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Mitchell Takes Two Titles at Australian Nationals
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Australia's top gymnastics hope for London, Lauren Mitchell of Perth claimed two titles on Sunday as the Australian championships concluded in Sydney.

After skipping the all-around competition, former world champion Lauren Mitchell (Western Australia) won two event titles as the 2012 Australian Gymnastics Championships concluded in Sydney.

Mitchell, the only Australian woman to win a world title in gymnastics, grabbed gold medals on balance beam and floor exercise. She competed vault, beam and floor exercise in Sydney, skipping uneven bars to protect a sore shoulder.

The 20-year-old Mitchell earned marks of 9.000 in execution on both beam and floor on Sunday.

"The last couple of weeks I've been focusing on my competition skills more than anything else," Mitchell said. "I think that really shone through today, especially on beam."

Mitchell is Australia's top hope for London, where she hopes to become the first Aussie gymnast to win an Olympic medal. She is a contender for medals on balance beam and floor exercise, and tested her Olympic routines in Sydney.

"[My floor routine] was better than my efforts the last couple of days," she said. "I wasn't really focused on the outcome at all — I know if I can do my job the outcome will be there."

Three-time national champion Daria Joura, 22, won the vault title with a clean double-twisting Yurchenko. Now representing Queensland, the 2008 Olympian returned to training in January and decided to enter the national championships as a two-event specialist.

2008 Olympian Olivia Vivian, who wrapped up her college career at Oregon State University in April, brought Western Australia a third title with the gold medal on uneven bars.

All-around champion Ashleigh Brennan (Victoria) added bronze medals on balance beam and floor exercise. All-around runner-up Emily Little (Western Australia) picked up two more silvers on vault and floor.

More than medals were at stake in Sydney; the competition is the first step toward a spot on Australia's Olympic team. A training squad will be invited to Canberra in June for a final camp and competition.

"You always want to show Peggy (Liddick) and all the other selectors what you can do," Little said. "Part of the selection is being able to perform at competitions like this and at the camp."

2010 national champion Georgia Bonora placed fifth on balance beam and seventh on uneven bars. Bonora, Brennan, Joura, Mitchell and Vivian were all members of Australia's sixth-place squad from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing; Stanford sophomore Shona Morgan was the only 2008 team member absent in Sydney.

Georgia Godwin, who defended her junior all-around title in Sydney, added gold medals on vault and balance beam. The Queenslander will be age eligible for the world championships in 2013.

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2012 Australian Gymnastics Championships
May 27, Sydney

Senior Women's Vault FinalDENDScore
1.Daria Joura5.89.07514.875
2.Emily Little5.88.97514.775
3.Zoe Lorenzin5.88.55014.350
4.Lauren Mitchell5.09.07514.075
5.Georgia-Rose Brown5.09.05014.050
6.Mary-Anne Monckton5.08.72513.725
7.Chloe Sims5.57.57513.075
8.Ashleigh Brennan5.57.42512.925

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Olivia Vivian5.68.90014.500
2.Mary-Anne Monckton5.98.52514.425
3.Georgia-Rose Brown5.68.75014.350
3.Chloe Sims6.28.15014.350
5.Emily Little5.48.47513.875
6.Ashleigh Brennan5.48.35013.750
7.Georgia Bonora5.38.42513.725
8.Georgia Wheeler5.27.60012.800

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Lauren Mitchell6.49.00015.400
2.Angela Donald6.48.37514.775
3.Ashleigh Brennan5.78.97514.675
4.Emily Little5.68.75014.350
5.Georgia Bonora5.68.52514.125
6.Mary-Anne Monckton5.87.77513.575
7.Georgia Wheeler5.48.12513.525
8.Amaya King Koi5.37.55012.850

Senior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Lauren Mitchell6.19.0000.115.000
2.Emily Little5.38.92514.225
3.Ashleigh Brennan5.68.5750.114.075
4.Georgia-Rose Brown5.28.80014.000
5.Zoe Lorenzin5.58.1000.213.400
5.Mary-Anne Monckton5.48.1000.113.400
7.Isis Lowery4.98.20013.100
8.Georgia Wheeler5.17.8750.312.675

Junior Women's Vault FinalDENDScore
1.Georgia Godwin5.09.05014.050
2.Tamika Jones5.08.72513.725
3.Kiara Munteanu4.88.85013.650
4.Tiahn Pesterey5.08.62513.625
5.Eden Tarvit5.08.60013.600
--.Brittany Robertson5.08.42513.425
6.Celeste Loo4.48.80013.200
7.Grace Flood4.48.75013.150

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Tamika Jones5.67.35012.950
2.Kiara Munteanu4.57.90012.400
3.Georgia Godwin5.17.10012.200
--.Brittany Robertson4.67.27511.875
4.Eden Tarvit5.06.50011.500
4.Emily Conran5.26.30011.500
6.Grace Flood3.77.35011.050
7.Celeste Loo2.77.75010.450

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Georgia Godwin6.27.1500.113.250
2.Tamika Jones5.18.00013.100
3.Tiahn Pesterey5.17.65012.750
4.Grace Flood4.08.32512.325
5.Celeste Loo4.18.20012.300
6.Eden Tarvit4.97.22512.125
--.Brittany Robertson4.67.50012.100
7.Kiara Munteanu4.27.10011.300

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Kiara Munteanu4.98.32513.225
2.Georgia Godwin5.57.57513.075
3.Grace Flood4.58.40012.900
4.Celeste Loo4.68.12512.725
--.Brittany Robertson5.17.5000.312.300
5.Tiahn Pesterey5.17.0750.112.075
6.Tamika Jones5.16.75011.850
7.Eden Tarvit4.96.90011.800
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