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British Stars Rock Liverpool as Championships End
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British superstars Beth Tweddle, Louis Smith, Daniel Purvis and Daniel Keatings grabbed gold medals Sunday as the British championships concluded in Liverpool.

British superstars Beth Tweddle, Louis Smith, Daniel Purvis and Daniel Keatings grabbed gold medals Sunday as the British championships concluded in Liverpool.

The four gymnasts — all of whom have won world medals for Great Britain — appear ready to lead British gymnastics to record success this summer at the Olympic Games in London.

Liverpool's own Tweddle hit her 6.9-Difficulty uneven bars set for the second day in a row, improving .1 from Saturday's score to 15.850. Tweddle, who underwent minor knee surgery in April, skipped the floor exercise final to rest, where she had been the top qualifer from Saturday's qualification.

Niamh Rippin (Notts) took titles on women's vault and floor exercise, while all-around runner-up Jennifer Pinches (Liverpool) won balance beam.

Southport's Purvis, who captured the senior all-around title Saturday, added the still rings gold, silvers on parallel bars and high bar, and bronzes on floor exercise and pommel horse. All-around bronze medalist Keatings (Huntington) won parallel bars as part of his comeback from repeated injuries.

Smith hit pommel horse for a phenomenal 16.375, with a record 7.1 Difficulty score. Smith, who also scored well on parallel bars in Liverpool, appears too strong to leave off the five-man squad this summer.

Kristian Thomas (Earls) was a double winner, taking titles on floor exercise and vault (Yurchenko double pike). All-around runner-up Sam Oldham, who trains alongside Keatings and Smith at Huntingdon, won the high bar gold.

The men's finals was a special "Masters" format which combined the senior, junior and youth age groups. Britain's talented juniors held their own against the seniors, with medals for Junior European champions Courtney Tulloch (silver on still rings) and Frank Baines (bronze on parallel bars).

The competition in Liverpool also served as the final trials for the British Olympic teams. Teams will be announced July 4.

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2012 British Gymnastics Championships
June 24, Liverpool

Senior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.88.80014.60014.150
2.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym5.88.6500.513.95013.875
3.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.08.65013.65013.425
4.Jessica HoggCardiff Central Youth5.08.45013.45013.000
5.Tulani HlaloCity of Newcastle Gym Academy5.37.75013.05012.900
6.Jasmine Reed-YangThe Academy5.08.30013.30012.500
7.Amy ReganCity of Glasgow Gym5.08.5000.313.20012.425

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Beth TweddleCity of Liverpool Gym6.98.95015.850
2.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym6.28.15014.350
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy6.18.20014.300
4.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym5.88.45014.250
5.Nicole HibbertHeathrow Gym5.68.35013.950
6.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.17.25013.350
7.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym5.26.15011.350

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym5.88.50014.300
2.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.97.95013.850
2.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym6.07.85013.850
4.Danusia FrancisHeathrow Gym5.78.10013.800
5.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym5.18.45013.550
6.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym4.98.40013.300
7.Imogen CairnsThe Academy5.47.05012.450
8.Maisie DoddsThe Academy4.86.40011.200

Senior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Niamh RippinNotts Gymnastics Academy5.98.35014.250
2.Imogen CairnsThe Academy5.68.50014.100
3.Hannah WhelanCity of Liverpool Gym5.78.20013.900
4.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool Gym5.68.0000.113.500
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.47.65013.050
6.Jocelyn HuntHorsham Gymnastics5.47.9000.412.900
7.Jennifer PinchesCity of Liverpool Gym5.47.4000.312.500
8.Laura MitchellHeathrow Gym4.97.35012.250

Masters Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics6.39.22015.525
2.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.38.88015.175
3.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.38.65014.950
4.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.98.80014.700
5.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics6.28.38014.575
6.Yevgen GryshchenkoHinckley Gymnastics5.78.5000.114.100
6.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics6.28.0000.114.100
8.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA Competitive5.77.5200.312.925

Masters Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics7.19.27516.375
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics6.58.92515.425
3.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.29.02515.225
4.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics5.78.95014.650
5.Jay ThompsonExeter Gym5.28.92514.125
6.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.07.90013.900
7.Anthony WiseSouth Essex Gymnastics5.87.02512.825
8.Robert PayneLoughborough Students Gymnastics5.27.20012.400

Masters Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.19.10015.200
2.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym6.08.95014.950
3.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics5.88.95014.750
4.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.68.87514.475
5.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics5.58.87514.375
6.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics5.78.55014.250
7.Nile WilsonCity of Leeds Gym5.28.32513.525
8.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics5.18.20013.300

Masters Vault Final FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics7.09.45016.45016.200
2.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics7.09.05016.05015.762
3.Clinton PurnellBarry YMCA Gym6.28.85015.05015.237
4.Gabriel HannahPipers Vale Gymnastics6.29.12515.32515.137
5.Douglas RossCity of Glasgow Gym6.29.12515.32515.125
6.Jay ThompsonExeter Gym6.29.20015.40015.000
7.Dominick CunninghamEarls Gymnastics6.68.3500.114.85014.937
8.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.68.1750.314.47514.862

1.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.59.20015.700
2.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.49.07515.475
3.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA Competitive6.09.17515.175
4.Ruslan PanteleymonovHinckley Gymnastics5.89.20015.000
5.Brinn BevanSouth Essex Gymnastics6.18.40014.500
6.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex Gymnastics5.98.55014.450
7.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.18.30014.400
8.Max WhitlockSouth Essex Gymnastics5.98.27514.175

Masters High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.78.60015.300
2.Daniel PurvisSouthport YMCA Competitive6.28.67514.875
3.Daniel KeatingsHuntingdon Olympic Gymnastics6.18.47514.575
4.Kristian ThomasEarls Gymnastics6.08.40014.400
5.Theo SeagerBury Gymnastics6.08.12514.125
6.Nile WilsonCity of Leeds Gym5.58.27513.775
7.Sam HunterHinckley Gymnastics6.07.67513.675
8.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA Competitive5.48.12513.525

Junior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Raer TheakerCardiff Central Youth5.08.85013.85013.825
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym5.08.80013.80013.750
3.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic4.68.20012.80013.000
3.Gabrielle JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics5.08.3000.113.20013.000
5.Kiera BrennanBarry YMCA Gym5.08.40013.40012.975
6.Emily CroweThe Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics4.78.45013.15012.925
7.Eleanor ThompsonSapphire School of Gymnastics4.28.45012.65012.225

Junior Women's Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Gabrielle JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics5.18.15013.250
2.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics5.37.65012.950
3.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central Youth5.17.80012.900
4.Lucy BrettThe Academy4.87.40012.200
5.Iona TheobaldHorsham Gymnastics4.27.40011.600
6.Abbie CaigCity of Liverpool Gym4.66.55011.150
7.Raer TheakerCardiff Central Youth3.16.6009.700
8.Chantelle HalfordEast London Gym4.05.3009.300

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Georgina HockenhullPark Wrekin5.38.15013.450
2.Abbie CaigCity of Liverpool Gym5.77.55013.250
3.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central Youth5.18.00013.100
4.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym5.07.70012.700
5.Jade StedfordCity of Manchester5.07.15012.150
6.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic4.67.35011.950
7.Emily CroweThe Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics5.16.25011.350

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central Youth5.38.55013.850
2.Emily CroweThe Norfolk Academy of Gymnastics5.48.35013.750
3.Raer TheakerCardiff Central Youth5.38.35013.650
4.Charlie FellowsSandbach Gymnastics5.48.3000.113.600
5.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym5.48.15013.550
6.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham Gymnastic4.78.15012.850
7.Ellis O'ReillyEuropa Gymnastic4.68.10012.700
7.Gabrielle JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics5.47.4000.112.700
9.Eleanor Van DongenHorsham Gymnastics4.87.1000.211.700

Youth Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Elissa DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.08.95013.95013.725
2.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic5.08.95013.95013.525
3.Imogen ChanThe Academy4.48.15012.55012.625
4.Teal GrindleSapphire School of Gymnastics4.08.60012.60012.400
5.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy4.08.3000.112.20012.300
6.Freya Ansell-JonesCarousel School of Gymnastics4.28.00012.20012.050
7.Eloise AitkenThe Academy4.07.90011.90011.975
8.Claudia BarkesSouth Durham Gymnastic3.88.0000.111.70011.875

Youth Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Tyesha MattisEast London Gym4.88.00012.800
2.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic4.97.10012.000
3.Georgina ClementsCity of Liverpool Gym4.87.15011.950
4.Elissa DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.16.75011.850
5.Bethany LavellePark Wrekin4.67.10011.700
6.Aasha-Ellyce KimptonHeathrow Gym4.56.90011.400
7.Imogen ChanThe Academy3.86.1509.950
8.Larissa PascuaHeathrow Gym4.05.9009.900

Youth Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic4.88.80013.600
2.Catherine LyonsEuropa Gymnastic4.68.65013.250
3.Imogen ChanThe Academy5.37.40012.700
4.Janae Duporte-ClarkePipers Vale Gymnastics4.87.85012.650
5.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy4.77.80012.500
5.Rhyannon JonesPark Wrekin4.97.60012.500
7.Caitlin TsangPark Wrekin4.97.50012.400
8.Larissa PascuaHeathrow Gym4.66.45011.050

Youth Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Teal GrindleSapphire School of Gymnastics4.88.20013.000
2.Georgina ClementsCity of Liverpool Gym4.88.10012.900
3.Megan CoatesNotts Gymnastics Academy5.08.0000.212.800
3.Imogen ChanThe Academy5.07.80012.800
5.Elizabeth DarePhoenix Gymnastics4.97.85012.750
6.Eloise AitkenThe Academy4.97.75012.650
7.Elissa DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.17.3500.312.150
8.Catherine LyonsEuropa Gymnastic4.77.40012.100
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alexandra_m said:

Women's Olympic Team
I think Beth, Becky, Hannah and Tunney are locks and that Imogen, Jennifer, Niamh and Ruby will battle for the last spot. I don't think Danusia will make it.
June 25, 2012
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Alison Clements said:

I don't envy the team selectors. What a great bunch of gymnasts to choose from. Such a shame there's only 5 on the team. Back to 7-6-5, PLEASE!!!
June 26, 2012
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