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Grandi Announces Reasons for Fifth Term
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I have decided to run for re-election at the FIG General Assembly in Cancun (MEX), October 25 - 27, 2012. I will solicit the votes of the 130 national affiliated federation delegates for a fifth mandate.

My decision is the product of long consideration. A fifth term is the logical continuation of a mandate that the Atlanta Congress first issued to me in 1996 when I succeeded Yuri Titov after a twenty-year reign. Historians will remember that he and I ran against one another in the memorable elections of 1992 in Salou (ESP), in which my friend Titov reclaimed office by a single vote!

It is no mystery that I am getting along in years. At the age of seventy-seven, I hope to leverage my experience in sports to bring numerous projects to fruition. This will be my last mandate. But before I take my leave, there are several issues that need my attention, and I am committed to finishing what I started. I am both pugnacious and consistent.

Among the issues at hand is the debate surrounding eligibility to be part of the technical authorities; members must be in possession of a category I or II judge and level III coach brevet as of 2013. It is my responsibility to provide our sport and our gymnasts with individuals who are both trained and competent. It is a credibility issue. Other topics include development, solidarity and promotion of gymnasts in underprivileged countries. Gymnastics cannot fall into the trap of catering to wealthy countries. We must reach higher, we must strive for universality. Such is the Olympic ideal, and the justice I hold dear.

But the most ambitious project by far is that of competition reform within the Marketing project. Our product needs to be streamlined; and to keep our competitions attractive for sponsors and the public, it has been found imperative to review our Codes of Points.

Since the day I first took office I have labored toward attracting more attention to our sport. Gymnastics needs to simplify the rules, give a face lift to its formats and speak in terms that Generation Y can understand. This is imperative. My experience has taught me that success is a passing thing and that what we achieve today must be pursued tomorrow; fundamental truth!

With these things completed, I will be able to hand the keys of the FIG over to my successor knowing that I have finished the job.

With my warmest wishes for an excellent New Year 2012,


Prof Bruno Grandi, President
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Whale Shark Tours said:

Buena Suerte...
As someone who loves gymnastics, I would love to be able to watch more events in the Yucatan, including Cancun and Playa del Carmen. I wish you much luck and hope you get elected, again!
December 13, 2011 | url
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Margaret Tudor said:

Retire already Grandi!
No more Grandi! I hope this man is voted out-he is the reason we no longer have the iconic perfect 10.00 and he is the reason why gymnasts with falls beat gymnasts who are consistent. He is also the reason artistry has nearly died in the sport-and its very name is ARTISTIC gymnastics!
End of rant.
December 14, 2011
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Diane Lee said:

He is also the reason the number of gymnasts on a world and olympic team is not longer 7. There is no tie in the sport also. Also he changed the age gymnast can compete. Does he even LIKE gymanstics? I dont think so. PLEASE DO NOT ELECT HIM.. PLEASE.
December 17, 2011 | url
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