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Sey: Why Coaches Get Away With Abuse
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In the wake of sex abuse scandals involving gymnastics coach Don Peters and Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, 1986 U.S. champion Jennifer Sey has shared her thoughts with Sey's 2008 memoir, Chalked Up, first revealed the allegations against Peters, which led to the recent Orange County Register investigation. Click here to read the article.

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Karen F said:

I find it interesting that this article has been up here since Nov. 19, and it's already Dec. 6 and not one comment has been posted in response. Why is that? Is it apathy, or fear, or something else? When there's an article about so-and-so getting a hurt knee, the comments light up with "I hope s/he gets better soon!" but this article discusses deep emotional hurt and there are no comments.
December 06, 2011
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