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Wieber Edges Douglas for U.S. Senior National Title
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Jordyn Wieber successfully defended her senior national title at the Visa Championships in St. Louis Sunday afternoon. Tied with Gabrielle Douglas after Friday's preliminaries, Wieber hit all four events in the finals, while Douglas fell off her first event, balance beam. Still, the final results were close, with Wieber scoring 121.90 to Douglas's 121.70. Alexandra Raisman was third with 120.95.

"I'm just happy to be here, especially in the Olympic year," Wieber said. "I feel like all my hard work is paying off."

Of the 2008 U.S. Olympians trying to make this team, Alicia Sacramone looked the most fit, competing on vault and balance beam. Nastia Liukin and Bridget Sloan showed glimmers of their former greatness, but not enough to make an impact yet on such a deep women's field.

Rebecca Bross showed confident routines on uneven bars, but her balance beam sets both days lacked the power and amplitude necessary to score well. Those were the only two events she entered.

2011 world vault champion McKayla Maroney fell on her back on floor during warm-ups and sustained a nasal fracture and slight concussion. She had to withdraw and will petition to Olympic trials. (See Notes below.)

Qualified to Olympic trials: top eight in the all-around, plus Maroney, Brenna Dowell, Sacramone, Sloan, Bross, Anna Li and Liukin.

For complete results, click here.


Jordyn Wieber: Right after Douglas finishes beam, Wieber does bars and performs one of her best sets ever, sticking the double layout (15.05). Misses connection after front aerial on beam but hits the one-arm ff to layout. Most everything else solid and connected and a clean ff, ff, 2.5 twist with tiny hop (15.05). On floor, she needed hops after her double-double and 1.5 thru to triple twist (15.25). After three events, leads Douglas by .15. Solid Amanar to finish, needing just one step (15.90). A small smile of relief could be seen in her otherwise serious demeanor.

Gabrielle Douglas: Crowd of 9,793 groans as she misses a ff layout. Gets up and nails standing full. Hits everything else with conviction -- or anger (14.10). Got a huge cheer just for being announced on floor exercise. Nailed her opening 1.5 to triple twist, and her Arabian double to stag jump. Crowd clapping along to her music. Good tucked full-in and double tuck to split jump (15.10). She did a quick Amanar and needed just two tiny steps sideward to stop (15.80). With first place out of reach, Douglas competed bars to hang on to second. The last performer of the meet, she needed to hit bars to stay in second. She did an incredible routine, hitting handstands and showing amplitude in her piked and straddled Tkatchevs (15.85).

Alexandra Raisman: Amanar, slightly under twisted, and stepping over the sideline (15.30). Good bars set for her, but might have missed a combination on the low bar when she did a glide kip (14.20). Really solid throughout beam, with just a couple of minor balance checks. Stiff-legged her Patterson but OK (15.45). Stuck her 1.5 thru to Arabian double, front layout, and hit her other three passes very well (15.80).

Kyla Ross: Bars first, Maloney to Pak and Maloney half, Jaeger, inside Stalders don't go in very far, but she did a great set and nearly stuck the double layout (15.35). Relaxing to watch on beam. Finishes each skill before moving on. Near perfect set for her (15.00). Floor tumbling solid but missed double turn with leg horizontal (14.60). Stuck a double-twisting Yurchenko to finish.

Elizabeth Price: High Amanar, slightly listing to the side in the air, but good overall (15.60). Missed a toe-on after Weiler pirouette but covered well. Big releases and a full-twisting double layout. On beam, nearly fell on standing full, settled down after that. Some form issues in her leaps. Stuck a high double pike (13.85). Stuck a high double-double mount on floor and did an equally high double layout second (14.80).

Sarah Finnegan: Good Yurchenko-double twist to start. Falls on a Gienger early in her bars routine (13.35). Finnegan has beautiful form and technique and perhaps still lacks experience on such a big stage. Mounts beam with triple turn in side lunge; standing Arabian to back swingdown, but later puts hand down after a layout to avoid falling. Beautiful Arabian double pike mount on floor but landed low on her tucked version. Stuck a 1.5 thru to 2.5 twist dismount to loud applause.

Sabrina Vega: Started fairly well on floor, but her coaches were not entirely pleased (14.65). Her D-score was 5.8 instead of 5.9 from prelims. Sticks a Yurchenko-1.5 (14.50). Great set on bars, with Stalder-full to piked Tkatchev (14.40).

Bridget Sloan: Nailed bars in rotation one, with a piked Tkatchev and piked toe-on Tkatchev (14.95). A bit wobbly on beam, and eventually falls. Like Nastia, just doesn't look as confident yet on beam (13.15). Floor showed signs of her former level, but landings are still an issue (13.90).

Nastia Liukin: Starts on beam, hesitation before Onodi, and later almost falls on a side aerial, bending over and touching the beam (14.10). The routine looked more cautious than confident, which is understandable since she hasn't competed regularly in a few years. Liukin swung well on bars in places but had a couple of rhythm breaks, and she did a layout flyaway dismount.

Rebecca Bross: Second up on beam in rotation one, wobble after Arabian and after front aerial losing connection to ff layout. Lands Patterson very low and bounces forward, but no fall. Just not her old self yet (13.70). Very confident set on bars compared with how her beam looked (15.20).

Alicia Sacramone: First up on vault in rotation one, she took one step on a handspring-rudi (15.50). Yurchenko-full second vault (14.50), high and stretched. Another confident balance beam routine from Sacramone, earning a nod of approval from Marta Karolyi.

Anna Li: Hit her bars in the third rotation (full-twisting Tkatchev, full-twisting double layout). Big hug from father/coach Li Yuejiu.

McKayla Maroney: Right at the end of general warm-ups, she took a bad fall on floor (her first competitive event), landing on her back and appeared to hit her head on the mat near the corner. She stayed down for a few minutes while a trainer examined her. She appeared to be OK and walked away under her own power. She was taken to the hospital, and diagnosed with a small nasal fracture and a mild concussion. She filed a petition to compete at the Olympic trials.

National Team: The top six in the all-around will qualify to the senior national team. The Selection Committee may name additional athletes to the national team based upon the needs of the team.

Olympic Trials: The top eight in the all-around will advance to the Olympic trials. The Selection Committee may name additional athletes based on their ability to be competitive for a slot on the 2012 Olympic team.

Shawn Johnson met with reporters during warm-ups to the senior women's finals. She said it's been "an emotional rollercoaster" since she made her announcement to retire. She said both she and Liang Chow, her coach, cried when she told him she couldn't continue. She was also worried that fans would be mad that she retired, but instead was relieved to feel the support of so many people. Shawn also was asked about Gabby Douglas, and she's amazed at the difference Chow has made in her. "Chow has just sculpted her into a machine," she said. "I couldn't be more proud of them."

Read full coverage of the senior Visa Championships in the July/August issue of IG magazine.

Click here for USA Gymnastics' YouTube channel, featuring videos from St. Louis.

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2012 Visa (U.S.) Gymnastics Championships
June 10, St. Louis, Mo.

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal2-Day
1.Jordyn WieberGeddert's6.515.656.315.056.214.706.115.2560.65121.90
2.Gabrielle DouglasChow's6.515.356.515.456.414.806.115.0560.65121.70
3.Alexandra RaismanBrestyan's6.515.455.914.106.515.206.515.4560.20120.95
4.Kyla RossGym-Max5.815.106.415.506.115.105.514.0559.75119.95
5.Elizabeth PriceParkettes6.515.806.214.955.814.306.014.5559.60118.10
6.Sarah FinneganGAGE5.815.005.814.006.715.356.214.8059.15117.60
7.Sabrina VegaDynamic5.314.105.914.
8.Kennedy BakerTexas Dreams5.814.656.414.855.814.155.914.4058.05114.45
9.Brenna DowellGAGE5.814.255.614.105.713.705.713.6555.70112.60
10.Bridget SloanSharp's5.013.856.415.105.713.855.613.4556.25112.40
11.Abigail MillietDenton5.314.055.513.505.814.155.313.5555.25110.40
12.Brianna BrownCincinnati5.313.955.613.355.513.605.513.3054.20109.70
13.Grace McLaughlinWOGA5.313.805.513.755.713.705.714.1555.40108.55
14.Amanda JetterCincinnati5.314.105.913.555.012.555.613.3553.55108.40
15.Mykayla SkinnerDesert Lights5.814.555.513.205.513.655.914.1555.55107.15
16.Brandie JayGK Gym5.814.606.213.655.412.055.412.2552.55105.70
17.McKenzie WoffordZenith Elite5.312.006.114.406.213.705.211.8051.90105.25
18.Alicia SacramoneBrestyan's6.315.456.215.2030.6561.25
19.McKayla MaroneyAll Olympia6.516.155.813.405.914.556.014.6058.7058.70
20.Rebecca BrossWOGA6.515.206.213.5528.7557.65
21.Anna LiLegacy Elite6.715.155.611.9527.1056.30
22.Mackenzie BrannanCapital (TX)5.313.805.713.8027.6056.05
23.Nastia LiukinWOGA5.813.156.115.1028.2556.00
Comments (13)add comment

Mario said:

Owner of gym
So mad that nastia made it to the olympic trials this is a joke Nastia Penny, and Marta should tell her to retire. I am so mad because they give her a free pass but they coulndt let Memmel compete in the nationals come on is a about favorites with the US we need new leadership that will make it fair for all and not because of who your parents are. she is not fit she is not going to help the us win gold. Get over it and retire Nastia. So mad they gave her a pass and i am sorry but we dont need Alicia on this team either. There are girls much better then them and they are going to leave them behind and crush their dreams. Its over 2008 olympians is time for a new team that can really win the gold.
June 11, 2012
Votes: +5

brian bias said:

Nastia moving on to trials is proof that the rules are different for each athlete. Hitting 1 out of 4 routines shouldn't have been enough - espcially considering she is nowhere near ready for a dismount off bars. Steve & Marta could have quieted all the bad press by being consistent and FAIR and not taking her onto trials. However, it is quite obvious that they don't have to answer to anyone other than themselves. Pardon my French but this system SUCKS!!! We need checks and balances... this is USA Gymnastics!
June 11, 2012
Votes: +10

Andrea U88 said:

Mario - Chellsie was part of that 2008 Olympic Team that you just ripped. Actually she should of been replaced in Beijing after she busted her ankle, but anyways....Good luck with the fugly gymnastics of Raisman and even Wieber - they are both going to be shocked at their lower scores in London due to no connections and ulgy form breaks.
June 11, 2012
Votes: -5

Tyson said:

Anyone who wants to try for the Olympics should be able to, previous Olympics or not. Nastia is a beautiful gymnast and if younger girls want to be on the Olympic team, they have to continue being better. End of story.
June 11, 2012
Votes: -5

hobbes said:

Of course the rules are different for each athlete; Dosen't everybody know that by now? Nobody tells USAG what to do; Nobody!
June 11, 2012
Votes: +4

Mario said:

Andrea n tayson
there are better gymnast nastia can not even do a dismount of bars come on by this time she should be landing it. I am sorry i love nastia but she is not ready and its unfair what usa gymnastics did for her. I am not saying anything bad just that she is not fit for this team. there is so much talent and this should be the year of all new members. Its 5 spots we cant risk it the gold needs to come to the US and 2008 olympians are not in shape sorry to say that. The one that gave me hope they cut her dreams to early and thats Chellsie memmel she would of been a rock on bars beam and floor.
June 12, 2012
Votes: +7

Rachel T said:

Unfortunately Nastia is not at her best. This is unfortunate and she didn't have the energy to finish her bars routine on both nights. I don't believe 3 weeks will make that big of a difference. She is a great gymnast but hasn't compted in so long. Again, we need consistently strong gymnasts t the Olympics. Bross and Sloan are definitely not ready as well. It's all about politics and I wasn't surprised that they invited ALL to the trials, it was a shame they covered so much TV time on these individuals while neglecting other good gymnasts like Elizabeth Price. I like all the gymnasts I mentioned, but Bross, Sloan, and Nastia simply are not ready and there are only 5 slots. In the end however, I think it should come down to the final competition numbers....No Petitions, No second chances, No favors. Those that have the top 5 scores should go
Ssi if Nastia wows us and flawless and beats the other girls, then she should go. If one of the gymnasts that are considered " shoe ins" really screws up and has poor scores, then they shouldn't be petitioned in if they are not among the top 5. We need to take the horrible politics out and be fair here.
June 12, 2012
Votes: +8

hobbes said:

Give Nastia a break; She's only been doing that routine for a week!
June 12, 2012
Votes: +0

Amanda84 said:

Memmel did not deserve to go to Nationals...Even with Nastia not at her best she still brought in a far better score than Memmel. As they stated many times she has been doing her bars routine for 1 week. At least she has the potential to step it up in 3 weeks and actually bring in a HUGE bars score. I think USAG is giving false hope to a few who made trials...I can't see Sloan, Li, Vega, or a few others really even being considered. I also agree 100% the Wieber will will be shocked by lower scores in London. I do not care for her gymnastics and she got lots of gifts on her connections at nationals.
June 12, 2012
Votes: -3

Lady said:

I am not against Nastia or the 2008 Olympians making it to London. However, it's irks me that Nastia seems to be sliding through the selection process based on her reputation alone. If any other gymnast had performed like that at Classics AND Nationals, they would have been kicked to the curb. She was a beautiful gymnast, but she obviously is not ready for primetime. If she wanted London, she should have started training earlier.
June 12, 2012
Votes: +9

Anon said:

Marta NEEDS to take:

- Wieber
- Douglas
- Raisman
- Kyla Ross
- Maroney
June 13, 2012
Votes: +7

Butterfly said:

Shame on USAG. This selection takes me back to when Mostepanova and Baraksanova were wrongfully taken out of the 1985 World Championship all around for Shushunova and Omelianchik (Hummm! Adopting the same system now?) Regardless of who you are or what you may have done in the past,it is unfair to the athletes who put in more time and serious effort, than just ONE week into their dream. Nastia had plenty of time to prepare however,she chose to wait until the last minute and the result was a poor performance. So, why reward her? Sacromone and Bross are obviously not ready either. I agree that it is obvious the rules are different depending upon who you are and it is wrong. I thought we were suppose to be setting the example, not falling in line. I feel sorry for the other girls who were not invited to (The Ranch!)So much for hard work and dedication.
June 13, 2012
Votes: +0

Cee said:

I love Nastia...but how is "she's only been training this set for a week" an acceptable excuse? She tweeted last OCTOBER "let the journey begin" (i.e., I"m gonna train for London)--THIS is all she's done? This is our Olympic AA champion! I would loooooooooove to see her return to the Games, but finally training full routines just a week before Nationals does not inspire confidence. Her beam set looked pretty good at any rate, but we need bars.
June 16, 2012
Votes: +0

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