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Wieber, Leyva Win AT&T American Cup
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Americans won the American Cup once again, with world championship gold medalists Jordyn Wieber and Danell Leyva capturing the titles Saturday at New York City's famed Madison Square Garden.

2012 American Cup champions Jordyn Wieber and Danell Leyva

Wieber successfully defended her title, outscoring world championships teammate Alexandra Raisman, 61.032-60.832. But exhibition competitor Gabrielle Douglas stole the show, beating Wieber with 61.299.

"I wanted to put my name out there and show everyone what I'm capable of doing," said Douglas, who now trains alongside Shawn Johnson under coach Liang Chow.

All three Americans threw easy Amanars on vault — with world vault champion McKayla Maroney at home — sending an early message that the U.S. is gunning for the team title at this year's Olympic Games in London.

Wieber and Raisman sacrificed points with errors on uneven bars, but world finalist Douglas impressed with 15.633 (huge Tkatchev and piked Tkatchev). All three Americans hit beam and floor exercise with few errors, putting them in an unofficial sweep of the medals.

"It feels amazing to win my third American Cup," said Wieber, who also won in 2009 and 2011. "I'm really excited to get started with the Olympic year."

But Douglas' mathematical victory will push Wieber harder in the gym, said her coach, John Geddert.

"We'll have to adjust," Geddert. "It's a different position being on top. [Marta Karolyi] and I both said this is a nice little wake-up call."

First-year senior Larisa Iordache was third for Romania, a bright spot for the nation which is seeking to get back into the team medals this year. Iordache had the top score of the night for her beam routine (15.400).

Levya came from behind to take the title over Ukraine's Nikolai Kuksenkov, who was leading after five rotations. Leyva scored 15.933 on high bar to win by less than .2. Kuksenkov meanwhile played it safe on vault with only a double-twisting Yurchenko to take second as he had in 2011. Chris Brooks, another exhibition competitor for the USA, had the third highest total but the bronze medal went to Germany's Marcel Nguyen.

"Being the AT&T American Cup champion is amazing," Leyva said. "It's great to be on that list with people like Blaine Wilson, Jonathan Horton and Paul Hamm – and to say it was in the Garden is even better."

The competition is the first event in the struggling FIG World Cup series. The Paris World Cup (scheduled for March 17-18) and Tokyo World Cup (April 14-15) both have been canceled. The only other World Cup event this season is scheduled for April 7-8 in Zibo City, China.

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2012 AT&T American Cup
March 3, New York City

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
--Gabrielle Douglas*15.86615.63315.10014.70061.299
1.Jordyn Wieber6.516.1006.314.8336.014.9666.015.13361.032
2.Alexandra Raisman6.516.1005.914.3336.314.9666.215.43360.832
3.Larisa Iordache5.814.8666.214.2336.615.4006.114.83359.332
4.Victoria Moors5.814.7334.913.0335.413.8335.914.76656.365
5.Diana Chelaru5.814.5005.713.2005.814.0005.914.40056.100
6.Lisa Katharina Hill5.014.1005.914.2334.913.5005.113.76655.599
7.Georgia Simpson5.014.1005.613.8005.713.3005.013.36654.566
8.Rebecca Tunney5.013.8666.013.9005.410.2005.714.16652.132

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Danell Leyva6.115.0336.114.4335.914.6666.215.6336.214.9667.115.93390.664
2.Nikolai Kuksenkov6.214.9666.214.9336.315.0006.215.5336.314.8666.815.20090.498
--Chris Brooks*14.90013.93314.83315.83314.90015.53389.932
3.Marcel Nguyen6.515.2665.514.1006.415.1336.615.8006.614.8007.014.82689.925
4.Daniel Purvis6.515.2006.114.7336.114.7336.615.7006.414.9006.114.50089.766
5.John Orozco5.814.3666.113.7006.214.6336.615.7666.615.5006.715.36689.331
6.Oleg Vernyayev6.514.7666.614.2006.613.9007.016.1336.715.2005.913.93388.132
7.Jackson Payne5.913.8005.913.5335.313.6665.814.1006.014.3336.914.76684.198
8.Ryuzo Sejima5.914.2335.212.9005.711.7666.215.4006.113.8005.211.53379.632

*Exhibition competitor, not eligible for prizes

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Alison Clements said:

Gabrielle Douglas question
I wish the article had explained why Gabrielle Douglas was an exhibition competitor rather than an actual competitor. Is she under age?
March 04, 2012
Votes: +1

Willard Felsen said:

Showing Gabrielle Douglas's performances would have been a
lot more captivating that multiple shots of Wieber just
standing around. It isn't as though it was forbidden to
show Douglas because she wasn't an official entry: we saw
unofficial entry Brooks on rings.
March 04, 2012
Votes: +1

Dee said:

The American Cup is a World Cup Event now, so only 2 athletes per country can qualify. In the past we've had as many as 4 American girls competing in the AC. For instance, in 2003, we had Kupets, Postell, Patterson, and Hatch competing.
March 04, 2012
Votes: +0

Chris P said:

Entries to the American Cup are based on rankings from Worlds, so Raisman and Wieber competed because they were the highest ranked Americans.
March 04, 2012
Votes: +0

Anonymous said:

No, she's not underage. Since the Am Cup is an FIG event, the competitors are chosen based on their ranking at the previous Worlds. Since Raisman and Wieber competed AA and Gabby didn't, she wasn't permitted to be added to the roster unless of them was injured. There were other rules that would kick into play depending on whether a qualified country decided not to send someone to the competition, or if one of the qualifiers was injured and couldn't compete.
March 04, 2012
Votes: +2

fidencio said:

I had the chance to see Wieber won her first American Cup at 2009, she is amazing but NBC waste a lot of time just talking about Wieber, Retton, Nastia and whatever. I paid that time to see a Gymnastics competitions and that what I got it. But sat down in front of the T.V. for 2 hours to watch gymnastics at least on NBC doesn't worth waste that time. I only saw Iordache on b.b., and another Canadian gymnasts, and also the one from Great Britain. Seriously.
I love our gymnast, but it is so un-respectful treat other country gymnastics in this way, ignoring their success or their efforts.
March 04, 2012
Votes: +16

Robin said:

I agree. NBC's coverage suggests they think American fans only want to watch American gymnasts, which is far from true. I think most of us want to see excellence no matter who it is.
March 08, 2012
Votes: +2

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