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Chinese Dominate as Asian Championships End
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The host Chinese team picked up six more titles in apparatus finals at the 2012 Asian Championships, which drew to a close Wednesday in Putian. Pictured: Uneven bars medalists Huang Huidan, Wu Liufang and Sung Ji-Hye

The host Chinese team picked up six more titles in apparatus finals at the 2012 Asian Championships, which drew to a close Wednesday in Putian.

After sweeping the men's and women's team and all-around golds, the Chinese gymnasts routed the competition with 14 medals in finals. The Chinese were shut out of the medals in only two events - women's vault and men's floor exercise.

World bronze medalist Phan Thị Hà Thanh (Vietnam) won women's vault with a layout Rudi and double-twisting Yurchenko. Top qualifier Hong Un Jong, the 2008 Olympic champion, fell on her Amanar. Hong's North Korean teammate Ri Un Ha fell on her Cheng Fei vault.

Wu Liufang, who turns 18 in December, won uneven bars with 15.200 (Shaposhnikova, back uprise freehip full to Tkatchev; Pak; fron giant, Lin Li, Ling Jie to Jaeger; double layout with a small hop; 6.6 Difficulty). Wu's teammate, top qualifier Huang Huidan, edged all-around silver medalist Sung Ji-Hye (South Korea) for second, 14.600-14.575.

"I am very happy," a thrilled Wu said afterward. "All my hard work paid off. I have always been getting second or third places and this time I'm finally getting gold."

Tiny Shang Chunsong, 16, grabbed gold medals on both balance beam (15.225) and floor exercise (14.600). All-around champion Zeng Siqi, also 16, won bronze medals on both events.

Japanese teenager Shirai Kenzo twisted his way to the title on men's floor exercise (2 1/2 punch double full; 3 1/2 punch front full; 1 1/2 to Rudi; whip triple twist).

"The floor is too hard so I cannot use my 7.4 routine," said Kenzo, who usually tumbles a quad full. Added his coach, "He is only 16 and we hope he can get the floor exercise title in Rio de Janeiro."

Liu Rongbing, the men's all-around champion, won gold medals on both pommel horse and high bar, while teammate Zhou Shixiong won parallel bars (7.0 D).

Specialist Ri Se Gwang won still rings and men's vault for North Korea, which returned to competition in Putian after a two-year suspension. Ri stood up both his eponymous vaults: a full-twisting Tsukahara double back and a piked Dragulescu.

East and South Asian nations — China, Hong Kong, the Koreas, Japan, and Vietnam — swept all the medals in Putian. The best performance from a Central Asian gymnast was fourth place on pommel horse for Kazakhstan's Maxim Petrishko.

— Contributing: Chen Yang in Putian

5th Asian Gymnastics Championships
Nov. 13-14, 2012, Putian, China

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Phan Thị Hà Thanh6.38.45014.75014.700
2.Hong Un Jong6.57.92514.42514.688
3.Ri Un Ha5.88.6250.314.12514.275
4.Li Yiting6.07.40013.40013.925
5.Wong Hui Ying Angel5.28.55013.75013.725
6.Heo Seon-Mi5.08.75013.75013.663
7.Risa Konishi6.07.50013.50013.438
8.Han So-Re5.08.27513.27513.100

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Wu Liufang6.68.60015.200
2.Huang Huidan6.48.20014.600
3.Sung Ji-Hye6.38.27514.575
4.Heo Seon-Mi6.08.20014.200
5.Kang Yong Mi5.98.12514.025
6.Wakana Inoue5.28.65013.850
7.Sakura Noda5.47.95013.350
8.Hong Un Jong0.00.0000.000

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong6.48.82515.225
2.Kim Un Hyang6.38.62514.925
3.Zeng Siqi6.27.9000.114.000
4.Sung Ji-Hye5.87.97513.775
5.Heo Seon-Mi5.38.32513.625
6.Wakana Inoue5.28.10013.300
7.Erica Lynn Danko4.98.32513.225
8.Kang Yong Mi5.37.40012.700

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong5.98.70014.600
2.Risa Konishi5.78.57514.275
3.Zeng Siqi5.58.7250.114.125
4.Sung Ji-Hye5.68.45014.050
5.Kang Yong Mi5.58.22513.725
6.Wakana Inoue5.48.5750.313.675
7.Han So-Re5.38.20013.500
8.Ri Un Ha5.77.67513.375

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Kenzo Shirai6.78.52515.225
2.Kim Han-Sol6.38.47514.775
3.Lee Jun-Ho6.38.6500.214.750
4.Cheng Ran6.28.50014.700
5.Ri Se Gwang6.48.3750.114.675
6.Lin Chaopan5.98.6250.114.425
7.Shek Wai Hung5.58.72514.225
8.Yu Suzuki5.87.77513.575

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Liu Rongbing6.48.50014.900
2.Yoshiaki Furutani5.78.80014.500
3.Ji Lianshen6.08.50014.500
4.Maxim Petrishko5.68.77514.375
5.Saeed Reza Keikha5.98.17514.075
6.Chen Szu-Chien5.78.30014.000
7.Kim Kwang Chun5.67.97513.575
8.Kim Kyong Hak5.66.25011.850

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Ri Se Gwang6.88.65015.450
2.Yang Shengchao6.58.75015.250
3.Ng Kiu Chung6.58.70015.200
4.Chen Chih-Yu6.68.60015.200
5.Zhou Shixiong6.48.75015.150
6.Nejad Hadi Khanari6.58.60015.100
7.Azizbek Kurdatullayev6.48.27514.675
8.Đặng Nam6.58.15014.650

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ri Se Gwang7.29.22516.42516.325
2.Cheng Ran7.09.17516.17516.200
3.Nguyễn Hà Thanh7.09.27516.27515.750
4.Lee Jun-Ho6.69.20015.80015.688
5.Hoàng Cường6.69.12515.72515.413
6.Kenzo Shirai6.68.5750.314.87515.275
7.Shek Wai Hung7.08.7750.115.67515.163
8.Viktor Kocherin7.08.00015.00015.088

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Zhou Shixiong7.08.97515.975
2.Nguyễn Hà Thanh6.78.65015.350
3.Ji Lianshen6.68.72515.325
4.Kim Jin Hyok7.07.97514.975
5.Yu Suzuki6.28.72514.925
6.Phạm Phước Hưng6.88.05014.850
7.Rikii Hoshino6.58.25014.750
8.Jung Dong-Myoung5.66.67512.275

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Liu Rongbing7.28.70015.900
2.Lin Chaopan7.08.60015.600
3.Yoshiaki Furutani6.18.35014.450
4.Takayuki Ohara6.18.35014.450
5.Kim Kwang Chun6.57.77514.275
6.Shek Wai Hung5.88.12513.925
7.Ro Chol Jin6.37.47513.775
8.Ko Ye-Darm6.27.35013.550
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