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Mustafina, Belyavsky Win Russian Championships
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Olympians Aliya Mustafina and David Belyavsky won the all-around titles Sunday as the Russian championships began in Penza.

Olympians Aliya Mustafina and David Belyavsky won the all-around titles Sunday as the Russian championships began in Penza.

Mustafina, the 2010 world champion and 2012 Olympic champion on uneven bars, delivered the highest score on three of the four events to defend her title. London teammate Anastasia Grishina won the silver over first-year senior Yevgenia Shelgunova.

World and Olympic medalist Viktoria Komova skipped the competition to rest a sore back.

Mustafina, looking fit and determined, appears tough to beat for the all-around title at the European championships next month in Moscow. She notched 15.300 for her double-twisting Yurchenko vault and then 15.500 for a watered down set on uneven bars (toe-on full to Maloney-half; inside Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; Stalder-full to Pak to Stalder half; toe-shoot to high; full-twisting double). She earned 15.450 on balance beam, beginning with a nailed standing Arabian followed by an ambitious series attempt of switch half (pause), Onodi to immediate double turn, and attempted another series of front aerial (stop), wolf jump, side aerial. She also tossed a flip flop to back tuck and a switch ring, and dismounted with a double tuck with a step.

Mustafina, who suffered a torn ACL on vault nearly two years ago, took her lowest score, 13.600, on floor exercise with an Arabian double front to stag jump; triple turn; 2 1/2 to layout front full (nearly sat down); double tuck; and triple twist (messy legs).

Now training under legendary coaches Viktor Razumovsky and Irina Razumovskaya, Grishina landed her double-double mount on floor exercise but fell on her double pike dismount. She had the second-best score on uneven bars with 15.000 (inside-Stalder, inside Stalder-full to piked Tkatchev, Pak; Maloney half; piked Jaeger; full-twisting double).

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva, fourth, had the top mark on floor exercise (14.350). Reigning European champion Anna Dementyeva was sixth ahead of Olympians Anna Pavlova and Yekaterina Kramarenko. 2012 Olympic vault bronze medalist Maria Paseka competed two events only, as did Tatiana Nabiyeva.

Only three of the top 10 were first-year seniors: Shelgunova, Alla Sosnitskaya (ninth) and Polina Fyodorova (10th).

"We don't have replacements for those who competed in London, not yet," Russian team coach Valentina Rodionenko said. "Not enough time has passed. The guys are in a better position than the girls. There are still enough gymnasts to make up almost two teams. The competition is stronger."

Fourth in 2012, Belyavsky grabbed his first Russian championships all-around title. With the top scores on floor exercise (15.000) and parallel bars (15.500), Belyavsky edged defending champion Nikita Ignatyev, 87.950-87.800. Dmitry Stolyarov was third with 86.250.

European high bar champion Emin Garibov had the top scores on pommel horse (15.450) and high bar (15.250), while Penza's own Olympic medalist Denis Ablyazin had the top mark on vault (15.150). Ukrainian Olympian Nikolai Kuksenkov, who has been training in Vladimir with the hopes of representing Russia internationally, competed four events.

Olympic finalist Alexander Balandin crushed the field on still rings with 15.700. Rival rings specialist Konstantin Pluzhnikov — rumored to be seeking citizenship to compete for Azerbaijan — was absent.

Competition continues Monday in Penza with the women's team final.

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2013 Russian Championships
March 3, Penza

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow15.30015.50015.45013.60059.850
2.Anastasia GrishinaMoscow14.90015.00014.90012.60057.400
3.Yevgenia ShelgunovaCentral/Volga14.75013.95014.95013.60057.250
4.Ksenia AfanasyevaCentral15.20013.45013.85014.35056.850
5.Kristina GoryunovaNorthwest14.15013.75014.60013.45055.950
6.Anna DementyevaCentral/Volga14.05014.80013.70012.85055.400
7.Anna PavlovaCentral14.90012.65013.85013.05054.450
8.Yekaterina KramarenkoSt. Petersburg14.45013.15013.90012.75054.250
9.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.70014.00012.65012.65054.000
10.Polina FyodorovaVolga13.95012.70013.90013.05053.600
11.Olga BikmurzinaVolga14.35012.90013.15012.40052.800
12.Alyona PolyanVolga14.15011.05013.50013.85052.550
13.Yekaterina BaturinaSouthern13.50012.40012.85012.60051.350
14.Lilia AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg13.85011.95012.55012.55050.900
15.Maria SmirnovaVolga14.35010.85012.25013.00050.450
16.Marina NekrasovaCentral13.90011.10012.60012.25049.850
17.Anna MyzdrikovaMoscow14.10011.20012.30012.10049.700
18.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg13.80010.55012.80012.30049.450
19.Maria NechayevaSiberia13.10011.65012.50011.95049.200
20.Kristina KruglikovaCentral14.35011.60011.90011.25049.100
21.Maria DunayevaSt. Petersburg/Northwest13.45010.95012.40012.25049.050
22.Yuna NefedovaCentral13.45011.95011.90011.25048.550
23.Anastasia OsetrovaSouthern13.90011.85011.95010.85048.550
24.Daria AnishinaNorthwest14.05011.55010.40012.40048.400
25.Tatiana KirilovaNorthwest12.80012.05012.20011.00048.050
26.Eleonora GoryunovaNorthwest14.1009.95011.40012.45047.900
27.Alla SidorenkoSt. Petersburg12.95010.55011.90012.20047.600
28.Yulia ChemaryovaCentral13.00010.20011.80012.55047.550
29.Irina YashinaVolga12.70013.00010.25011.55047.500
30.Maria SilyukovaVolga12.95010.80011.20012.30047.250
31.Anna VanyushkinaNorthwest13.50010.35010.95012.20047.000
32.Viktoria ShmidtVolga12.5509.25012.25012.45046.500
33.Natalia MedvedevaSouthern13.4509.55010.90012.50046.400
34.Irina VoropayevaCentral13.7008.60011.55012.45046.300
35.Yekaterina ShtrondaSiberia11.90010.80012.45010.55045.700
36.Nailya MustafinaMoscow12.9007.90012.30012.00045.100
37.Irina AndreyevaSouthern13.4508.10011.15011.95044.650
38.Diana RavdinaSt. Petersburg14.1508.05010.55011.85044.600
39.Olga TyoSiberia12.2509.15012.20010.60044.200
40.Anna SolomeinaSouth12.9508.95011.40010.25043.550
41.Yekaterina TsvetkovaCentral14.0508.10010.35010.85043.350
42.Francheska YanayevaSouth13.6507.6509.70012.05043.050
43.Maria PopovaSouth12.8007.70010.6509.85041.000
44.Yelena KlyuchkovaSouthern11.9009.4509.20010.30040.850
45.Valeria GolenischevaSouthern10.1009.4509.90011.15040.600
46.Yelena TyapkovaSouth12.7008.3508.35010.05039.450
47.Anastasia MarchukMoscow13.35012.45012.55038.350
48.Anastasia KuznetsovaSouth12.4007.4007.40010.60037.800
49.Maria PasekaMoscow15.25014.10029.350
50.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg14.25013.90028.150
51.Kristina SidorovaVolga7.90011.85019.750

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.David BelyavskyUrals15.00015.40013.75013.70015.50014.60087.950
2.Nikita IgnatyevSiberia14.70013.95014.55014.80015.25014.55087.800
3.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow14.10014.70014.00014.90014.80013.75086.250
4.Andrei CherkasovSiberia14.35013.60014.00014.75015.00014.00085.700
5.Pavel RussinyakVolga13.65014.55014.20013.45014.40014.40084.650
6.Dmitry GogotovSt. Petersburg13.35014.75013.95014.45014.55013.55084.600
7.Igor PakhomenkoSiberia14.05013.00013.80015.05014.05014.40084.350
8.Daniil KazachkovSiberia14.20012.85014.40013.70013.85014.35083.350
9.Roman SuetinUrals13.95013.60013.00014.60014.35013.80083.300
10.Pavel PavlovVolga13.10012.95014.50014.85014.25013.15082.800
11.Alexander FafashkinMoscow13.95013.55013.50014.10013.90013.70082.700
12.Grigory ZyryanovSiberia13.20014.45013.40014.45014.20012.70082.400
13.Kirill ProkopyevCentral14.00013.60013.80013.80013.40013.60082.200
14.Kirill IgnatenkovCentral/Northwest13.95013.30013.35013.45014.65013.45082.150
15.Anton NeudakinCentral14.50012.50013.40014.20013.85013.70082.150
16.Sergei DanilenkoUrals13.45013.25013.55013.25014.05013.50081.050
17.Andrei PerevoznikovCentral13.25015.25012.30013.05013.70012.95080.500
18.Mikhail KudashovUrals12.90013.25013.55013.55013.45013.50080.200
19.Vyacheslav VeselovMoscow13.75013.20012.60013.95013.60013.00080.100
20.Vladislav KozinSt. Petersburg13.15011.40013.65014.25013.55013.90079.900
21.Sergei StepanovVolga12.50013.70012.35014.55013.00013.30079.400
22.Vilyam KatynVolga12.80014.10012.80013.30012.60013.10078.700
23.Dmitry TuraevVolga13.10012.80012.35013.80013.35013.10078.500
24.Filipp ChuglazovNorthwest14.05012.15013.35013.20013.35012.20078.300
25.Alexei RostovMoscow12.40013.85012.40013.95013.10012.55078.250
26.Yaroslav MaksyukovSiberia12.30013.00012.80014.15013.45012.15077.850
27.Alexei BykovSouthern13.80013.20011.25013.70013.45012.40077.800
28.Dmitry KharkovVolga13.05010.95013.25013.05013.55013.30077.150
29.Vladimir GrigorkinUrals13.50013.65011.30013.05012.85011.90076.250
30.Gleb GarmashSt. Petersburg13.60013.10011.75012.25012.75012.15075.600
31.Timofei DanyukSt. Petersburg13.45011.70012.85013.45011.40011.90074.750
32.Alexander SilenkoVolga11.45012.55012.30013.05013.00011.85074.200
33.Mikhail ZakharovVolga11.80012.15012.65013.55012.65011.40074.200
34.Mark AntushevVolga12.85012.5509.50013.75013.00011.65073.300
35.Mikhail TarloFar East12.45012.45010.00012.75013.05011.30072.000
36.Artyom LevitskyCentral13.05011.25011.40012.90011.80010.25070.650
37.Artyom RymashevskyUrals10.7508.15011.15012.40012.65011.30066.400
38.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg14.45013.65013.70013.25011.30066.350
39.Emin GaribovMoscow15.45014.10014.35015.25059.150
40.Nikolai KuksenkovCentral14.15014.85014.75014.50058.250
41.Denis AblyazinVolga/Moscow14.70015.50015.15012.40057.750
42.Pavel BelousovFar East10.4009.20013.05011.85010.65055.150
43.Maxim KhodykinNorthwest11.15013.55013.75012.00050.450
44.Alexander BalandinCentral/Northwest13.75015.70014.95044.400
45.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow12.75013.70013.90040.350
46.Nikita LezhankinUrals13.80014.25028.050
47.Alexei MatveyevCentral11.70013.40025.100
48.Alexander IlyinSt. Petersburg12.55011.45024.000
49.Matvei PetrovNorthwest15.10015.100
50.Vladimir OlennikovMoscow14.10014.100

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