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German Stars Dominate Nationals in Düsseldorf
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German stars Elisabeth Seitz, Fabian Hambüchen and Marcel Nguyen each took two more titles as the 2012 German Gymnastics Championships ended Sunday in Düsseldorf.

Oksana Chusovitina

Seitz, who won her third consecutive all-around title on Saturday, added gold medals on uneven bars and floor exercise. On bars she hit her 6.7-Difficulty routine for 15.20.

Janine Berger won the vault gold medal over five-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina. Both gymnasts vaulted layout Rudis, but Berger's second vault of double-twisting Tsukahara gave her the edge over Chusovitina's 1 1/2-twisting version.

Chusovitina, who turns 37 on Tuesday, celebrated early with the balance beam gold medal.

Men's all-around champion Hambüchen grabbed titles on floor exercise and high bar. Nguyen, the all-around runner-up, took still rings and parallel bars. Bronze medalist Philipp Boy won pommel horse, the weakest event for the German men.

Matthias Fahrig won the vault title with a Dragulescu and Tsukahara 2 1/2. Fahrig attempted a 6.7-D routine on floor exercise, but finished last after taking a lower score in execution (6.6).

The competition also serves as the first of two Olympic trials to decide Germany's teams to the upcoming Olympic Games, which begin July 27 in London. The second trials take place June 30 in Frankfurt.

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2012 German Championships/1st Olympic Trials
June 17, Düsseldorf

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Janine BergerSSV Ulm 1846 e.V6.38.95015.25014.950
2.Oksana ChusovitinaTV Herkenrath 096.39.1000.115.30014.825
3.Nadine JaroschDetmolder TV v. 18605.38.85014.15013.825
4.Anja RheinbayTurnteam TOYOTA Köln5.08.55013.55013.225
5.Christina KuhnTSG Ffm.-Oberrad 18724.27.75011.95011.625
6.Lara-Sophie WondrakTSG Nordwest 1898 Frankfurt5.08.2502.013.25012.450

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Elisabeth SeitzTurngemeinschaft Mannheim6.78.50015.200
2.Lisa-Katharina HillTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf6.38.45014.750
3.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V6.18.25014.350
4.Nadine JaroschDetmolder TV v. 18605.58.55014.050
5.Isabelle MarquardTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.17.95013.050
6.Giulia HindermannMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V5.35.55010.850

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Oksana ChusovitinaTV Herkenrath 095.58.65014.150
2.Pia TolleMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V5.58.55014.050
3.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V5.68.35013.950
4.Elisabeth SeitzTurngemeinschaft Mannheim5.67.80013.400
5.Nadine JaroschDetmolder TV v. 18605.87.40013.200
6.Giulia HindermannMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V4.67.15011.750

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Elisabeth SeitzTurngemeinschaft Mannheim13.950
2.Kim BuiTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf13.300
3.Lisa-Katharina HillTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf13.150
4.Pia TolleMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V13.100
5.Nadine JaroschDetmolder TV v. 186012.900
5.Joeline MöbiusTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf12.900

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes 19035.89.10014.900
2.Thomas TaranuKTV Straubenhardt e.V.6.28.67514.875
3.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 1910 6.48.05014.450
4.Ivan BykovTV 1883 Bous e.V5.88.42514.225
4.Waldemar EichornTV Germania Dillingen5.78.52514.225
6.Matthias FahrigSV Halle e.V6.76.60013.300

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Philipp BoySC Cottbus Turnen6.18.02514.125
2.Sebastian KrimmerMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V5.98.05013.950
3.Andreas TobaTurn-Klubb zu Hannover 1 e.V5.88.00013.800
4.Robert WeberTSV Ehmen 1912 e.V5.58.05013.550
5.Eugen SpiridonovTV 1883 Bous e.V5.57.17512.675
6.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 1910 5.36.70012.000

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 1910 6.48.77515.175
2.Andreas TobaTurn-Klubb zu Hannover 1 e.V6.38.67514.975
3.Thomas TaranuKTV Straubenhardt e.V.6.58.40014.900
4.Robert WeberTSV Ehmen 1912 e.V6.48.42514.825
5.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes 19036.08.75014.750
6.Philipp BoySC Cottbus Turnen5.96.72512.625

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Matthias FahrigSV Halle e.V16.112
2.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau e.V.15.175
3.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 1910 14.950
4.Ivan BykovTV 1883 Bous e.V14.787
5.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus Turnen14.750
6.Tobias MatzkeTUS Bliesransbach14.600

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 1910 6.89.07515.875
2.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes 19036.58.90015.400
3.Sebastian KrimmerMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V6.28.92515.125
4.Philipp BoySC Cottbus Turnen6.38.62514.925
5.Matthias FahrigSV Halle e.V6.38.30014.600
6.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz e.V.6.56.35012.850

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes 19037.48.70016.100
2.Andreas TobaTurn-Klubb zu Hannover 1 e.V6.48.55014.950
3.Sebastian KrimmerMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V6.48.37514.775
4.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus Turnen6.77.32514.025
5.Waldemar EichornTV Germania Dillingen6.47.17513.575
6.Philipp BoySC Cottbus Turnen5.97.52513.425

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