cottbus

Russian Olympian Anastasia Grishina — looking much more confident alongside new coach Viktor Razumovsky — won the gold on uneven bars. She hit her routine (inside Stalder, toe-on full, piked Tkatchev to Pak salto; Maloney half; toe-on blind to piked Jaeger; full-twisting double) but was rather heavily penalized for execution, including a late pirouette before her dismount.

Two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez took second despite a heavily improvised second half of her routine. Spanish gymnast María Paula Vargas was third (Maloney to Pak; Maloney half. toe-blind to Jaeger; toe full to bail, stalder shot to high, giant blind to double front)

2012 Junior European uneven bars champion Sophie Scheder, the German women's top hope for a medal in Cottbus, settled for fourth after falling over the low bar on an overarched handstand.

Germany's Matthias Fahrig claimed the title on men's floor exercise, edging 2010 world champion Eleftherios Kosmidis (Greece), 15.275-15.125. World and European medalist Alexander Shatilov took third with 15.075. Top qualifier Jake Dalton (U.S.) finished fourth (14.975).

Belgian gymnast Donna-Donny Truyens (15.325) claimed pommel horse in a fall-filled final. Sašo Bertoncelj edged China's Zhang Yang, 15.025-15.000.

Rising Greek star Eleftherios Petrounias, who tied for the still rings title last weekend in France, took another gold in Cottbus with a massive 7.0 Difficulty score. Liu Yang, another Chinese newcomer, was second (15.750) over former world champion Yuri van Gelder of the Netherlands (15.650).

Competition concludes Sunday with the second day of finals.

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37th Tournament of Masters/FIG World Challenger Cup
March 23, Cottbus, Germany

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina5.89.15014.95014.887
2.Nöel van Klaveren5.39.32514.62514.400
3.Maegan Chant5.29.25014.45014.150
4.Hiu Ying Angel Wong5.28.77513.97513.900
5.Makarena Pinto5.28.6000.313.50013.900
6.Chantysha Netteb5.37.90013.20013.725
7.Ofir Nezer4.68.75013.35013.687
8.Paula Mejias4.37.52511.82512.525

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Anastasia Grishina6.18.27514.375
2.Jessica Lopez5.78.45014.150
3.María Paula Vargas5.97.65013.550
4.Jana Sikulova5.48.02513.425
5.Sophie Scheder6.27.10013.300
6.Yevgenia Shelgunova5.97.35013.250
7.Ana Filipa Martins5.37.00012.300
8.Ida Gustafsson5.85.77511.575

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Matthias Fahrig6.58.77515.275
2.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.58.62515.125
3.Alexander Shatilov6.58.6750.115.075
4.Jake Dalton6.58.47514.975
5.Caio Souza6.18.42514.525
6.Dmitry Barkalov6.48.02514.425
7.Arthur Mariano6.57.37513.875
8.Koji Uematsu5.86.0000.711.100

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Donna-Donny Truyens6.68.72515.325
2.Saso Bertoncelj6.58.52515.025
3.Zhang Yang6.48.60015.000
4.Alberto Busnari6.77.65014.350
5.Filip Ude6.27.95014.150
6.Glen Ishino6.57.62514.125
7.Robert Seligman6.17.77513.875
8.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.37.52513.825

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias7.08.82515.825
2.Liu Yang6.79.05015.750
3.Yuri van Gelder6.98.75015.650
4.Matteo Morandi6.78.92515.625
5.Daniil Kazachkov6.48.77515.175
6.Nikita Ignatyev6.48.72515.125
7.Tommy Ramos6.78.40015.100
8.Brandon Wynn6.97.62514.525

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