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Moscow, Central Teams Win Russian Cup
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Moscow and the Central Federal District captured the team titles this week as the Russian Cup began in Penza.

Aliya Mustafina (Moscow)

The Russian Cup — featuring team, all-around and individual events — is the last competitive chance for on-the-bubble gymnasts to prove themselves worthy of Olympian status.

Powered by superstars Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova, Moscow ran away with the women's title on Wednesday, which also served as the qualification for all-around and event finals.

Mustafina scored 59.335 to Komova's 59.234. Komova's 16.134 on uneven bars (new double-double dismount) was the highest score of the women's meet, followed closely by Mustafina's 15.834. Komova, who returned to all-around competition after ankle surgery this spring, outscored Mustafina on vault but dropped off balance beam on her consecutive layouts.

Moscow teammate Maria Paseka landed her Amanar for the top vault score of the competition (15.800).

Ksenia Afanaseyva and Anna Dementyeva were back in action for the Central Region. Both gymnasts posted strong beam scores but Afanasyeva fell on vault and Dementyeva fell twice on floor exercise.

Russia's athletic rules allowed gymnasts' scores to count twice: one for their native region and one for the region in which they may be affiliated. This double representation allowed Komova (gold with Moscow and silver with Central) and Dementyeva (silver with Central and bronze with Volga) to receive two medals each on Wednesday.

2008 Olympian Sergei Khorokhordin led Central to the men's team title on Tuesday, defeating Siberia and the Ural Region. Khorokhordin was the top qualifier with 89.050. World team member Nikita Ignatyev qualified second with 87.900.

Olympic hope David Belyavsky, who has been suffering from a pinched nerve in his neck, scored 87.400 after a botched vault (12.900 for piked Tsukahara).

Penza's own Denis Ablyazin impressed the home crowd with scores of 15.700 on floor exercise, 15.350 on still rings and 16.200 on vault.

Absent from the competition are Olympic locks Anastasia Grishina (reportedly resting a sore leg) and Emin Garibov. World and Olympic medalist Anton Golotsutskov, suffering from a sore back, also sat out the meet.

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2012 Russian Cup
June 12-13, Penza

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
Anna Myzdrikova13.63411.03413.46713.234
Maria Paseka15.80014.134
Aliya Mustafina14.66715.83414.66714.167
Viktoria Komova14.80016.13414.00014.300
Yulia Inshina13.66713.00014.50013.800
Viktoria Komova14.80016.13414.00014.300
Ksenia Afanasyeva13.26713.63414.46714.067
Anna Dementyeva12.90014.40014.86711.200
Olga Bikmurzina12.70010.26711.56712.400
Alyona Polyan13.13412.50012.76713.934
Anna Dementyeva12.90014.40014.86711.200
Anna Rodionova13.36713.63413.03412.800
Kristina Berskromnaya12.86710.06712.10011.567
Maria Dergacheva12.03410.36710.834
Yulia Belokobylskaya13.20012.46713.76713.400
Anastasia Sidorova14.40013.33412.43414.000
5.Central 240.80136.53438.20138.066153.602
Yekaterina Tsvetkova13.26710.86711.16710.300
Alla Sidorenko12.53412.96712.63412.100
Kristina Bogryagina13.06710.00010.03412.566
Anna Pavlova14.46712.70014.40013.400

Kirill Ignatenkov14.00013.60014.10014.95014.45013.950
Andrei Perevoznikov13.20014.75012.60013.50013.80013.000
Sergei Khorokhordin14.90014.20015.05015.40015.20014.300
Eldar Yunusov12.80014.00013.95014.45012.8509.050
2.Siberia44.10041.40043.85046.70038.600 43.000257.650
Daniil Kazachkov12.10012.30014.60014.70011.50013.900
Igor Pakhomenko14.70014.30014.20015.30012.25013.400
Andrei Cherkasov15.00013.40014.30015.70011.40014.750
Nikita Ignatyev14.40013.70014.95015.70014.85014.350
David Belyavsky15.20014.80014.50012.90015.35014.650
Nikita Lezhankin13.50013.90014.75013.45013.350
Roman Suetin12.95012.80013.55015.10013.30011.400
Alexander Dyomin14.25013.2008.60014.60012.80013.850
Denis Ablyazin15.70015.35016.20012.800
Dmitry Gogotov14.50014.20013.90015.25014.85013.800
Alexander Fafashkin14.15011.80014.00013.80014.15013.150
Alexei Rostov13.60011.30013.70014.65013.25013.900
Pavel Russinyak14.30012.30014.40014.50013.85013.800
Pavel Pavlov13.40012.90014.10014.90013.75013.000
Vilyam Katyn12.90013.10012.80013.60012.80012.300
Denis Ablyazin15.70015.35016.20012.800
6.Moscow 240.55038.70039.75045.20041.20038.850244.250
Maxim Malyshkin12.10012.85013.50014.80013.600
Dmitry Yakubovsky13.75012.90012.95015.35014.10012.700
Alexander Klochkov12.80012.90013.30014.40013.15013.900
Vyacheslav Veselov14.00012.90012.60015.05013.50012.250
7.St. Petersburg40.40040.00037.05042.75038.65036.4502 35.300
Vladislav Kozin13.00010.50012.50014.40013.60013.700
Eldar Yunusov12.80014.00013.95014.45012.8509.050
Alexander Ilyin14.35014.00010.60013.90011.450
Nikita Kudryavtsev13.05012.00013.80012.20011.300
Alexander Balandin13.70015.50014.550
9. Southern11.60012.00014.50038.100
Alexei Bykov11.60012.00014.500
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Rebecca4717 said:

I think Anna Dementieva just lost her ticket to London smilies/sad.gif It's a shame because she is awesome. I think they will take:

- Komova
- Mustafina
- Paseka
- Grishina
- Afansieva

June 14, 2012
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