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Moors, Andrade Win Comaneci International
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Canadian Olympian Victoria Moors and Brazilian hopeful Rebeca Andrade captured the all-around titles at the 2013 Nadia Comaneci International Invitational, held Saturday evening at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

Held in honor of five-time Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci, the invitational celebrated its 20th edition in 2013. This year's event marks its fifth year as an international tournament.

Canada dominated the team competition with the top five spots, and Ontario clubs swept the medals. Gemini Gymnastics (coached by 1980 Olympic champion Yelena Davydova) won the overall title by .1 over Elvira Saadi's new club Dynamo. Two squads from Futures Gymnastics, coached in Oklahoma City by Lorne Bobkin and Lawson Hamer, took the next two spots. Gym-Richelieu of St. Hubert, Quebec, placed fifth.

Comaneci with fellow Olympic all-around champion Yelena Davydova and her winning team from Gemini Gymnastics

Moors (Dynamo) scored 57.40 to take the title over two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez (56.80) and Sabrina Gill of Futures (55.10).

Moors watered down her vault to a Yurchenko-full and dropped off beam in the third rotation, but was fantastic on floor exercise with a huge double-double mount and commanding choreography. She also hit uneven bars with a Maloney-half; Jaeger; and her own dismount (toe-on front layout half).

"I just wanted to do my best," said Moors, who is scheduled to compete in the American Cup on March 2 in Worcester, Mass. "I had no goals or expectations [for placement] but I just wanted to go out and have some fun."

Moors, who has a large tattoo of the Olympic rings on her arm, helped Canada placed fifth at the Olympics in London, the best-ever finish for a Canadian gymnastics team.

"We definitely have a higher standard now," she said when asked of London's impact on the Canadian program.

Lopez — who warmed up a new double layout on floor exercise — tumbled a tucked full-in and whip, triple twist, but put her knee down on a 2 1/2 twist third pass. She confidently hit her double-twisting Yurchenko vault for second, and earned the title on uneven bars despite a slight miscue after her transition to the high bar. Her releases were a new piked Tkatchev to Pak salto as well as a Jaeger from elgrip, but coach Nilson Savage said she will still compete her layout Jaeger and Tkatchev-Gienger combination for a planned 6.8 Difficulty score.

Gill impressed with clean gymnastics on all four events. She earned her top scores of 14.30 on both vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2) and floor exercise (Arabian double front; 1 1/2 to double tuck; double pike; excellent presentation), but was most impressive for her Stalder-packed uneven bars routine that brought 13.90 (inside Stalder to Shaposhnikova to Pak; Stalder to Shaposhnikova-half; Stalder blind to Jaeger; Stalder-Tkatchev; full-twisting double). Her low score was 12.90 for a balance beam routine that saw her win two hard-fought battles to stay on (following her flip-flop layout and punch front).

Jordyn Pedersen (Futures), who tumbled a layout front-double front pass on floor exercise, finished fourth by just .05.

Spanish national team member Silvia Colussi-Pelaez represented Futures Gymnastics, where she trains under Bobkin, Hamer and Lisa Cowan, but says she plans to continue competing for Spain internationally. Colussi-Pelaez had an off day with several falls but was upbeat afterward.

"It wasn't a good day for me, but it's always good to get the experience," she said of her ninth place. "And it's still pretty early in the season."

Colussi-Pelaez hit an outstanding side aerial crosswise along the balance beam in warmup, though she missed it in competition.

"I started learning it last summer, and this is only the second time I've tried it in competition," she said.

Moors earned the top score on floor exercise and tied Lopez, the uneven bars champion, for the high mark on balance beam. Two-time Junior Olympic champion Charity Jones (Dynamo Gymnastics in Oklahoma City), who won the Nastia Liukin Cup in 2012, won vault with her double-twisting Yurchenko.

South American champion Rebeca Andrade (Brazil) won the junior competition (54.35) over Gemini's Aleeza Yu (54.35) and Rose-Kaying Woo of Gym-Richelieu.

The powerful Andrade, one of Brazil's brightest hopes for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, impressed the most on vault and floor exercise. She had huge height on both events and looks capable of major upgrades over the next few years. She was weak on uneven bars (fall after short handstand and no releases) and had some errors on balance beam (but dismounted with the highest double tuck of the competition).

Yu had her top mark on vault (14.450) and scored 14.30 on uneven bars (nice Maloney to immediate bail). Woo, second at the junior Top Gym Tournament last fall in Belgium, also impressed on uneven bars with her original piked double front dismount.

Notably, Woo and sister Victoria-Kalem (fifth in the senior all-around) were one of three sets of Canadian sisters competing Saturday night, along with Silvia and Mariana Colussi-Pelaez, and Jessica and Melissa Dowling (Dynamo).

Romania sent four young juniors representing Steaua Bucharest. Thirteen-year-old talent Asiana Peng, who won her age group at the junior national championships last fall, had the best finish with fifth all-around.

Junior event champions were Andrade on vault and floor exercise, Yu on uneven bars, and Jenna Dunn of host club Bart Conner Gymnastics and Anda Butuc (Romania) on balance beam.

The Nadia Comaneci International is now held in conjunction with the Bart and Nadia Sports & Health Festival, an activity and educational event promoting health, fitness and nutrition. The festival events also included the Bart Conner Invitational and the Perfect 10 Challenge (a four-team women's NCAA event) for gymnastics, as well as instruction and competition events for archery, hockey, kayaking, volleyball, and more. For more information, see the festival's official website.

Read "Sudden Impact," an interview with Victoria Moors, in the January/February 2013 issue of International Gymnast magazine. To order back issues or subscribe, click here.

2013 Nadia Comaneci International
Feb. 16, Oklahoma City

1. Gemini Gymnastics 28.10 26.90 27.70 26.80 109.50
2. Dynamo Gymnastics 28.40 26.40 28.20 26.40 109.40
3. Futures Gymnastics "A" 28.60 25.25 27.50 27.35 108.70
4. Futures Gymnastics "B" 28.60 26.20 25.70 27.65 108.15
5. Gym Richelieu 28.05 26.30 26.00 26.70 107.05
6. Oklahoma All Stars 29.40 23.50 26.40 27.20 106.50
7. Flamengo 28.70 23.80 26.40 26.80 105.70
8. Steaua Bucharest 26.75 23.75 26.90 26.85 104.25

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Victora Moors Dynamo 14.60 13.60 14.40 14.80 57.40
2. Jessica Lopez Venezuela 14.90 14.55 14.40 12.95 56.80
3. Sabrina Gill Futures "B" 14.30 13.90 12.60 14.30 55.10
4. Jordyn Pedersen Futures "A" 14.40 12.90 13.60 14.15 55.05
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo Gym Richelieu 14.25 13.70 12.10 13.10 53.15
6. Casey Carvalho Futures "A" 14.20 11.80 13.90 13.20 53.10
7. Mackenzie Valentin Oklahoma All Stars 14.00 11.90 13.40 13.80 53.10
8. Charity Jones Oklahoma All Stars 15.00 11.60 13.00 13.40 53.00
9. Silvia Colussi-Pelaez Futures "A" 13.85 12.35 13.50 12.75 52.45
10. Mariana Colussi-Pelaez Futures "B" 14.25 11.10 13.10 13.35 51.80
11. Gabby Bowling Krafft Academy 14.40 10.20 11.90 12.30 48.80
12. Abby Stacey Dynamo 13.80 9.70 12.70 11.60 47.80
13. Ryan Henry Bart Conner 13.50 12.90 12.80 39.20
14. Melissa Dowling Dynamo 14.25 11.10 12.80 38.15
15. Novia Nabila Putri Kutai Kertanegara 12.80 9.90 12.20 34.90
16. Jessica Dowling Dynamo 12.80 13.80 26.60
17. Natalie Vaculik Gemini 12.60 13.70 26.30
18. Katie Brown Bart Conner 14.05 14.05
19. Nefy Nurbaeti Kutai Kertanegara 11.05 11.05
20. Jessica Karges Bart Conner 10.60 10.60
21. Reagan Hemry Bart Conner 9.20 9.20

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Rebeca Andrade Flamengo 14.80 12.40 13.00 14.40 54.60
2. Aleeza Yu Gemini 14.45 14.30 11.90 13.70 54.35
3. Rose-Kaying Woo Gym Richelieu 13.80 12.60 13.90 13.60 53.90
4. Jade Chrobok Gemini 13.65 12.00 14.00 13.10 52.75
5. Asiana Peng Steaua Bucharest 13.00 12.05 13.40 14.00 52.45
6. Andreea Ciurusniuc Steaua Bucharest 13.25 11.70 13.50 12.85 51.30
7. Julie Sinmon Flamengo 13.90 11.40 13.20 11.95 50.45
8. Brenda Brito Flamengo 13.60 9.60 13.20 12.40 48.80
9. Andreanne Belley Gym Richelieu 11.70 12.10 12.00 12.70 48.50
10. Kirsten Peterman Futures Gymnastics "B" 14.30 12.30 10.10 11.70 48.40
11. Cristina Vrabie Steaua Bucharest 13.50 9.10 12.80 35.40
12. Jenna Dunn Bart Conner 14.20 12.30 26.50
13. Anda Butuc Steaua Bucharest 11.75 14.20 25.95
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