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Final 2012 Challenger Cup Opens in Ostrava
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The final FIG Challenger Cup event of 2012 began Friday in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where more than 100 gymnasts from 32 nations gathered for competition. Pictured: Two-time Czech Olympian Kristýna Pálešová qualified to three event finals.

The final FIG Challenger Cup event of the 2012 season began Friday in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where more than 100 gymnasts gathered for the qualification round.

The annual event attracted a diverse group of gymnasts, representing 32 nations on five continents.

Brazilian star Arthur Zanetti, the Olympic still rings champion, headlined the men's lineup and qualified first to his specialty. World and European champion Eleftherios Kosmidis (Greece) was first on floor.

Vietnam's Nguyen Ha Thanh, a medalist on vault and parallel bars at the recent Asian Championships in Putian, qualified first to both events.

Other men's qualification leaders were Croatia's Robert Seligman on pommel horse and Japan's Kazuyuki Takeda on high bar.

The women's field was smaller and less competitive. Chileans Barbara Achondo (vault) and Makarena Pinto (floor exercise) each led one event. Sweden's Ida Gustafsson had he top mark on uneven bars and Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers was first on balance beam.

Two-time Czech Olympian Kristýna Pálešová qualified to three event finals for the host team.

South Africa's Jennifer Khwela returned to major competition after a torn ACL in 2011 knocked her out of contention for the Olympics in London. Khwela, the first African gymnast to win a World Cup gold medal, qualified fourth on vault and seventh on floor exercise.

The finals take place Saturday.

2012 Ostrava Grand Prix/FIG Challenger Cup
Nov. 23, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Barbara Achondo5.408.550.113.8513.825
2.Teja Belak5.308.5013.8013.650
3.Makarena Pinto5.208.5013.7013.600
4.Jennifer Khwela5.008.5513.5513.600
5.Gabriela Janik5.308.5013.8013.475
6.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.008.4513.4513.475
7.Valērija Grišāne4.608.8513.4513.275
8.Krystyna Sankova5.008.7013.7013.150
9.Rosanna Ojala4.608.8013.4013.100
10.Ema Kajic5.008.5013.5013.050
11.Jana Šikulová4.608.3012.9012.975
12.Tijana Tkalcec5.308.000.113.2012.875
13.Ida Laisi5.008.4013.4012.800
14.Aljazy Al-Habshi4.207.9512.1512.075
15.Norma Robertsdottir4.008.0512.0511.950
16.Alina Sotnikava0.

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Ida Gustafsson5.808.5014.30
2.Ruby Harrold6.107.8513.95
3.Kristýna Pálešová5.508.3513.85
4.Gabriela Janik5.607.9513.55
5.Lisa Top5.208.0013.20
6.Jana Šikulová5.607.5013.10
7.Lisa Ecker4.608.4013.00
8.Angelina Kysla5.307.4512.75
9.Dorina Böczögő5.007.5512.55
10.Alice Janova4.607.6012.20
11.Dorina Jelencsics4.907.0511.95
11.Ivana Kamnikar4.707.2511.95
13.Anastasia Miklashevich5.106.1511.25
14.Noam Blorian4.606.5011.10
15.Melany Cabrera4.806.2511.05
16.Rosanna Ojala4.206.2010.40
17.Fiona Novak3.505.909.40
17.Krystyna Sankova4.504.909.40
19.Tinna Odinsdottir4.105.209.30

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Sanne Wevers5.407.950.1013.25
2.Krystyna Sankova5.907.0512.95
3.Monika Frandofert4.808.050.1012.75
4.Lisa Ecker5.007.700.1012.60
5.Ida Gustafsson5.707.000.1012.60
6.Rosanna Ojala4.507.8512.35
7.Anastasia Miklashevich4.607.5512.15
8.Kristýna Pálešová5.107.0512.15
9.Dorina Jelencsics4.707.4012.10
10.Jana Šikulová5.007.0512.05
11.Tinna Odinsdottir4.707.3012.00
12.Gabriela Janik4.806.9511.75
13.Dorina Böczögő4.707.050.1011.65
14.Teja Belak5.006.5511.55
15.Alina Sotnikava4.107.500.1011.50
16.Melany Cabrera4.606.5011.10
17.Lisa Top5.006.0011.00
18.Stella Petran4.805.9010.70
19.Jennifer Khwela5.504.850.1010.25
20.Johanna Jonasdottir4.405.600.109.90

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Makarena Pinto5.108.0513.15
2.Barbara Achondo5.008.0513.05
3.Lisa Ecker5.007.9512.95
4.Krystyna Sankova5.507.450.1012.85
5.Dorina Böczögő5.307.800.5012.60
6.Kristýna Pálešová4.308.1012.40
7.Jennifer Khwela5.107.2512.35
8.Alice Janova4.407.8512.25
9.Ivana Kamnikar4.507.500.1011.90
10.Alina Sotnikava5.006.8011.80
11.Monika Frandofert4.507.450.2011.75
12.Valērija Grišāne4.707.000.1011.60
13.Noam Blorian4.807.000.2011.60
14.Norma Robertsdottir4.606.900.1011.40
15.Lisa Top5.406.901.1011.20
16.Fiona Novak4.506.950.3011.15
17.Stella Petran4.006.4010.40
18.Aljazy Al-Habshi2.806.450.308.95

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Kosmidis5.908.9014.80
2.Andrei Likhovitsky5.509.1514.65
3.Glenn Smink6.008.6514.65
4.Ryuzo Sejima5.808.8014.60
5.Andrej Korosteljev6.008.6014.60
6.Rafael Morales5.808.6514.45
7.Arthur Zanetti5.808.6514.45
8.Andrew Smith5.808.6514.45
9.Rok Klavora5.908.550.114.35
10.Petrus Laulumaa5.608.6514.25
11.Martin Konečný5.808.3014.10
12.Tomislav Markovic5.808.250.113.95
13.Žiga Šilc5.608.1513.75
14.Eetu Lahti5.708.000.113.60
15.Jorian Ilbrink5.408.0513.45
16.Oleg Vernyayev6.307.1013.40
17.Fadi Bahlawan5.407.8013.20
18.Oleg Stepko5.307.900.113.10
19.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.
19.Martin Argalas4.308.7013.00
21.Angel Ramos5.806.6512.45
22.Shota Hisanaga5.307.1012.40
23.Lars Joyce Planke5.007.350.312.05
24.Michael Fussenegger5.406.850.311.95
25.Nicolas Cordoba4.506.7011.20

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Robert Seligman5.909.1515.05
2.Zoltan Kallai6.308.6014.90
3.Andrei Likhovitsky6.108.7514.85
4.Takuto Kakitani6.008.7514.75
5.Petro Pakhnyuk6.108.5014.60
6.Vasily Mikhalitsyn6.108.3514.45
7.Sašo Bertoncelj5.808.6014.40
8.Donna-Donny Truyens5.708.6014.30
9.Andrii Sienichkin5.808.0513.85
10.Xheni Dyrmishi5.508.2513.75
11.Adam Rzepa6.007.6513.65
12.Ferhat Arican5.807.8013.60
13.Glenn Smink5.707.8513.55
13.Henrik Petterson5.508.0513.55
15.Vinko Kirinic5.507.8013.30
16.Juho Kanerva5.607.6013.20
17.Kazuyuki Takeda5.707.3013.00
18.Matias Silva4.907.6512.55
19.Nestor Rodriguez5.806.7012.50
20.Maciej Labutin4.907.4512.35
21.Andrew Smith5.107.0012.10
22.Richard Brablik5.106.7011.80
22.Bart Deurloo4.707.1011.80
24.Rafael Morales5.805.5011.30
25.Jiri Bomer3.604.908.50

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.409.4015.80
2.Eleftherios Petrounias6.809.0015.80
3.Kazuyuki Takeda6.309.0015.30
4.Alexander Vorobyov6.408.8515.25
5.Oleg Vernyayev6.508.5015.00
6.Shota Hisanaga6.108.6014.70
7.Anthony van Assche6.008.6514.65
8.Markku Vahtila6.108.2514.35
9.Ali Ramadan Abouel Kassem6.207.9514.15
10.Gregor Saksida6.008.0514.05
11.Maciej Labutin5.408.5013.90
12.Hung Pham Phuoc6.107.7513.85
13.Dennis Goossens5.808.0013.80
14.Dariusz Pisarek5.708.0513.75
15.Michael Fussenegger5.507.9013.40
16.Lars Joyce Planke4.508.5513.05
17.Xheni Dyrmishi5.507.3012.80
18.Fadi Bahlawan5.507.2512.75
19.Nestor Rodriguez6.006.3512.35
20.Rafael Morales4.707.0511.75

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Nguyen Ha Thanh7.009.4016.4015.750
2.Bart Deurloo6.609.3015.9015.750
3.Oleg Vernyayev7.009.0016.0015.625
4.Vitālijs Kardašovs6.608.7515.3515.300
5.Marek Lyszczarz6.608.400.1014.9015.200
6.Michael Fussenegger6.608.4015.0015.050
7.Andrei Likhovitsky5.809.1514.9514.775
8.Angel Ramos6.208.8015.0014.575
9.Petrus Laulumaa5.808.900.3014.4014.500
10.Rafael Morales6.208.9515.1514.175
11.Matias Silva6.207.800.3013.7013.600
12.Eetu Lahti5.008.8013.8013.400
13.Oleg Stepko6.608.000.1014.5013.175
14.Lars Joyce Planke6.207.950.3013.8513.125

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Nguyen Ha Thanh6.708.9015.60
2.Oleg Vernyayev6.708.4015.10
3.Pham Phuoc Hung6.508.5515.05
4.Oleg Stepko6.608.1514.75
5.Kazuyuki Takeda5.908.8014.70
6.Alen Dimic5.808.6014.40
7.Adam Kierzkowski6.008.4014.40
8.Roman Kulesza6.008.2514.25
9.Anthony van Assche5.408.6514.05
10.Ferhat Arican6.107.8513.95
11.Nestor Rodriguez5.508.2513.75
12.Matthias Schwab4.808.1512.95
13.Marko Brez5.207.6512.85
14.Markku Vahtila4.208.5012.70
15.Jorian Ilbrink5.207.4512.65
16.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.807.6512.45
17.Alexander Tsarevich4.108.2012.30

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Kazuyuki Takeda6.508.6515.15
2.Bart Deurloo6.608.5515.15
3.Andrei Likhovitsky6.208.6514.85
4.Alexander Tsarevich6.008.7514.75
5.Marijo Moznik6.408.2514.65
6.Nicolas Cordoba6.108.4514.55
7.Maxim Semyankiv6.407.7514.15
8.Roman Kulesza5.908.1014.00
9.Adam Rzepa5.608.3513.95
10.Matthias Schwab5.608.0013.60
11.Petro Pakhnyuk5.607.5513.15
12.Martin Konečný4.808.2513.05
13.Juho Kanerva4.708.0012.70
14.Martin Argalas3.908.7012.60
15.Alen Dimic5.606.5012.10
15.Angel Ramos5.406.7012.10
17.Lars Joyce Planke5.106.9512.05
18.Nestor Rodriguez5.105.9011.00
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