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Nordic Nations Dominate Northern Europeans
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Nordic gymnasts dominated the 2012 Northern European Championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Glasgow.

Gymnasts from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden combined for 10 of the 14 titles available at the new Commonwealth Arena.

The annual Northern European championships is held among 10 nations: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Wales.

The Welsh women took three gold medals, however, snatching the team title back from the defending Swedes.

Sweden's Ida Gustafsson defended her all-around title from 2011, earning the top mark of the women's competition with 14.30 on uneven bars. Welsh standout Angel Romaeo took second all-around over Sweden's Emma Larsson.

In apparatus finals, Larsson won vault and uneven bars for Sweden. British national team member Jessica Hogg, the 2010 Northern European champion, won balance beam and floor exercise for Wales.

Finland won the men's team title ahead of Norway and Denmark. Defending champion Wales fell to fourth.

Denmark's Helge Vammen won the men's all-around title over Clinton Purnell (Wales) and Kasper Holopainen (Finland).

Finland was the most successful in men's event finals. Veteran Tomi Tuuha won floor exercise, Markku Vahtila claimed still rings and Heikki Niva — the 2011 Northern European all-around champion — was first on parallel bars.

Vammen added the pommel horse title and Purnell won men's vault. Joachim Hanche-Olsen ended the competition with the gold on high bar for Norway.

Glasgow will see more international competition Dec. 8 with its annual World Cup event. The city of Glasgow will play host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 World Gymnastics Championships.

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2012 Northern European Championships
Oct. 20-21, Glasgow, Scotland

Women's TeamTotal
8.Isle of Man136.750
9.Northern Ireland136.400

Men's TeamTotal
8.Isle of Man212.400

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ida Gustafsson13.4514.3012.2012.9052.85
2.Angel Romaeo13.4513.2511.6513.6552.00
3.Emma Larsson13.7513.3011.6012.5551.20
4.Keira Brennan13.5012.4011.9513.0550.90
5.Amy Regan13.4511.9512.5512.2550.20
6.Lovisa Estberg12.7012.4011.7012.7049.50
7.Rosanna Ojala13.3511.8012.7011.3049.15
7.Maija Leinonen12.8012.0512.6011.7049.15
9.Dominiqua Belanyi12.8011.6012.2511.8048.45
10.Erika Pakkala13.0511.6011.1512.3048.10
11.Tina Larsen12.659.3013.2512.6047.80
12.Embla Johannesdottir12.8510.9011.3012.0047.05
13.Michelle Lauritsen13.0012.1510.1011.6546.90
14.India McPeak13.259.9011.6511.7046.50
14.Sarah Beck12.6511.2011.2511.4046.50
16.Mia Furu12.959.6511.6012.1546.35
17.Eilidh Craig12.4010.7011.1012.1046.30
18.Thelma Hermannsdottir12.959.5012.3011.5046.25
19.Emma Lunn12.709.6511.4012.4046.15
20.Mette Hulgaard12.7011.3510.5511.5046.10
21.Grace Harrison12.709.6011.3012.1045.70
22.Mia Qing Hærum12.2010.0510.9512.3045.50
23.Tara Donnelly12.259.3510.8512.5545.00
24.Hannah Leckey12.558.5510.609.3541.05
25.Niamh Rogers12.758.458.5011.3041.00
26.Aoife Donnelly11.857.759.5011.1040.20
26.Jessica Hogg13.6013.0513.5540.20
28.Nicole Mawhinney12.803.2511.5510.5038.10
29.Georgina Hockenhull12.2013.7011.7037.60
30.Sophie McCoo12.7512.3012.0037.05
31.Carly Smith13.1011.1012.6536.85
32.Ece Ayan12.1012.3511.9536.40
33.Cara Kennedy11.2512.3012.6036.15
34.Anna Worpvik11.4511.4511.3034.20
35.Katarina Ranbeck12.509.5011.8033.80
36.Patricia Hämäläinen12.659.1511.8033.60
37.Taylor Coyle11.407.7510.4529.60
38.Raer Theaker13.1012.3525.45
39.Norma Robertsdottir13.3511.8025.15
40.Sarah El-Dabagh13.0012.0025.00
41.Emily Dale-Beeton12.4010.9023.30
42.Silje Dahlby11.6011.4023.00
43.Jordan Archibald13.409.4022.80
44.Kaitlin Kneen10.6012.1522.75
45.Tinna Odinsdottir10.2012.4522.65
46.Daragh Mattews7.659.7517.40
47.Linnea Wang4.009.9513.95
48.Saga Svantesson12.9512.95
49.Anniina Muilu8.708.70

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Helge Vammen13.5514.0013.3515.6014.0013.1083.60
2.Clinton Purnell14.4512.8514.4515.3011.9514.1083.10
3.Kasper Holopainen14.5512.0013.2515.2013.3013.7082.00
4.Lars Fjeld 13.9512.6513.7014.9512.9513.2081.40
5.Marcus Conradi13.9012.7512.8515.1513.0512.9580.65
6.Oskar Kirmes13.9013.4012.7514.9511.7513.4080.15
7.João Fuglsig13.6512.9012.4014.4513.4512.8579.70
8.Anthony O'Donnell13.5011.2512.5014.7512.7012.0576.75
9.Harry Owen12.1511.8513.0014.5512.9011.2075.65
10.Tom Barnes13.2512.2511.0014.5011.8012.4575.25
11.Jack Neill12.9512.2511.8513.8012.4011.8075.05
12.Henrik Schröder13.4011.3011.5014.5011.8510.9573.50
13.Alex Hedges12.8011.6511.4513.6512.1011.7073.35
14.Carl Green13.5010.6511.8515.7010.5510.9073.15
15.Ross Soutar13.4011.809.6513.9512.9010.9072.60
16.Adam Dalton13.2510.6511.0013.7511.3511.5071.50
17.Sigurdur Sigurdsson12.908.7010.7513.7512.9011.5070.50
18.Hrobjartur Hilmarsson12.2510.1011.1013.1512.308.7567.65
19.Olafur Gunnarsson13.5513.2013.8512.9013.6067.10
19.Hakon Andreassen13.7511.6512.9515.6013.1567.10
21.Liam Davie13.7511.4014.6013.2013.3566.30
22. Marcus Frandsen11.4511.6013.2014.0012.0062.25
23.Jon Gunnarsson12.0011.7010.4513.7012.4060.25
24.Anand Patel12.5511.2010.7013.8011.7560.00
25.Lawrence Godsell11.058.354.9513.8511.508.5058.20
26.Tomi Tuuha14.7014.0015.6513.2557.60
27.Lars Planke13.2013.3515.4013.9055.85
28.Heikki Niva 13.6512.5513.2014.1053.50
29.Grant Gardiner 12.2012.3514.3513.9052.80
30.Mikkel Jensen10.8512.4512.9012.9049.10
31.Rob Keys13.1512.4511.2012.0548.85
32.Robert Sansby12.3012.6011.4511.8048.15
33.Mukunda Measuria10.8011.7010.8011.6544.95
34.Markku Vahtila12.9514.7013.0540.70
35.Iwan Mepham13.4013.5013.4040.30
36.Kasper Rydberg13.0514.8012.1540.00
37.Joachim Hanche-Olsen11.9513.3013.9039.15
38.Douglas Ross7.5515.0012.5035.05
39.Michael Trane9.7012.4012.8034.90
40.Jouko Koskinen14.2013.9028.10
41.Adam Hedges13.0513.05

Women's Vault FinalTotal
1.Emma Larsson13.650
2.Amy Regan13.400
3.Keira Brennan13.350
4.Jordan Archibald13.225
4.Jessica Hogg13.225
6.Rosanna Ojala12.925
7.Mia Furu12.725
8.Maija Leinonen12.625
9.Thelma Hermannsdottir12.225

Uneven Bars FinalTotal
1.Emma Larsson13.300
2.Angel Romaeo13.050
3.Ida Gustafsson12.850
4.Keira Brennan12.600
5.Rosanna Ojala12.100
6.Michelle Lauritsen11.750
7.Maija Leinonen10.950
8.Amy Regan10.650

Balance Beam FinalTotal
1.Jessica Hogg13.300
2.Tinna Odinsdottir12.900
2.Georgina Hockenhull12.900
4.Tina Larsen12.700
5.Rosanna Ojala11.600
6.Ece Ayan10.450
7.Maija Leinonen9.700
8.Amy Regan9.150

Women's Floor Exercise FinalTotal
1.Jessica Hogg13.350
2.Angel Romaeo13.050
3.Lovisa Estberg12.950
4.Emma Lunn12.600
5.Cara Kennedy12.500
6.Tina Larsen12.400
6.Ida Gustafsson12.400
8.Tara Donnelly12.250

Men's Floor Exercise FinalTotal
1.Tomi Tuuha14.550
2.Kasper Holopainen14.175
3.Lars Fjeld14.050
4.Clinton Purnell13.850
5.Marcus Conradi13.800
6.Liam Davie13.550
7.Oskar Kirmes13.400
8.João Fuglsig11.375

Pommel Horse FinalTotal
1.Helge Vammen13.875
2.Olafur Gunnarsson13.675
3.Markku Vahtila13.025
4.Marcus Conradi12.825
5.Lars Fjeld12.625
6.Oskar Kirmes12.150
7.João Fuglsig11.650
8.Clinton Purnell11.600

Still Rings FinalTotal
1.Markku Vahtila14.900
2.Clinton Purnell14.375
3.Tomi Tuuha13.725
4.Lars Fjeld13.550
5.Helge Vammen13.400
6.Marcus Frandsen12.950
6.Olafur Gunnarsson12.950
8.Iwan Mepham12.800

Men's Vault FinalAverage
1.Clinton Purnell15.550
2.Tomi Tuuha15.525
3.Carl Green15.125
4.Hakon Andreassen15.075
5.Anthony O'Donnell15.012
6.Douglas Ross14.700
7.Lars Fjeld14.362
8.Helge Vammen7.150

Parallel Bars FinalTotal
1.Heikki Niva13.650
2.Håkon Andreassen13.575
3.Joachim Hanche-Olsen13.225
4.Tomi Tuuha12.875
5.João Fuglsig12.850
6.Helge Vammen12.075
7.Liam Davie11.925
8.Grant Gardiner11.875

High Bar FinalTotal
1.Joachim Hanche-Olsen13.675
2.Liam Davie13.500
3.Oskar Kirmes13.300
4.Olafur Gunnarsson13.075
4.Clinton Purnell13.075
6.Jouko Koskinen12.600
7.Iwan Mepham10.850
8.Heikki Niva10.600

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