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Price, Japan Earn Victories in Stuttgart
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Elizabeth Price (U.S.) and the Japanese men claimed victories Saturday at the 30th DTB Cup in Stuttgart, Germany.

This year's edition of the DTB Cup features an FIG World Cup all-around held in conjunction with an international team contest. Friday saw the team qualification at Porsche Arena, with four nations advancing to this weekend's team finals.

Elizabeth Price (U.S.)

The women's World Cup featured a fairly weak field, lacking the all-around standouts from the Olympics. Romanian Olympian Larisa Iordache withdrew and was replaced by Russia's Kristina Goryunova, who took part in the team event.

Price, an alternate to the U.S. Olympic team this past summer, cruised to first over Germany's Elisabeth Seitz, 58.098-55.566. Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber finished third, just .001 behind Seitz.

Price grabbed the lead in the first rotation, where she was the class of the field on vault with the only Amanar on display (15.733). She also had the top mark on uneven bars despite some struggles on the low bar (14.933). She stayed on beam but was heavily penalized for execution (7.666). She impressed on floor exercise with her huge tumbling (double-double and double layout) but lunged forward after her double pike for 14.266.

Seitz earned her top mark on vault, where she took a step on her double-twisting Yurchenko. On uneven bars, she performed a simpler set without her Def or eponymous skill (full-twisting Maloney) for 14.033. She fought through her beam routine and stumbled out of the area on floor exercise, but just managed to finish ahead of Steingruber.

Steingruber had the second-best score on vault for her layout Rudi (15.400), but tumbled off beam. Germany's Kim Bui finished fourth, tying Seitz for second on uneven bars. Former world champion Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) had the best mark on floor exercise but fell on her uneven bars dismount for fifth overall.

Rebecca Tunney (Great Britain), Goryunova and Niahm Rippin (Great Britain) rounded out the field.

The men's team final followed the women's all-around event. After barely edging Brazil in Friday's qualification, Japan improved by 5 full points in the final. The Japanese men had the top team totals on pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar.

Russia, which grabbed the final spot in qualification, improved by nearly 3 points to take second. Olympic medalist Denis Ablyazin paced to the team to the top totals on floor exercise, still rings and vault. Olympic finalist Alexander Balandin was on the roster as the team's fourth gymnast but did not compete, leaving the team with only two gymnasts on five of the six events.

The British men finished third with a performance on par with qualification, where they also finished third. Brazil struggled on parallel bars, though Olympic still rings champion Arthur Zanetti shone with 15.700 on his best event.

Competition concludes Sunday with the men's World Cup all-around event followed by the women's team final. The men's World Cup boasts a more impressive turnout, with eight of the top 10 gymnasts from this summer's Olympic all-around final. All-around medalists Marcel Nguyen (Germany) and Danell Leyva (U.S.) will be back in competition along with David Belyavsky (Russia), Daniel Purvis and Kristian Thomas (Great Britain), Fabian Gonzalez (Spain) and Kazuhito Tanaka (Japan).

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30th DTB Cup
Dec. 1, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Elizabeth Price6.515.7336.414.9335.513.1665.914.26658.098
2.Elisabeth Seitz5.814.5335.914.0335.613.7005.3 13.300 55.566
3.Giulia Steingruber6.315.4005.713.4335.712.8665.613.86655.565
4.Kim Bui5.413.9666.114.0335.213.6005.313.56655.165
5.Vanessa Ferrari5.313.6335.612.6335.613.4335.814.36654.065
6.Rebecca Tunney5.814.4665.913.9665.112.0005.6 13.400 53.832
7.Kristina Goryunova5.013.4335.713.4335.312.6334.912.73352.232
8.Niahm Rippin5.3 13.800 5.011.7665.212.1335.412.36650.065

Men's Team FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Japan 29.366 30.099 29.833 30.999 30.399 30.933181.629
Yusuke Saito5.513.3335.613.9666.415.0336.215.6666.114.9666.915.533
Kenya Kobayashi6.214.7336.114.8006.215.3336.315.233
Kohei Kameyama5.714.4666.615.3665.413.9336.314.833
Koji Uematsu5.814.9006.515.1666.915.400
2. Russia 29.932 27.366 30.333 32.333 29.232 27.099176.295
Nikita Ignatyev6.114.5665.914.0336.314.9006.616.0006.214.8665.512.466
Andrei Cherkasov4.913.3336.615.2335.614.3666.114.633
Denis Ablyazin6.815.3666.715.4337.016.333
Alexander Balandin
3. Great Britain 28.932 28.133 28.866 30.400 30.099 29.500175.930
Sam Oldham6.014.8665.514.0335.914.5336.615.2005.814.3336.414.800
Frank Baines5.912.5665.313.4336.215.1006.014.9665.514.333
Daniel Keatings6.614.1006.515.1336.114.700
Theo Seager6.014.0666.114.3336.615.200
4. Brazil 29.399 28.299 29.966 31.499 26.233 29.032174.428
Arthur Mariano6.114.8664.712.7666.616.0335.813.7005.613.566
Felipe Ferreira4.510.5665.514.0336.215.1335.112.5335.714.066
Francisco Barreto5.814.2666.214.2665.412.4336.414.966
Arthur Zanetti5.814.5336.815.7006.615.466

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Rachel T. said:

Way To Go Price!
I will ALWAYS believed she deserved to compete at the past Olympics and was unfairly denied that opportunity. I hope she continues to soar and surprise everyone!
December 02, 2012
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