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Uchimura Unstoppable at Japanese Championships
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Three-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura won four gold medals at the 65th Japanese Championships, which concluded Sunday in Chiba.

Three-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura won four gold medals at the 65th Japanese Championships, which concluded Sunday in Chiba.

Uchimura led his Konami club to first place and won half the apparatus titles. (The fall championships feature team and apparatus, with the all-around contested in the spring.)

Uchimura, who won his third world all-around title last month in Tokyo, picked up golds on floor exercise, pommel horse and high bar in Chiba. He scored a high of 16.750 on high bar under a modified scoring system that included bonus.

World team members Koji Yamamuro (still rings) and Kazuhito Tanaka (parallel bars) also picked up individual titles. Teenager Keisuke Ogura won men's vault.

Nippon Sport Science University took the women's team title, while Natsumi Sasada and Rie Tanaka each won two titles. Sasada, who missed the world championships selection due to injury, won uneven bars and tied Tanaka for the beam title. Tanaka — the sister of Kazuhito and Yusuke Tanaka — grabbed the title on women's floor exercise.

International competition continues this fall in Japan with the upcoming Tokyo World Cup (Nov. 26-27) and Toyota Cup (Dec. 10-11).

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65th Japanese Gymnastics Championships (Team and Apparatus)
Nov. 4-6, Chiba

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Nippon Sport Science University40.00039.35039.25039.400158.000
2.Asahi Seimei Gymnastics Club38.00038.45038.05038.600153.100
3.Kokushikan University39.60037.65037.80037.050152.100
4.Shitennoji Sports Club 39.90036.30038.25037.100151.550
5.Kyoto Jumping Gymnastics Club41.35037.05036.60036.000151.000
6.Legyc Sports40.80037.25032.85036.000146.900
7.University of Tsukuba39.20035.75035.85034.800145.600
8.Toda City Sports Center 39.55035.80033.50035.450144.300

2.Tokushukai Gymnastics Club42.85042.35043.80047.55045.80045.950268.300
3.Nippon Sport Science University45.20043.70042.90047.45044.55041.200265.000
4.Juntendo University43.15042.55041.65045.30045.75045.450263.850
6.Funabashi Municipal High School44.40042.60041.20047.10042.40042.450260.150
7.Asahi Seimei41.60040.35043.60045.90043.70042.300257.450
8.Sohgoh Symnastics Club43.30038.70042.25046.00042.35043.600256.200
9.Nihon University41.85039.60042.30044.40043.05044.400255.600
10.Saitama Sakae High School42.30042.70040.70045.35042.30040.650254.000
11.Waseda University42.85040.85040.55045.70041.45042.050253.450
12.University of Tsukuba 42.55037.40040.55043.80040.60038.500243.400

Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Ryu WakikoTosu High Club13.900
1.Mizuho NagaiTokai TV Tomei Gymnastics Club13.900
3.Risaki KonishiSwallow Sports Club Oizumi13.800
4.Ai SaitoFukuoka University13.400
5.Misa TamariMiyazaki Gymnastics Club13.325
5.Yume YamamotoFuji Sports Club13.325
7.Masami IkedaKomazawa12.825
8.Hasebe HarukoAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club12.750

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Natsumi SasadaOizumi Swallow Sports Club14.300
2.Yuko ShintakePlumage International University14.050
3.Mai YamagishiPlumage International University13.850
3.Asuka TeramotoLegyc Sports13.850
5.Yu MinobeAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club13.700
6.Yuki UchiyamaSmile Gymnastics Club13.450
7.Haruhi UchimuraNippon Sport Science University13.050
8.Risaki KonishiOizumi Swallow Sports Club11.000

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Rie TanakaNippon Sport Science University14.200
1.Natsumi SasadaOizumi Swallow Sports Club14.200
3.Yu MinobeAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club14.150
4.Haruhi UchimuraNippon Sport Science University13.550
5.Maki IkejiriNippon Sport Science University13.400
6.Yuko ShintakePlumage International University12.850
7.Haruko HasebeAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club12.450
8.Wakana InoueMizutori Gymnastics11.550

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Rie TanakaNippon Sport Science University13.850
2.Yu MinobeAsahi Seimei13.750
3.Yuki UchiyamaSmile Gymnastics Club13.550
4.Wakana InoueGymnastics Hall waterfowl13.150
5.Mai YamagishiPlumage International University13.100
6.Yuri IshiiJumping Gymnastics Club Kyoto12.950
7.Chinami OtakiKokushikan University12.500
8.Kyoko OshimaAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club12.450

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Kohei UchimuraKONAMI16.200
2.Kenzo ShiraiTsurumi Junior Gymnastics Club15.650
3.Takumi SatoNippon Sport Science University15.300
4.Riku MunakataSendai14.800
5.Ryuzo SejimaNippon Sport Science University14.750
6.Shun KuwaharaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.700
7.Hitoshi AoyamaNippon Sport Science University14.300
8.Takuya NakaseTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.000

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Kohei UchimuraKONAMI15.700
2.Kenya KobayashiKONAMI15.200
3.Kazutoshi SotomuraSohgoh Gymnastics Club15.050
4.Kohei KameyamaTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.000
5.Yusuke TanakaJuntendo University14.400
6.Kazuya UedaKONAMI14.000
7.Ryosuke KobayashiNihon University13.550
7.Masashi HorinoKansai High School13.550

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Koji YamamuroKONAMI15.850
2.Kenya KobayashiKONAMI15.200
3.Yasuhiro OkamuraAsahi Seimei15.150
4.Shun SaitoSohgoh Gymnastics Club15.000
5.Takuya NakaseTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.900
6.Kyoichi WatanabeTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.700
7.Hiroyuki ImaiJuntendo University14.650
8.Tasuku SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club12.500

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Keisuke OguraNarashino High School16.425
2.Koji YamamuroKONAMI16.275
3.Tasuku SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club16.175
4.Shuichi YamamotoSendai15.850
5.Masashi AoyamaNippon Sport Science University15.825
6.Takumi SatoNippon Sport Science University15.800
7.Makoto FukuoJuntendo University15.700
8.Takuya InateraFoundation for Amateur Sports15.650

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Kazuhito TanakaTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.600
2.Shun KuwaharaTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.500
3.Kenya KobayashiKONAMI15.450
4.Ryuzo SejimaNippon Sport Science University15.300
5.Masahiro YoshidaSohgoh Gymnastics Club15.150
6.Yuya KamotoKansai High School15.100
7.Yousuke HoshiCentral Sports Co., Ltd.14.750
8.Takuya NakaseTokushukai Gymnastics Club13.600

High Bar FinalScore
1.Kohei UchimuraKONAMI16.750
2.Yusuke TanakaJuntendo University16.250
3.Takashi IshikawaJuntendo University15.650
4.Tasuku SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club15.600
5.Rui YamazakiAsahi Seimei Gymnastics Club15.550
6.Kazuaki KoizumiNihon University14.950
7.Takuya NakaseTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.750
8.Hiroyuki ImaiJuntendo University14.450
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