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Korean Olympians Shine at National Games
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The 93rd National Games of Korea, held Oct. 11-17 in Daegu, attracted the country's top gymnasts, including full participation from its 2012 Olympians. Pictured: Artistic gymnastics participants pose after the finals. 2012 Olympic vault champion Yang Hak-Seon is fourth from the left in the front row.

The 93rd National Games of Korea, held Oct. 11-17 in Daegu, attracted the country's top gymnasts, including full participation from its 2012 Olympians.

The annual multi-sport event is held for one week each October. This year's edition featured more than 18,000 athletes competing in 42 official disciplines and three exhibition sports. The games feature Olympic events such as artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, swimming and wrestling, as well as non-Olympic sports, including aerobics, squash, rugby and wushu.

Held at Keimyung University Gymnasium, the artistic gymnastics competition was split into two divisions, general and high school, allowing veterans and rising star a chance to compete for national glory.

World and Olympic vault champion Yang Hak-Seon took part, as did his four teammates from the 12th-place Korean team in London: Kim Hee-Hoon, Kim Ji-Hoon, Kim Seung-Il and Kim Soo-Myun.

Two-time Olympian Kim Dae-Eun, the all-around silver medalist at the 2004 Olympics and co-world champion on parallel bars in 2007, also competed.

High-schooler Sung Ji-Hye, 16, had the best results in the women's competition with four gold medals and a silver. Sung was a member of Korea's sixth place team showing at the pre-Olympic test event in January.

2012 Olympian Heo Seon-Mi, 17, took second all-around in the high school division.

In the women's general division, 2008 Olympian Jo Hyun-Joo was third all-around behind Park Eun-Kyung and Cha Myeong-Ji.

Lee Jun-Ho, who turns 17 on Oct. 22, won the men's high school all-around title among high schoolers.

Rhythmic star Son Yeon-Jae, fifth all-around in London, won the rhythmic event, held at Kyungpook National University. Son, one of the most sought-after Korean athletes for endorsements, starred in the opening ceremonies.

— Hu Yizhou contributed to this report.

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93rd National Sports Festival of Korea
Oct. 11-17, 2012, Daegu

Women's All-AroundTotal
1.Park Eun-Kyung52.100
2.Cha Myeong-Ji51.350
3.Jo Hyun-Joo49.000
4.Jo Hui-Min48.300
5.Park Jeong-Hye47.075
6.Jo Yoon-Jeong46.425
7.Kang Yeon-Seo46.350
8.Kim Hyo-Pin46.250
9.Park Seong-Hui46.100
10.Jin Dal-Lae45.725
11.Han Yeon-Suk45.500
12.Han Pyeol45.300
13.Jang Ha-Yeong45.100
14.Jeon Dan-Pi44.925
15.Kang Ji-Na44.250
16.Pan Hye-Won43.875
17.Park Su-Pin43.325
18.Ha In-Hye42.775
19.Heo Jin-Yeong41.850
20.Choe Mi-Ah41.575
21.Jeong Yeong-Hye41.450
22.Lee Han-Sol40.550
23.Kang Eun-Mi39.725
24.Kim Eun-Hui39.550
25.Choe Ji-Hye39.450
26.Jeong Kwang-Hui38.250
27.Kang Hye-Ji38.175
28.Kim Ji-Hyeon37.625
29.Sin Han-Sol35.900
30.Park Ji-Hye35.625
31.Kim Myeong-Joo33.075
31.Paek Hwa-Seung33.075
33.Kim Da-Eun32.050
34.Yu Ye-Seul31.975
35.Lee Yoo-Li22.300
36.Jeong So-Hui21.750
37.Yeo Su-Jeong21.325
38.Yoo Han-Sol20.225
39.Park Ha-Yan16.325
40.Hwang Seong-Kyeong12.125
41.Yang Mi-Hui6.375
42.Kim Da-Hye6.325

Men's All-AroundTotal
1.Ha Chang-Ju84.075
2.Shin Dong-Hyen83.650
3.Yoo Won-Chul83.000
4.Kim Soo-Myun82.975
5.Kim Dae-Eun82.875
6.Sin Seob82.375
7.Lee Sang-Uk81.900
8.Choi Jin-Sung81.600
9.Jeong Jae-Yeob81.125
10.Jo Yeong-Kwang80.500
11.Kim Ji-Hoon79.850
12.Yoon Jin-Seong79.500
13.Sin Sang-Po78.800
14.Lee Pong-Hui77.850
15.Lee Jun77.525
16.Lyoo Seung-Dae76.825
17.Jo Gang-Hui76.550
18.Lee Jin-Ho76.525
19.Park Jin-Hyeong71.225
20.Kim Sang-Woo68.675
21.Choe Keo-Chang67.150
22.Yoo Jin-Uk66.550
23.Jeon Yo-Seop65.775
24.Hwang In-Kyu65.575
25.Na Kyeong-Woon65.000
26.Kim Hyeon-Su64.300
27.Jeong Yeong-Ju64.250
28.Pae Ja-Gyeong64.000
29.Lee Sang-Yeob63.825
30.Na Hyeon-Ung63.625
31.Jeong Do-Hyeon63.400
32.Kang Ju-Won63.175
33.Jo Cheol-Hun62.350
34.Pang Su-Yong62.100
35.Kim Ji-Hun60.350
36.Sin Su-Cheoul57.475
37.Ye Nam-Uk56.100
38.No Jae-Il55.300
39.Jeong Hae-Yeong55.150
40.Kim Jun54.925
41.Kim Kyeong-Hwan53.225
42.Cha Ki-Seok52.950
43.Ko Jeong-Po52.875
44.No Ki-Tae52.750
45.Yoon Seok-Jun52.600
46.Ku Pon-Seok52.300
47.Jeong Jae-Min51.800
48.Seo Yeong-Eun51.675
49.Nam Yeong-Il50.975
50.Ku Jeong-Mo50.275
51.Seo Dae-Hyeok49.825
52.Woo Seong-Su47.950
53.Yang Hak-Seon42.350
54.Kim Yeong-Min41.500
55.Kim Hee-Hoon41.325
56.Hwang Su-Pin41.025
57.Pae Yoon-Tae40.950
58.Jeong Yeong-Seok40.350
59.Jeong Kil-Mo40.100
60.Ha Tae-Uk39.975
61.Sin Hyeong-Uk39.800
62.Lee Seong-Jae39.575
63.Lee Jae-Seong39.075
64.Heo Seung-Min38.775
65.Lee Jae-Min38.750
66.Jeong Hae-Yeob38.650
67.Lee Seon-Seong38.050
68.Kim Seung-Il37.475
69.Kang Sang-Uk36.450
70.Yoon Sang-Ki29.275
71.Kim Hyeon-Pil28.500
72.Park Eo-Jin28.325
73.Son Hyeok28.200
74.Kim Chan-Song27.700
75.Seo Yeong-Woon26.650
76.Kim Hyeon-Cheol25.300
77.Oh Dong-Jun8.825
78.Mo Se-Hwan8.775

High School Women's All-AroundTotal
1.Sung Ji-Hye54.650
2.Heo Seon-Mi52.600
3.Han So-Re50.300
4.Park Ji-Yeon49.275
5.Kim Ye-Eun49.025
6.Park Do-Eun47.775
7.Park Ji-Su47.475
8.Yun Nu-Li47.375
9.Yun Seon-Mi47.325
10.Kim Do-Yeong46.500
11.Kim Eun-Suk46.150
12.Jeong Ka-Hui45.550
13.Kim Ka-Eun45.425
14.Mun Eun-Mi45.250
15.Lee Po-Woo44.525
16.Ha Hye-Suk44.375
17.Jeon Jeong-Won44.325
18.Oh Hyeon-Jin42.975
19.Park Cho-Won42.925
20.Seol Na-Kyeong42.850
21.Choe Song-Yi42.700
22.Jeong Hae-Seon41.900
23.Jo Eun-Ah41.850
24.Hwang Su-Jin41.750
25.Jang Yun-Su41.725
26.Kim Ha-Eun40.900
27.Jang Hui-Yeong40.725
28.Han Ka-Lam40.575
29.Kim Yeong-Eun40.550
30.Seo Yi-Seul37.975
31.Lee Seong-Ji37.725
32.Park Kyeong-Jin37.700
33.Jo Won-Ji33.100
34.Hong Seon-Hui32.875
35.Hong Hye-Min32.525
36.Kim Su-In30.248
37.Seo Ji-Hyeon28.675
38.Yun Ka-Lam28.350
39.Han Hye-Su24.800
40.Kim Hyun-Joo21.775
41.Im Hye-Lin12.675
42.Lee Min-Yeong1.550

High School Men's All-AroundTotal
1.Lee Jun-Ho84.025
2.Ko Ye-Dalm83.400
3.Park Min-Su81.900
4.Kim Han-Sol81.200
5.Kim Jin-Kwon80.625
6.Choe Kyu-Peom79.025
7.Kim Yun-Hwan78.800
8.Kim Nam-Hyeok78.525
9.Jeong Dong-Myeong78.275
10.Kim Seong-Tae76.650
11.Kim Seong-Hyeon76.525
12.Cheon Won-Hyeong75.750
13.Jeong Ka-Lam75.475
14.Kim Hwi-Ung74.175
15.Jo Chi-Hyeong73.825
16.Kim Tae-Hwan73.025
17.Lee Han-Yeol72.750
18.Won Yeong-Hun72.600
19.Kim Yoon-Hwan71.800
20.Min Pyeong-Tak71.300
21.Lee Sang-Jin70.700
22.Kwak Dong-Seong70.675
23.Lee Hyeon-Jae70.225
24.Kim Jae-Hyeong70.025
25.Mun Hyeon-Su69.400
26.Hwang Ha-Lim68.675
27.Jeon Jin-Kyun68.525
28.Im Chae-Kyeong68.175
29.Ko Yo-Dam67.350
30.Kim Tae-Wan67.200
31.Jang Dong-Hyeon66.400
32.Kim Jin-Seong65.050
33.Jo Joo-Yeong63.925
34.Kim Jin-Seok63.550
35.Lee Jin-Su61.675
36.Kang Koo-Yeon60.025
37.Kang Dae-Hyeon59.250
38.Jang Sang-Won58.875
39.Kim Gyeong-Gon58.850
40.Kim Jae-Pong58.825
41.Kim Jun-Yeong55.725
42.Oh Joo-Hyeong53.400
43.Lee Min-Woo53.275
44.Tak Se-Pin51.475
45.Park Seong-Yeon51.450
46.Ko Yeong-Hun51.025
47.Kim Seong-Cheol49.725
48.Jang Dae-Gyeong49.525
49.Mo Hyeong-Jin49.125
49.Kim Min-Woo49.125
51.Lee Hyeon-Seok47.200
52.Eom Jae-Ung45.525
53.Kim Min-Su44.400
54.Ok Do-Jin39.625
55.No Ki-San38.350
56.Seong Min-Kyu38.200
57.Lee Chang-Kyun37.700
58.Lee Sang-Min35.975
59.Park Jong-Yun34.150
60.Park Jun-Yeong31.600
61.Seong Se-Hun26.250
62.Mun Kyu-Yong25.425
63.Lee Dae-Seung25.075
64.Kim Jae-Seop24.325
65.Choe Pyeong-Jun24.300
66.Choe Myeong-Yeol13.750
67.Heo Chang-Mu13.425
68.Kim Kyu-Yeon10.200
69.Kim Yoo-Hyeon9.750

Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Jo Hyun-Joo13.612
2.Kang Hye-Ji12.175
2.Kang Yeon-Seo12.175
4.Lee Yoo-Li11.275
5.Park Eun-Kyung11.137

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Yeo Su-Jeong12.775
2.Park Eun-Kyung12.550
3.Jo Yoon-Jeong12.375
3.Kim Hyo-Pin12.375
5.Jin Dal-Lae12.175
6.Cha Myeong-Ji11.400
7.Kang Yeon-Seo10.275
8.Jang Ha-Yeong8.800

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Kang Hye-Ji12.825
2.Jo Hui-Min12.150
3.Jo Hyun-Joo11.875
4.Cha Myeong-Ji10.775
5.Park Seong-Hui9.625
6.Park Jeong-Hye9.225

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Kang Hye-Ji12.650
2.Han Yeon-Suk12.375
2.Jo Hyun-Joo12.375
2.Han Pyeol12.375
5.Kim Hyo-Pin12.225
6.Kang Yeon-Seo12.075

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Hwang Su-Pin14.750
2.Sin Su-Cheoul14.350
3.Kim Sang-Woo14.250
3.Kim Soo-Myun14.250
5.Sin Seob14.050
6.Kim Dae-Eun13.450
7.Jeong Jae-Yeob12.775
8.Yoo Won-Chul12.725

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Ha Chang-Ju14.600
2.Kim Chan-Song14.375
3.Yoon Seok-Jun14.200
3.Cha Ki-Seok14.200
5.Ko Jeong-Po14.175
6.Shin Dong-Hyen13.250
7.Jeon Yo-Seop12.350
8.Na Hyeon-Ung11.250

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Yoon Sang-Ki14.400
1.No Jae-Il14.400
3.Yoo Won-Chul14.200
4.Sin Su-Cheoul14.150
5.Jeong Kil-Mo13.950
6.Kim Jun13.900
7.Ku Jeong-Mo13.475
8.Choi Jin-Sung12.350

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Yang Hak-Seon16.262
2.Kim Sang-Woo15.600
2.Kim Hee-Hoon15.600
4.Sin Su-Cheoul15.275
5.Woo Seong-Su15.075
6.Ye Nam-Uk15.050
7.No Ki-Tae14.975
.Ha Tae-UkDNS

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Yoo Won-Chul15.250
2.Kim Dae-Eun14.900
3.Ha Chang-Ju14.575
4.Jo Yeong-Kwang14.450
5.Jeong Jae-Yeob14.425
6.Nam Yeong-Il13.275
6.Shin Dong-Hyen13.275
8.Sin Hyeong-Uk11.575

High Bar FinalScore
1.Kim Ji-Hoon15.750
2.Yoo Jin-Uk15.050
3.Kim Soo-Myun14.450
4.Jo Yeong-Kwang14.050
4.Sin Seob14.050
6.No Jae-Il13.400
7.Lee Sang-Uk13.175
8.Ku Pon-Seok12.525

High School Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Sung Ji-Hye13.537
2.Heo Seon-Mi13.387
3.Kim Do-Yeong13.075
4.Hong Seon-Hui12.750
5.Jeon Jeong-Won12.737
6.Yun Nu-Li12.687
7.Park Do-Eun12.362
8.Kim Ye-Eun11.850

High School Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Heo Seon-Mi13.900
1.Sung Ji-Hye13.900
3.Han So-Re12.550
4.Seo Yi-Seul11.625
5.Park Ji-Su11.025
6.Yun Seon-Mi10.625
7.Kim Ka-Eun10.200
8.Park Ji-Yeon9.600

High School Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Han Hye-Su13.125
1.Heo Seon-Mi13.125
3.Jeong Ka-Hui12.500
4.Sung Ji-Hye12.475
5.Han So-Re11.425
6.Park Do-Eun11.325
7.Park Ji-Yeon11.125
8.Kim Ye-Eun10.300

High School Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Park Ji-Su12.900
1.Sung Ji-Hye12.900
3.Jang Hui-Yeong12.475
4.Han So-Re12.425
5.Yun Nu-Li11.600
6.Kim Do-Yeong10.925
7.Park Ji-Yeon10.700

High School Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Kim Han-Sol15.100
2.Lee Jun-Ho14.750
3.Hwang Ha-Lim13.850
3.Ko Yo-Dam13.850
5.Ko Ye-Dalm13.825
5.Im Chae-Kyeong13.825
7.Ko Yeong-Hun13.475
8.Kwak Dong-Seong13.400

High School Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Kim Jin-Kwon14.350
2.Choe Myeong-Yeol13.900
3.Kim Seong-Hyeon13.700
4.Park Min-Su13.225
5.Kim Gyeong-Gon13.200
6.Seong Min-Kyu12.225
7.Kim Nam-Hyeok12.175
8.Kwak Dong-Seong11.300

High School Still Rings FinalScore
1.Tak Se-Pin13.800
1.Park Min-Su13.800
3.Lee Jun-Ho13.550
4.Kim Jin-Kwon13.100
5.Ko Ye-Dalm13.075
6.Choe Pyeong-Jun12.750
7.Kim Han-Sol12.650
8.Kim Nam-Hyeok12.475

High School Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Kim Han-Sol15.450
1.Jo Joo-Yeong15.450
3.Lee Han-Yeol14.875
3.Park Min-Su14.875
5.Kim Jin-Kwon14.662
6.Lee Jun-Ho14.575
7.Im Chae-Kyeong14.350
8.Ko Ye-Dalm14.075

High School Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Jeong Dong-Myeong14.850
2.Ko Ye-Dalm14.225
3.Kim Han-Sol14.000
4.Kim Seong-Tae13.175
5.Park Min-Su13.075
6.Min Pyeong-Tak12.925
7.Kim Seong-Hyeon12.750
8.Lee Jun-Ho12.075

High School High Bar FinalScore
1.Jeong Dong-Myeong14.950
2.Choe Kyu-Peom14.375
2.Kim Hwi-Ung14.375
2.Ko Ye-Dalm14.375
5.Park Min-Su13.750
6.Kim Seong-Tae13.425
7.Kim Jin-Seok11.700
8.Lee Jun-Ho8.275
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