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Wieber, Douglas Headline Pacific Rim Lineup
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Fresh off their performances at the recent American Cup, world championship gold medalists Jordyn Wieber and Gabrielle Douglas will lead the U.S. women's squad at this weekend's Pacific Rim competition in Everett, Wash.

Held every two years, the competition features senior and junior gymnasts from nations bordering the Pacific, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan and Russia.

USA Gymnastics announced its women's lineup Monday morning, following a training camp in Houston. Wieber, the 2011 world all-around champion, won her third American Cup title on March 3 in New York City. Douglas, who was competing exhibition, outscored Wieber but her results did not count toward the results.

The U.S. lineup also includes first-year senior Kyla Ross, junior national champion and Seattle native Katelyn Ohashi, Japan Junior International champion Lexie Priessman and Cincinnati clubmate Amelia Hundley.

The U.S. women are expected to dominate the competition. With the exception of world team member Tan Sixin, reigning Olympic champion China sent a squad of newcomers. 2010 world champion Russia — preparing for its national championships March 21-25 — did not send any Olympic contenders.

Olympic qualifiers Australia and Canada, however, are sending top teams. 2010 world floor exercise champion Lauren Mitchell leads Australia, while Christine Lee, Victoria Moors and Kristina Vaculik represent Canada.

The U.S. men are represented by world team members Chris Brooks and Jake Dalton and Olympic contender Sam Mikulak. Their strongest challenge will come from Japan, which is sending 2008 Olympian Takuya Nakase along with Koji Uematsu and Tatsuki Nakashima. Uematsu, a finalist on parallel bars and high bar at the 2010 Worlds, is returning from a torn ACL suffered in April 2011.

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2012 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships
March 16-18, Everett, Wash., USA

Women's Competitors
Emily Little Senior
Lauren Mitchell Senior
Georgia Simpson Senior
Jazminne Casis Junior
Alexandra Eade Junior
Madelaine Leydin Junior
Christine Lee Senior
Victoria Moors Senior
Kristina Vaculik Senior
Maegan Chant Junior
Victoria Kayen-Woo Junior
Jordyn Pedersen Junior
Shang Chunsong Senior
Luo Peiru Senior
Tan Sixin Senior
Lou Nina Junior
Mei Jie Junior
Wang Wei Junior
Jessica Gil Senior
Karina Regidor Senior
Angela Arce Junior
Hiu Ying Angel Wong Senior
Ka Man Leung Senior
Nim Yan Choi Senior
Yuri Ishii Senior
Risa Konishi Senior
Wakiko Ryu Senior
Yuki Uchiyama Junior
Sakura Yumoto Junior
Sandra Garcia Senior
Karla Martinez Senior
Shaden Cortes Junior
Andrea Mora Junior
Federica Scheiman Junior
Hanna Malloch Junior
Courtney McGregor Junior
Rebecca Morrison Junior
Brittany Robertson Junior
Charlotte Sullivan Junior
Millie Williamson Junior
Valentina Brostella Junior
Ana De Leon Junior
Anastasia Marchuk Senior
Kristina Sidorova Senior
Diana Yelkina Senior
Yekaterina Baturina Junior
Anastasia Belova Junior
Maria Kharenkova Junior
Yu-Chun Chen Senior
Chia-Jung Tsai Senior
Wan-Yin Chen Junior
Yu-Chun Lai Junior
Gabrielle Douglas Senior
Kyla Ross Senior
Jordyn Wieber Senior
Amelia Hundley Junior
Katelyn Ohashi Junior
Lexie Priessman Junior
Men's Competitors
Joshua Jefferis Senior
Samuel Offord Senior
Thomas Pichler Senior
Brody-Jai Hennessy Junior
Kent Pieterse Junior
Lachlan Savill Junior
Anderson Loran Senior
Scott Morgan Senior
Robert Watson Senior
Zachary Clay Junior
Cory Paterson Junior
Joshua Stuart Junior
Cheng Ran Senior
Liu Rongbing Senior
Wang Peng Senior
Wu Guanhua Junior
Xu Kangye Junior
Xiao Ruoteng Junior
Jorge Giraldo Senior
Tarik Soto Junior
Kiu Chung Ng Senior
Wai Hung Shek Senior
Kam Wah Liu Senior
Chun Kit Poon Junior
Tzn Tak Seto Junior
Takuya Nakase Senior
Tatsuki Nakashima Senior
Koji Uematsu Senior
Kaito Imabayashi Junior
Koji Nonomura Junior
Kenzo Seryu Junior
Rodolfo Bonilla Senior
Axel Elias Senior
Santos Martinez Senior
Sergio Borquez Junior
Rodolfo Gomez Junior
Andres Resendiz Junior
Misha Koudinov Senior
Reegan Edwards Junior
Leo Golder Junior
Jean Nathan Monteclaro Senior
Mikhail Bodnar Senior
Daniil Kazachkov Senior
Pavel Pavlov Senior
Nikolai Kovinov Junior
Sergei Stepanov Junior
Grigory Zyryanov Junior
Bobby Kriangkum Senior
Szu-Chieh Chen Senior
I-Hsiang Chen Senior
Sheng-Meng Huang Senior
Yu-Chin Chao Junior
Jia-En Lin Junior
Fu-Li Liu Junior
Chris Brooks Senior
Jake Dalton Senior
Sam Mikulak Senior
Marvin Kimble Junior
Sean Melton Junior
Akash Modi Junior
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Anonymous said:

This make zero sense to me. Why send Wieber and Douglas to yet another competition, especially when we know they won't have any "real" competition in Everett? It's just another way for them to get burned out or injured in a marathon season that includes Am Cup, Pac Rims, Jesolo, Classics, Nationals AND Olympic Trials. Why not send a couple of other new seniors instead, and save Wieber and Douglas for Jesolo, where they will actually be challenged? I am baffled.
March 12, 2012
Votes: +11

Juan Antonio Moreno said:

Juan Antonio Moreno
Well, they need to justify the high scores they received last week. Moreover, Martha surely believes Douglas could benefit from competing more.

It's interesting they did not send Vega or Maroney. Especially since they could build up their confidence level. Johnson, Caquatto & Bross are not there either, all of whom are Olympic team contenders. At least Aly Raismann is not going...

March 12, 2012
Votes: -3

Anonymous said:

They just announced Jesolo as well. Shawn isn't on the roster. It worries me that she wasn't chosen for either team.
March 12, 2012
Votes: +3

Ksenia said:

I dont get it too !! I looked for russian gymnast going on this event and u know there will be no real competition for Wieber or Douglas cause its new girls and men: (
SO its weird to send elite gymnast here of course she is probably win the most
Another gymnast should have chance too !!!!!
March 13, 2012
Votes: +1

Ksenia said:

Someone doesn't like my comment maybe cause i compared only Russian team
I am russian true and it's not like i think only our girls can win, it's just i look at the list gymnast perform here from my country and they all don't have nor difficulty not many competitions !
They can have nice train here
I dunno about other countries juniors and new seniors SORRY!
Douglas and Wieber competed at worlds so far
Other American gymnast nice to try here like Ohashi : )
March 13, 2012
Votes: -1

Derek said:

i agree ksenia... can anyone tell me is there a website or somewhere to get news and updates on how the us women's training camp that just ended to where the selection was made for this? johnson or other girls getting ready for this olympic year, how was their progress? just wondering.
March 13, 2012
Votes: +0

Diana Lundell said:

I can see sending Douglas because she needs more experience, but I would rather see Maroney or Vega here than Wieber. I suppose they sent Wieber so that they could pit the two of them against each other and see if Douglas will come out ahead this time again too. Seems like it's more about viewership and how the press can present the story than about giving other athletes facetime.
March 13, 2012
Votes: -1

Rachel T said:

My sincere opinion for what it is worth
I don't have a problem with the decision to send these gymnasts. I respectfully don't agree with the burned out comment. They would be doing the same routines hundreds of times at their own gyms and every time they get an opportunity to go to an international competition will make them more prepared and stronger in my opinion. I do agree with the earlier comment about Shawn and for the matter what about Nastia? I am strongly beginning to doubt they will be making the team and that makes me sad. They both should be going to as many competitions as the can and I am not sure what Nastia is planning. Is she just hoping that at the eleventh hour she will be picked? We need gymnasts that are not only great but more importantly highly consistent. If we don't start see Shawn and Nastia competing, one would really question how consistent they are. For example, if Nastia decides to compete in one competition prior to the Olympics and she does well, is that enough to assume she is going to do great at the Olympics or is it a fluke when we simply haven't seen her compete virtually all year? Don't get me wrong, I love these gymnasts but I would feel more confident if we have been seeing them consistently perform at a high level all year long. It is hard to believe there are only five slots!!! What a horrible decision. How can we gain mass popularity in the sport when spectators have their favorite gymnasts and very few will ever make it to the Olympics. I think there should be at least seven gymnasts. This decision is almost as bad as the decision to remove compulsaries. Now that in my opinion was a crime. So with only 5 slots who is it going to be? If we assume it is Wieber, Raisman, Douglas (and I think they will be certain barring an injury), I honestly can't imagine who the other two will be given the depth of talent. I hope they just go with the five highest scores at the Olympic trials and no one should be allowed to be petitioned in. It simply isn't fair otherwise. In the end, they will say the best need to go....but I believe the right thing to do is to put everyone on the same playing field and whoever has the top 5 scores at the trials go. So we shall see.
March 13, 2012
Votes: +5

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