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Chinese Women Face Uphill Battle for Olympics
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Deng Linlin and Guo Weiyang won all-around titles at the Chinese championships, which ended this weekend in Shanghai. Pictured: Tan Sixin

Deng Linlin and Guo Weiyang won all-around titles at the Chinese championships, which ended this weekend in Shanghai.

The results at the event, dubbed China's Olympic trials, confirmed current predictions for the coming Olympic Games in London: The Chinese men are favored to defend their title, while the women will struggle to defend theirs.

Deng scored 56.550 to take the title over 2008 Olympic teammate Jiang Yuyuan (56.100). Tan Sixin won the all-around bronze with 55.600.

Deng looked strong on vault, vaulting a double-twisting Yurchenko again. She impressed on balance beam as well, showing the steadiness that earned her the world title in 2009 (high two-foot layout to Korbut; ff, ff, double pike).

World uneven bars bronze medalist Huang Qiushuang finished fourth (55.050) after falling from uneven bars on a piked Jaeger (12.900). World all-around bronze medalist Yao Jinnan withdrew from the competition due to a bruised knee.

Guo won the men's title over Huang Yuguo, but neither are expected to challenge for an Olympic berth on China's squad thsi summer. World and Olympic champion Teng Haibin, first during the team competition, fell to third all-around in the final.

Zou Kai (floor exercise and high bar champion) and Chen Yibing (still rings champion) appear headed for a second Olympic appearance. Pommel horse champion Xiao Qin, another gold medalist from Beijing, has also put himself back in contention for the squad.

Uneven results on the women's side mean indicate China will struggle to pick a solid five-member team that can challenge for the title, though chances for individual medals are much stronger. Olympic gold medalists Cheng Fei (women's vault) and He Kexin (uneven bars) each picked up titles, but their ability to contribute on multiple events may keep them home this summer.

"According to recent World Cup results, we are good for now. But for the caliber of opposition we will face in London, we are still a distance away," head coach Lu Shanzhen said. "We won't take the risk of increasing the difficulty of the routines with less than three months left, but we will try to improve every routine's quality and consistency."

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2012 Chinese Championships
May 9-13, Shanghai

Women's TeamScore
1. Shanghai 221.400
2. Guangdong 213.850
3. Hunan 213.450

Men's TeamScore
1. Guizhou 353.700
2. Guangdong 351.800
3. Jiangsu 349.550

Women's All-Around FinalScore
1. Deng Linlin Anhui 56.550
2. Jiang Yuyuan Zhejiang 56.100
3. Tan Sixin Shanghai 55.600

Men's All-Around FinalScore
1. Guo Weiyang Liaoning 89.800
2. Huang Yuguo Shandong 89.050
3. Teng Haibin Beijing 88.750

Women's Vault FinalScore
1. Cheng Fei Hubei 14.662
2. Li Yiting Beijing 14.562
3. Yang Pei Shaanxi 14.275

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1. He Kexin Beijing 15.650
2. Huang Huidan Zhejiang 14.175
3. Tan Jiaxin Hunan 14.050

Balance Beam FinalScore
1. Tan Sixin Shanghai 14.850
2. Zeng Siqi Hunan 14.675
3. Sui Lu Shanghai 14.450

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Sui Lu Shanghai 13.825
2. Tan Sixin Shanghai 13.700
3. Cheng Fei Hubei 13.625

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Zou Kai Sichuan 15.850
2. Zhang Chenglong Shandong 15.350
3. Cheng Ran Beijing 14.725
3. Zheng Shudi Guizhou 14.725

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1. Xiao Qin Army 15.850
2. Zhang Hongtao Shaanxi 15.575
3. Fu Yu Tianjin 15.100

Still Rings FinalScore
1. Chen Yibing Tianjin 15.925
2. Liao Junlin Guangxi 15.550
3. Luo Xuan Hubei 15.525

Men's Vault FinalScore
1. Xue Ruiyang Hunan 15.687
2. Luo Zepeng Sichuan 15.675
3. Cao Yulong Guangdong 15.575

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1. Feng Zhe Sichuan 15.775
2. Wang Guanyin Tianjin 15.575
3. Teng Haibin Beijing 15.550

Men's High Bar FinalScore
1. Zou Kai Sichuan 16.725
2. Zhang Chenglong Shandong 16.675
3. Zhou Shixiong Guangdong 15.675
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