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Canadians 1-2 At Top Gym Tournament
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Canadian talent Shallon Olsen won the all-around and vault titles at the 16th Top Gym Tournament, held Saturday and Sunday in Charleroi, Belgium.

Shallon Olsen (Canada)

Organized by Charleroi's Gymnos club, the annual competition has historically attracted some of the best juniors in the world, many of whom have gone on to world and Olympic glory. Past champions include Romanians Oana Ban, Larisa Iordache, Maria Olaru and Monica Rosu, Russia Yekaterina Lobaznyuk and Anna Pavlova (Russia), and Americans Shawn Johnson and Jordyn Wieber. This year's competition included 23 gymnasts from 11 nations.

Third in 2011, the 12-year-old Olsen moved up two spots Saturday to claim the overall title. Canadian teammate Rose-Kalam Woo, also 12, took second over Great Britain's Georgina Hockenhull, 15.

Olsen had the best scores on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko) and floor exercise (piked full-in; 1 1/2 to double tuck; double twist; double pike) to become the first Top Gym champion not from Romania, Russia, Ukraine or the USA (see list of champions below). She showed an additional vault of Yurchenko full to win a second gold medal in Sunday's finals.

Olsen trains under Vladimir Lashin and Svetlana Lashina at Omega Gymnastics in British Columbia (where Lobaznyuk also coaches now). At May's Canadian championships, she won five medals in the junior division, including the all-around and vault golds.

Woo, who trains at Montreal's Gym-Richelieu club with coaches Michel Charron and Marie-Josee Laperriere, grabbed gold on uneven bars in the finals (Pak; Tkatchev; rare piked double front; click to watch).

Hockenhull, second on floor exercise, won balance beam with a routine that was most outstanding for its beautiful leaps (front aerial, ff; side aerial; switch leap; side somi; switch side; ro double tuck). She trains at Park Wrekin School of Gymnastics under coach Christine Still, the popular gymnastics commentator for the BBC.

Sweden's Emma Larsson, eighth all-around, won the vault silver and floor exercise gold (tucked full-in, 2 1/2, 1 1/2 punch layout front; double pike). Larsson was 11th all-around at the 2010 Top Gym Tournament.

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16th Top Gym Tournament
Nov. 24-25, 2012, Charleroi, Belgium

1.Sweden/France 27.10023.60026.15027.100103.950
Emma Larsson13.90013.900
Loan His13.20012.500
Ellzn Haavisto13.00013.200
Lovisa Estberg11.10013.150
2.Canada/South Africa 27.65024.40021.25025.05098.350
Rose-Kalam Woo13.00011.650
Shallon Olsen14.40012.500
Lilo Miller13.25011.400
Angela Maguire9.60012.550
3.Belgium 25.45024.35023.25025.20098.250
Cindy Vandenhole0.00012.45011.200
Timna Lebon12.050
Rune Hermans12.25011.90013.000
Jelle Beulens13.20012.200
4.Netherlands/Switzerland 25.17523.30023.95024.35096.775
Mara Titarsolej12.8250.00013.400
Stefi Siegenthaler12.35012.750
Michelle Kraus11.80010.950
Jin Yi Hoekstra10.55012.150
5.Romania/Ukraine 25.70021.00025.10023.70095.500
Diana Teodoru12.70012.350
Stefania Shivets12.2508.30012.30011.350
Anamaria Ocolisan13.45012.800
6.Great Britain/Iceland 25.00017.70023.90025.95092.550
Freyja Josepsdottir5.00010.700
Rhyannon Jones12.50012.700
Georgina Hockenhull13.20013.800
Sigridur Bergthorsdottir12.50012.150

1.Shallon Olsen14.55012.70014.40013.30054.950
2.Rose-Kalam Woo13.40012.65014.75012.60053.400
3.Georgina Hockenhull13.10012.90013.20013.10052.300
4.Jelle Beulens13.35012.10013.55013.00052.000
5.Rhyannon Jones12.85012.95013.15012.95051.900
6.Lovisa Estberg12.90012.40013.15012.90051.350
7.Ellzn Haavisto13.00013.05012.40012.80051.250
8.Emma Larsson13.55012.65012.50012.05050.750
9.Stefi Siegenthaler13.25013.20011.65011.80049.900
10.Rune Hermans12.35011.40013.15012.95049.850
11.Jin Yi Hoekstra12.60011.50013.20012.45049.750
12.Diana Teodoru12.95010.75013.00012.85049.550
13.Mara Titarsolej13.10012.50012.20011.55049.350
14.Anamaria Ocolisan13.50010.40012.60012.55049.050
15.Loan His14.15010.35011.60011.55047.650
16.Cindy Vandenhole12.80011.05011.50011.70047.050
17.Timna Lebon12.70010.15012.95010.55046.350
18.Michelle Kraus12.45010.35013.05010.45046.300
19.Stefania Shivets12.30010.15011.65012.10046.200
20.Lilo Miller13.25010.60010.55011.75046.150
21.Angela Maguire12.7009.40011.65012.00045.750
22.Freyja Josepsdottir12.8509.60011.30010.85044.600
23.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir12.7000.00012.35010.80035.850

Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Shallon Olsen14.70014.10014.400
2.Emma Larsson13.95013.85013.900
3.Anamaria Ocolisan13.20013.70013.450
4.Lilo Miller13.15013.35013.250
5.Jelle Beulens13.35013.05013.200
5.Loan His13.30013.10013.200
7.Mara Titarsolej13.10012.55012.825
8.Rhyannon Jones12.80012.20012.500
8.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir12.70012.30012.500
10.Stefi Siegenthaler12.65012.05012.350
11.Rune Hermans12.50012.00012.250
11.Stefania Shivets12.35012.15012.250

Uneven Bars FinalTotal
1.Rose-Kalam Woo13.000
2.Stefi Siegenthaler12.750
3.Diana Teodoru12.700
3.Rhyannon Jones12.700
5.Loan His12.500
6.Cindy Vandenhole12.450
7.Rune Hermans11.900
8.Lilo Miller11.400
9.Lovisa Estberg11.100
10.Jin Yi Hoekstra10.550
11.Stefania Shivets8.300
12.Freyja Josepsdottir5.000

Balance Beam FinalTotal
1.Georgina Hockenhull13.200
2.Lovisa Estberg13.150
3.Ellzn Haavisto13.000
4.Anamaria Ocolisan12.800
5.Stefania Shivets12.300
6.Jin Yi Hoekstra12.150
7.Timna Lebon12.050
8.Michelle Kraus11.800
9.Rose-Kaying Woo11.650
10.Cindy Vandenhole11.200
11.Freyja Josepsdottir10.700
12.Angela Maguire9.600

Floor Exercise FinalTotal
1.Emma Larsson13.900
2.Georgina Hockenhull13.800
3.Mara Titarsolej13.400
4.Ellzn Haavisto13.200
5.Rune Hermans13.000
6.Angela Maguire12.550
7.Shallon Olsen12.500
8.Diana Teodoru12.350
9.Jelle Beulens12.200
10.Sigridur Bergthorsdottir12.150
11.Stefania Shivets11.350
12.Michelle Kraus10.950

Top Gym Champions, 1992-2012

2012Shallon OlsenRose-Kalam WooGeorgina Hockenhull
2011Yevgenia ShelgunovaAlessia LeoliniShallon Olsen
2010Anastasia SidorovaAriana GuerraElisa Meneghini
2009Larissa IordacheJulie CroketMadison Kocian
2008Jordyn WieberYvette MoshageKamerin Moore
2007(Not Held)
2006Cassie WhitcombSarah DeMeoMarine Petit
2005Shawn JohnsonAluissa LacusteanuIvana Hong
2004(Not Held)
2003(Not Held)
2002Monica RosuAlexandra EremiaMarcia Newby
2001(Not Held)
2000Anna PavlovaCarly PattersonIrina Yarotska
1999Oana BanAnna ChepelyovaNatalia Sirobaba
1998Silvia StroescuCarmen IonescuAngela Beam
1997Yekaterina LobaznyukAndrea IsarescuYekaterina Kamyshnikova
1996Maria OlaruOlga MeninKsenia Bogdanova
1995(Not Held)
1994Mary-Beth ArnoldMonica FlammerJoana Juarez
1993Antonina NakorneyevaAnna ShakhovalClaudia Presecan
1992Anna Shakhoval & Antonina Nakorneyeva (tie)Silvia Santiago
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