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Zeng, Chinese Women Top Asian Championships
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Zeng Siqi claimed the all-around title and led China to first place Monday as competition continued at the 5th Asian Championships in Putian, China. Pictured: The North Korean women returned after a two-year competitive ban, placing second to China.

Zeng Siqi claimed the all-around title and led China to first place Monday as competition continued at the 5th Asian Championships in Putian, China.

The relatively young Chinese team easily conquered the field, winning the title by nearly 10 points over North Korea and Japan. Wu Liufung, who turns 18 in September, was the team veteran and competed all four events along with 16-year-olds Zeng, Shang Chungsong and Luo Peiru.

Women's all-around medalists Sung, Zeng and Shang

The Asian Championships may be the official coming out party for Zeng and Shang, the tiny twosome who look on their way to challenge for world titles next year in Antwerp.

Zeng won the all-around title over South Korea's Sung Ji-Hye, with Shang taking the bronze.

The team began on uneven bars, earning the top four scores. Uneven bars standout Huang Huidan earned the top score, followed by the delightful Zeng (huge Tkatchev; Lin Li turn into Jaeger; half-in, half-out).

The miniscule Shang — who has to reach well above her head to chalk the low bar — was spectacular, placing sixth despite a fall on her Tkatchev-Gienger combination (Hindorff to Pak; Shaposhnikova; tidy half-in half-out after the compulsory Chinese invert series).

Despite a few mistakes, the Chinese impressed as expected on balance beam with their outstanding impression and amplitude. Zeng had the top mark (15.30, 6.5 Difficulty) with a stunning set starting with a straddle press mount at the end of the beam to handstand walkover. She followed with a high punch front to Korbut; ff ff two-foot layout (nailed); front aerial, ff, layout; switch Yang Bo; side aerial; switch leap to back tuck, full turn to immediate sissone; double pike with one step.

Wu — who suffered the frustation of being the alternate to China's world teams in both 2010 and 2011 — had an outstanding routine going (round off, two-foot layout; front aerial, ff, layout) on the beam, but was lucky not to get injured after her crooked 2 1/2 twist nearly sent her flying off the podium.

Shang anchored the team with an aggressive routine but some questionable connections (switch ring. ff ff two-foot layout to wolf jump to split jump; front to Korbut; front aerial, ff, layout; switch leap, back tuck, sheep jump; side somi; double tuck.) She earned 14.55 (6.3 D) to advance to the apparatus finals.

The elfin Zeng showed great potential on floor exercise, tumbling a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; triple twist; double twist; and stuck double pike. Shang was more aggressive with her tumbling (triple twist to punch front; tucked full-in; 2 1/2 twist punch front pike out of bounds; double tuck) but appeared hesitant in her choreography and expression.

China ended on vault, clearly its weakest event. Zeng ditched her double-full for a simple Yurchenko full, and the tiny Shang managed to land the same vault. Luo landed her Yurchenko double-full on her stomach.

After Zeng's weak vault, Wu needed a score 13.95 to win the all-around gold, but threw a casual piked Yurchenko to finish out of the medals.

Specialist Li Yiting landed a double-twisting Tsukahara (staggered entry), but fell on her layout Rudi.

Following their two-year international ban, the North Korean women returned to competition looking fit and determined to make a strong impression. In October 2010, the International Gymnastics Federation issued a ban after accusing the federation of falsifying the age of Hong Su Jong, who appeared with three different birthdates from 2004 to 2010. (The North Korean Gymnastics Federation, denying complicity in the scandal, reportedly banned Hong Su Jong for life following the incident.)

Clad in sleeveless fuschia leotards, the North Korean women were hot in Putian, claiming the silver medal ahead of Japan by a mere .1. Hong's sister, 2008 Olympic vault champion Hong Un Jong, didn't water down, throwing an Amanar and a Cheng vault. Teammate Ri Un Ha also landed a Cheng, qualifying second to the vault final behind Hong.

Japan sent its B squad, but easily won the bronze ahead of Korea. Risa Konishi had the top mark on floor exercise and qualified to the vault final in fifth.

Once the weakest event for Asian women, vault was remarkably competitive. There were seven vaults with 6.0 or higher Difficulty scores attempted Monday. Vietnamese Olympian Phan Thị Hà Thanh, the bronze medalist at the 2011 Worlds, qualified third to the final behind the North Koreans.

Competition continues Tuesday in Putian with apparatus finals.

5th Asian Championships
Nov. 12, 2012, Putian, China

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. China55.1559.1558.2556.50229.05
Zeng Siqi13.6014.3015.3014.2057.40
Huang Huidan15.4014.2012.2541.85
Shang Chunsong13.4014.2514.5514.2556.45
Li Yiting14.6014.60
Luo Peiru13.5514.3012.6513.9054.40
Wu Liufang12.7515.1514.2014.1556.25
2. People's Republic of Korea57.5054.4554.0053.85219.80
Hong Un Jong15.3013.7012.4013.4054.80
Kim Un Hyang13.2513.5014.3012.9554.00
Kang Yong Mi13.2014.0513.4013.4054.05
Ri Un Ha14.5013.7528.25
Pak Sin Hyang14.4513.2013.2013.3054.15
Kim So Yong13.0513.1026.15
3. Japan56.4054.4054.5554.35219.70
Wakana Inoue14.3013.6014.3013.8056.00
Risa Konishi14.4513.6014.3042.35
Sakura Noda13.2513.7513.2513.7554.00
Erica Lynn Danko13.7513.5012.5039.75
Shizuka Tozawa13.4513.3512.1038.90
Mirai Sekiguchi13.9013.4513.4040.75
4. Republic of Korea54.2554.2553.2054.25215.95
Kim Ye-Eun13.3511.9025.25
Sung Ji-Hye13.8514.3014.6514.1056.90
Park Ji-Yeon13.3012.8013.3039.40
Han So-Re13.2513.4511.8513.5052.05
Heo Seon-Mi13.7013.7513.9013.3554.70

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Zeng Siqi13.6014.3015.3014.2057.40
2.Sung Ji-Hye13.8514.3014.6514.1056.90
3.Shang Chunsong13.4014.2514.5514.2556.45
Wu Liufang12.7515.1514.2014.1556.25
4.Wakana Inoue14.3013.6014.3013.8056.00
5.Hong Un Jong15.3013.7012.4013.4054.80
6.Heo Seon-Mi13.7013.7513.9013.3554.70
Luo Peiru13.5514.3012.6513.9054.40
7.Pak Sin Hyang14.4513.2013.2013.3054.15
Kang Yong Mi13.2014.0513.4013.4054.05
8.Sakura Noda13.2513.7513.2513.7554.00
Kim Un Hyang13.2513.5014.3012.9554.00
Han So-Re13.2513.4511.8513.5052.05
9.Moldir Azimbay13.0012.5512.6511.9050.10
10.Togzhan Manassova12.7512.4012.4011.1548.70
11.Dilnoza Abdusalimova12.7011.1012.8511.9548.60
12.Đỗ Thị Thu Huyền12.1510.8512.4511.8547.30
13.Aljazy Al-Habshi12.0010.6510.4512.1045.20
14.Chuang Hsiu-Ju12.4010.5010.1510.9544.00
Risa Konishi14.4513.6014.3042.35
Huang Huidan15.4014.2012.2541.85
15.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar11.5010.2010.009.3041.00
Mirai Sekiguchi13.9013.4513.4040.75
Phan Thị Hà Thanh14.3013.0513.2540.60
Erica Lynn Danko13.7513.5012.5039.75
Park Ji-Yeon13.3012.8013.3039.40
Shizuka Tozawa13.4513.3512.1038.90
Tam Jing Ying Joey12.0513.3011.8537.20
Lin Tseng-Ning12.9512.2511.3036.50
Ri Un Ha14.5013.7528.25
Kim So Yong13.0513.1026.15
Wong Hui Ying Angel13.3012.3525.65
Kim Ye-Eun13.3511.9025.25
Choi Nim Yan11.8512.5524.40
Li Yiting14.6014.60
Tsai Yi-An12.7512.75

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Hong Un Jong6.58.900.115.3015.250
2.Ri Un Ha5.88.800.114.5014.775
3.Phan Thị Hà Thanh6.38.0014.3014.375
4.Li Yiting6.08.6014.6014.025
5.Risa Konishi6.08.4514.4513.975
6.Heo Seon-Mi5.08.7013.7013.525
7.Wong Hui Ying Angel5.
8.Han So-Re5.08.2513.2513.225
9.Lin Tseng-Ning4.88.1512.9513.075
10.Tsai Yi-An5.07.850.112.7513.075
11.Togzhan Manassova4.68.1512.7512.600
12.Chuang Hsiu-Ju4.48.0012.4012.425
13.Choi Nim Yan4.47.4511.8511.850
14.Aljazy Al-Habshi4.27.8012.0011.700

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Huang Huidan6.68.8015.40
2.Wu Liufang6.68.5515.15
3.Luo Peiru5.98.4014.30
4.Zeng Siqi6.08.3014.30
5.Sung Ji-Hye6.38.0014.30
6.Shang Chunsong6.47.8514.25
7.Kang Yong Mi5.98.1514.05
8.Sakura Noda5.48.3513.75
9.Heo Seon-Mi6.07.7513.75
10.Hong Un Jong5.68.1013.70
11.Wakana Inoue5.28.4013.60
12.Risa Konishi5.58.1013.60
13.Kim Un Hyang5.77.8013.50
14.Shizuka Tozawa5.28.2513.45
14.Mirai Sekiguchi5.28.2513.45
16.Han So-Re5.87.6513.45
17.Park Ji-Yeon5.47.9013.30
18.Pak Sin Hyang5.77.5013.20
19.Kim So Yong5.67.4513.05
20.Moldir Azimbay5.47.1512.55
21.Togzhan Manassova4.87.6012.40
22.Lin Tseng-Ning4.67.6512.25
23.Dilnoza Abdusalimova4.86.3011.10
24.Đỗ Thị Thu Huyền2.48.4510.85
25.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.47.2510.65
26.Hsiu-Ju Chuang3.47.1010.50
27.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar2.18.1010.20

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Zeng Siqi6.58.8015.30
2.Sung Ji-Hye5.88.8514.65
3.Shang Chunsong6.38.2514.55
4.Wakana Inoue5.58.8014.30
5.Kim Un Hyang5.98.4014.30
6.Huang Huidan6.18.1014.20
7.Wu Liufang6.28.0014.20
8.Heo Seon-Mi5.38.6013.90
9.Erica Lynn Danko5.08.5013.50
10.Mirai Sekiguchi4.88.6013.40
11.Kang Yong Mi5.38.1013.40
12.Shizuka Tozawa5.38.0513.35
13.Tam Jing Ying Joey5.28.1013.30
14.Sakura Noda5.47.8513.25
15.Pak Sin Hyang5.67.6013.20
16.Kim So Yong5.97.2013.10
17.Phan Thị Hà Thanh4.98.1513.05
18.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.07.950.112.85
19.Park Ji-Yeon5.27.6012.80
20.Luo Peiru5.27.550.112.65
21.Moldir Azimbay5.57.1512.65
22.Choi Nim Yan4.97.6512.55
23.Đỗ Thị Thu Huyền4.67.8512.45
24.Togzhan Manassova5.07.4012.40
25.Hong Un Jong5.47.0012.40
26.Wong Hui Ying Angel4.38.0512.35
27.Han So-Re5.56.3511.85
28.Lin Tseng-Ning4.66.7011.30
29.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.86.6510.45
30.Hsiu-Ju Chuang4.25.9510.15
31.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar4.

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1. Risa Konishi 5.78.6014.30
2.Shang Chunsong5.88.550.114.25
3.Zeng Siqi5.48.8014.20
4.Wu Liufang5.48.7514.15
5.Sung Ji-Hye5.68.600.114.10
6.Luo Peiru5.38.6013.90
7.Wakana Inoue5.48.700.313.80
8.Sakura Noda5.38.4513.75
9.Ri Un Ha5.78.0513.75
10.Han So-Re5.38.2013.50
11.Kang Yong Mi5.58.200.313.40
12.Hong Un Jong5.77.7013.40
13.Heo Seon-Mi5.28.1513.35
14.Park Ji-Yeon5.18.2013.30
15.Pak Sin Hyang5.
16.Phan Thị Hà Thanh5.
17.Kim Un Hyang5.27.950.212.95
18.Erica Lynn Danko5.37.2012.50
19.Huang Huidan4.97.450.112.25
20.Aljazy Al-Habshi4.57.6012.10
21.Shizuka Tozawa5.37.400.612.10
22.Dilnoza Abdusalimova4.77.2511.95
23.Moldir Azimbay4.37.6011.90
24.Kim Ye-Eun4.97.0011.90
25.Tam Jing Ying Joey4.18.050.311.85
26.Đỗ Thị Thu Huyền3.97.9511.85
27.Togzhan Manassova4.17.0511.15
28.Chuang Hsiu-Ju3.87.1510.95
29.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar3.
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