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China, Great Britain On Top Down Under
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The Chinese women and British men grabbed gold in the team competition Friday at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney.

The Chinese women and British men grabbed gold in the team competition Friday as the Australian Youth Olympic Festival kicked off the 2013 competitive calendar.

The event boasts more than 1,700 athletes from 30 nations competing in 17 sports, competing under the slogan "See Tomorrow's Olympians Today!" Last held in 2009, the formerly biennial event will take place every four years to accommodate the new Youth Olympic Games.

The Chinese women and British men successfully defended their team titles at Sydney Olympic Park, where the competition also included full teams from Australia and New Zealand.

Chen Siyi, 14, led China to first place over Great Britain, 162.963-160.064. All three Chinese gymnasts contributed scores in the 14s on bars, with a high of 14.433 from Chen, who won bars at last fall's Elite Gym Massilia in Marseille.

The British women impressed in second, confirming their status as the most improving nation in artistic gymnastics. They outscored the Chinese on vault, balance beam and floor exercise, but a 6-point deficit to China on uneven bars kept the British out of first place. Tyesha Mattis, 13, led Great Britain with four events, highlighted by the only score above 14 on vault. Catherine Lyons, 12, had the best mark on balance beam (14.200), while Amy Tinkler, 13, outscored the field on floor exercise.

"I had a few mistakes today, but I tried my best and I'm really pleased for the team," Mattis said. "I'm looking forward to Sunday to sort out a few wobbles on the different pieces and am going to try and nail it."

Australia's "Gold" squad won the bronze medal over its "Green" squad. Alexandra Eade, 15, contributed four events, though she is still not quite 100 percent after elbow surgery last year.

"For some of us, this was our first [international] competition, so I think we did really well," she said. "There are definitely some things that we want to improve on, so we will when we come back on Sunday."

With the top total on five of the six events, the British men crushed China by a full 7 points. Dominick Cunningham, James Hall, Courtney Tulloch and Nile Wilson competed with confidence, still riding high after the British team's historic performances last summer at the Olympics in London.

"Nothing can break us," Tulloch said. "The whole team performed really well. Going into it we were quite nervous but we really wanted to put a lot of effort into it, and we're really pleased."

Tulloch had the top marks of the day on still rings (14.150) and vault (14.800), while Wilson impressed with high scores on parallel bars (14.700) and high bar (14.000). Tulloch and Wilson, both 17, were members of the gold medal-winning British squad from the 2012 Junior European Championships in Montpellier, where Tulloch won rings and Wilson was second all-around.

China competed three gymnasts only after an injury to Jin Huanzhang. The team topped Great Britain on floor exercise, but was second on the other five events. Wu Di, 16, earned the best mark on floor exercise (14.050) while Xiao Ruoteng, 16, outscored the field on pommel horse (14.200).

Artistic gymnastics competition continues Sunday with the all-around and apparatus finals. All events at the AYOF are free to the public.

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2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival
Jan. 18, Sydney

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. China40.16643.09940.09939.599162.963
Luo Huan13.53313.166
Chen Siyi13.63314.43313.23313.533
Mei Jie12.60014.33313.333
Liu Zhilin13.93314.33312.900
2. Great Britain41.56637.06641.79939.633160.064
Catherine Lyons11.70014.20012.800
Teal Grindle13.60012.26613.933
Tyesha Mattis14.06613.10013.66613.033
Amy Tinkler13.90013.800
3. Australia "Gold"40.30034.93337.43238.133150.798
Alexandra Eade13.80011.80012.16612.733
Eliza Freeman11.40013.60012.900
Rianna Mizzen12.90012.500
Eden Tarvit13.60011.73311.666
4. Australia "Green"37.33235.29935.96535.266143.862
Franceska Fuchsia12.36611.43312.56612.433
Gillian Chan12.66611.00011.533
Paige James11.63311.300
Darcy Norman12.30012.86611.766
5. New Zealand37.73231.49937.19837.366143.795
Hanna Malloch12.83312.06612.300
Courtney McGregor10.60012.36612.733
Charlotte Sullivan12.43310.53312.766
Millie Williamson12.46610.36612.333

1. Great Britain40.25041.45041.90043.40042.40040.650250.050
Dominick Cunningham13.35014.15013.70013.300
James Hall13.95013.90014.45013.350
Courtney Tulloch13.50013.55014.15014.80014.000
Nile Wilson13.40013.95013.85014.70014.000
2. China40.60038.90039.45043.25040.25040.600243.050
Hu Xuwei12.85012.00013.40013.80012.30013.600
Wu Di14.05012.60012.95014.70014.15013.450
Xiao Ruoteng 13.70014.30013.10014.75013.80013.550
3. Australia38.50036.70038.45041.70038.35037.850231.550
Christopher Bacueti13.10012.05013.80012.500
Scott Brooks12.25013.20014.15012.80013.050
Christopher Remkes12.70012.45013.75013.05011.950
Trenten Wan13.15011.95012.80012.850
4. New Zealand38.95034.40033.80038.30038.55034.050218.050
Troy Arendse10.75012.10012.950
Reegan Edwards13.50012.95011.150
Kyleab Ellis12.50010.90010.50012.55012.90011.450
Jorden O'Connell-Inns12.95012.75011.20012.80012.70011.450
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