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Ukrainian Duo Best Field at Brno Grand Prix
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Ukrainians Maria Livchikova and Maxim Semyankiv joined forces Saturday to win the Brno Grand Prix, a mixed-pairs competition in the Czech Republic.

The competition holds a similar format to the Swiss Cup, held two weeks ago in Zurich. One male and one female gymnast pair up to form one team. Each gymnast chose two events to compete in the qualification competition, and one event in the semifinal and four-team final. Gymnasts who choose to compete on the high-scoring vault event must show two different vaults for an averaged score.

The Ukrainians topped qualification but qualified only third to the final, where the pair successfully gambled by selecting the riskiest events.

Livchikova, who crashed and burned at the Swiss Cup when paired with Oleg Stepko, competed balance beam and floor exercise in Brno. She nailed her beam routine when it counted in the final rotation for 15.250 (6.2 Difficulty/9.05 Execution). The elegant Livchikova, 17, was Ukraine's top hope for the 2012 Olympics until a knee injury in training forced her out of the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo.

Semyanikov, 20, competed still rings and parallel bars during the first two rounds, then chose pommel horse in the finals. He hit for 14.200 (5.6 D).

Two-time Czech Olympian Kristýna Pálešová paired up with Spain's Ignacio Losantos to take second. Pálešová, who was part of winning teams in 2007 and 2008, hit uneven bars for 14.200 in the final round. Losantos, 24, was equally solid on still rings (14.450) but it wasn't enough to overcome Ukraine.

Mixed-mixed pair Jana Šikulová (Czech Republic) and Mark Ramseier (Switzerland) finished third, with both gymnasts scoring above 14 in the final. Šikulová is also a two-time winner in Brno (see list of past champions below).

Czech gymnast Petra Hedbávná paired with American David Jessen, 15, for fourth in the final. Jessen, who was born in Brno, is the son of Czechoslovakian legend Hana Ricna. A member of the U.S. junior national team, Jessen trains at Rhode Island Sports Elite under coaches Vasili Vinogradov, Vladimir Mureso and Ricna.

Teams from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia rounded out the field in Brno.

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2012 Brno Gymnastics Grand Prix
Nov. 10, Brno, Czech Republic

1.Maria Livchikova6.215.25029.450
Maxim Semiankiv5.614.200
2.Kristýna Pálešová5.514.20028.650
Ignacio Losantos5.814.450
3.Jana Šikulová5.714.05028.275
Mark Ramseier6.6/4.614.225
4.Petra Hedbávná4.412.70026.500
David Jessen5.313.800

1.Jana Šikulová5.714.15028.700
Mark Ramseier5.514.550
2.Kristýna Pálešová5.514.10028.000
Ignacio Losantos5.413.900
3.Maria Livchikova5.513.10026.450
Maxim Semiankiv5.513.350
4.Petra Hedbávná4.112.25026.400
David Jessen5.614.150
5.Gabriela Janik5.3/4.613.45026.150
Adam Rzepa5.512.700
6.Alice Jáňová4.4/2.411.62525.500
Jiří Veselý5.4/3.813.875
7.Tereza Schusterová 4.3 10.60024.300
Daniel Radovesnický5.213.700
8.Fiona Novak4.711.90023.900
Primoz Mauric4.4/2.412.000
9.Ivana Kamnikar2.4/0.05.52516.475
Zan Zunko3.410.950

1.Maria Livchikova 6.214.450 5.413.35055.700
Maxim Semiankiv5.013.700 5.814.200
2.Kristýna Pálešová 5.513.9504.613.20053.700
Ignacio Losantos4.913.0505.313.500
3.Jana Šikulová 4.6/4.413.5754.512.80053.525
Mark Ramseier 5.013.4005.313.750
4.Fiona Novak 5.512.6004.712.05051.425
Primoz Mauric5.4/4.613.8254.112.950
5.Ivana Kamnikar 4.911.6004.712.75050.675
Zan Zunko 4.212.2005.4/4.614.125
6.Alice Jáňová 5.113.0504.612.20050.450
Jiří Veselý 4.512.6503.912.550
7.Tereza Schusterová 4.6/2.412.0004.411.60050.175
Daniel Radovesnický 5.212.950 5.8/4.613.625
8.Petra Hedbávná4.2/ 2.411.1254.411.45050.125
David Jessen 5.113.5005.8/4.614.050
8.Gabriela Janik 5.613.2004.811.80050.125
Adam Rzepa 5.4/3.013.2254.711.900
10.Veronika Pluskalová 4.2/2.411.7254.311.25045.075
Ziga Potocnik 4.112.050 3.910.050

Brno Grand Prix Champions, 1997-2012

2012Maria LivchikovaMaxim Semyankiv
2011Raluca HaiduCristian Bataga
2010Jana ŠikulováFabian Leimlehner
2009Marie-Sofie HindermannHelge Liebrich
2008Kristýna PálešováSamuel Piasecký
2007Kristýna PálešováFilip Ude
2006Jana ŠikulováDavid Vyoral
2005Kateřina MarešováDavid Vyoral
2004Imogen CairnsDavid Vyoral
2003Jana KomrskováMartin Konečný
2002Andreea RaducanMarian Dragulescu
2001Susanne HarmesMarian Fuchs
2000Anna KovalyovaYuri Tikhonovsky
1999Jana KomrskováJiří Fiřt
1998Gabriela OhodíZsolt Péter
1997Vasiliki TsavdaridouDimosthenis Tambakos
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