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Is the American Cup a 'Scam'?
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Former gymnast Dvora Meyers has authored a piece on the recent American Cup, which through the years has been plagued by accusations of biased judging in favor of U.S. gymnasts. Click here to read the full article on

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y o u madonna said:

i wouldnt say its a full scam BUT i can see how people would say it was.i think the judges should be a mix of international judges...and they should only invite a-list participants only.....having gymnasts sent who really shouldnt be in that field is silly if they have to compete aganist usa's strongest gymnasts(womens field in particular)...
March 08, 2012
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Juan Antonio Moreno said:

Juan Antonio Moreno
I've read the article and it is all true.

1. Why are Tim DAgget, Elfi and Al still there? They are horrible commentators. We all know that. Tim even mentioned that "being aan American competiion, it gives a chace for officials to tweek the rules". Regarding Gaby Douglas competing as an exhibition.

2. Russia and China not competing? No surprise.

3. Iordache scoring low on bars? No surprise.

4. Raismann's high scores: No surprise.

5. No foreign athlete has won de American Cupo in more than 10 years. No surprise since no nation wants to send their athletes to such a biased competition. Strong gymnasts seem to give tribute to the american star.

The American Cup needs some new surprises!
March 08, 2012
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anne kelley said:

From a long time fan of Gymnastics
I believe the best commentating duo ever where Bart Connor and Kathy Johnson Clark. They made you feel that each gymnast was special no matter what their ability. As for the American Cup, yes, I think allot of it is ratings driven. That being said. The ratings don't help the athletes train. The ratings don't help them get up at the crack of dawn and multi-task their way through a very long day. It comes from the Gymnast, parents, and coaches. So each country that sends a gymnast has an opportunity to win. Not just the Americans.
March 10, 2012
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tumblintammie said:

Has anyone ever noticed that in recent years that the International athletes competing in the American Cup are not necessarily the top gymnasts from their homelands? I attended this year's American Cup and though it was nice to see "international" gymnasts competing, they weren't necessarily the best that that their country had to offer. Many were using this event to get their legs wet in international competition. So when saying that the American Cup is a scam because mainly Americans are winning it, one has to look again at the competition and compare the quality of gymnasts participating on all sides.
March 11, 2012
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Dympie said:

I dont think it's a scam because American's always win it... I think it's a scam because nobody cares about it except Americans. Why are people surprised that no other country bothers sending gymnasts ? That's just beyond me. An 8 gymnast field with the top two American's against a field of non contenders isn't exactly entertainig for real gym fans who know who's who and what's what. Ok it might be fun to attend for Americans because they are gauranteed a win firstly because they use their top gymnasts which nobody else does and secondly because well.. it's the AMERICAN cup after all and as you say, even Daggit himself admits openly that they can "tweak" the rules in their own favor. I never put any weight on who wins the American cup except to rank the American girls in my own mind (which is usually not exactly news). Nobody cares who wins this "event" in the international world. And please... get rid of the NBC trio.. They are beyond awful !!
March 13, 2012
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flipperchic said:

The insinuation that American is somehow creating an unfair competition is untrue simply because American doesn't decide which athletes foreign countries send to the cup, the individual countries do. China, Americas biggest rival, sent one of their worst teams to the cup by their own choosing. The other countries simply choose to use the competition in the way they do, as a test event, and you can't fault American for not doing the same. There is nowhere in the rules that says it must be used as a test event thus you can't fault countries for utilizing it as they choose.
March 31, 2012
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