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Caquatto, Calvo Win Pan American Games
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American Bridgette Caquatto and Colombian Jossimar Calvo won the all-around titles Wednesday as the Pan American Games continued in Guadalajara, Mexico. Pictured: Calvo and teammate Jorge Hugo Giraldo went 1-2 in the men's all-around.

American Bridgette Caquatto and Colombian Jossimar Calvo won the all-around titles Wednesday as the Pan American Games continued in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Caquatto scored 55.875 to give the U.S. women their seventh consecutive all-around victory at the Pan Am Games, topping Guatemala's Ana Sofía Gómez (55.425) Canada's Kristina Vaculik (54.775).

"This is just amazing," Caquatto said. "It feels just as amazing as it did the other day when the whole team won first too. I'm just so happy."

Gómez, the top qualifier, won the first Pan Am medal for Guatemala since Luisa Portacarrero in 1991.

"Women are capable and can excel in sports," said Gómez, a 2010 Youth Olympian. "I thank Guatemala and this medal is for Guatemala."

Peru's Sandra Collantes left the Nisson Complex on a stretcher after a frightening fall from uneven bars, but was released from the hospital after an MRI revealed no serious injuries. Collantes, a Peruvian-American, trains under Argentinian-born coach Gustavo Moure at Excalibur Gymnastics in Virginia Beach and won vault in the Senior B division at the 2011 Junior Olympic Nationals in Long Beach.

In the men's competition, Calvo and Jorge Hugo Giraldo went 1-2 for Colombia. Calvo, just 17, is barely half the age of his veteran teammate, 32.

Two-time world floor exercise finalist Tomás González (Chile) won the bronze.

Top qualifier Sergio Sasaki (Brazil) withdrawn from the competition after two events. Sasaki, who led Brazil to the team gold on Tuesday, reportedly aggravated a previous foot injury during the vault warmup.

Competition continues Thursday with the first day of event finals.

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2011 Pan American Games
Oct. 26, Guadalajara, Mexico

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Bridgette Caquatto14.07514.72513.675  13.40055.875
2.Ana Sofía Gómez14.52512.90014.350  13.65055.425
3.Kristina Vaculik13.80013.775  13.77513.42554.775
4.Christine Lee14.02512.90013.975  13.67554.575
5.Elsa Garcia14.37513.625  12.82513.60054.425
6.Brandie Jay14.825  13.97512.85012.70054.350
7.Daniele Hypolito  14.12512.55013.67513.82554.175
8.Catalina Escobar  14.75012.50012.70013.00052.950
9.Jessica Gil  14.17512.07513.50012.90052.650
10.Ana Lago14.175  10.97513.35013.95052.450
11.Dovelis Torres  14.02512.00012.82513.37552.225
12.Adrian Nunes14.125  11.50012.97513.10051.700
13.Dayana Rodriguez  13.90012.47512.80012.45051.625
14.Ivet Rojas13.825  11.12512.90012.82550.675
15.Merlina Galera13.42511.37512.550  12.67550.025
16.Lucila Estarli13.70010.65012.225  12.77549.350
17.Paula Mejias13.60010.875  11.85012.57548.900
18.Yamilet Peña  14.77510.57510.30012.62548.275
19.Yoselin Peña13.67511.425  10.32512.47547.900
20.Thema Williams12.90011.550  10.92511.67547.050
21.Nicolle Vazquez12.925  10.30011.07511.60045.900
22.Martina Castro12.7259.925  10.15012.55045.350
23.Elid Mayerli Helwigg11.975  12.35024.325
24.Sandra Collantes   9.6259.625

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jossimar Calvo15.00013.900  13.20015.55014.60014.15086.400
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo13.350  14.05014.70015.50014.25014.35086.200
3.Tomás González15.050  13.25014.20015.45014.25013.85086.050
4.CJ Maestas  14.65013.20014.85015.10013.85013.65085.300
5.Luis Rivera14.90012.35014.500  15.30014.15014.05085.250
6.Luis Vargas12.80013.80014.400  15.30014.25014.40084.950
7.Anderson Loran13.70013.550  13.45015.30012.95014.10083.050
8.Brandon Wynn12.500  12.25015.20015.25013.35014.10082.650
9.Hugh Smith14.45013.35013.750  16.10012.50012.35082.500
10.Federico Molinari13.70012.70014.550  15.25014.05011.80082.050
11.Ernesto Vila14.50012.250  13.55015.60014.65011.35081.900
12.Nicolas Cordoba13.70012.200  13.55014.15013.20014.50081.300
13.Carlos Campaña12.900  12.55012.75014.85014.40013.80081.250
14.Adickxon Trejo12.550  12.20013.70015.55012.70013.25079.950
15.Petrix Barbosa14.05013.35013.450  15.45012.10011.40079.800
15.Javier Cervantes13.10013.550  13.30014.90013.15011.80079.800
17.Mynor Juarez12.40012.25012.100  15.00012.35010.30074.400
18.Boris Merchan  12.70011.15011.80015.00011.20011.00072.850
19.Oscar Cañas  12.65012.50010.80012.30011.85012.65072.750
20.Jose Quilla  12.8009.50011.50014.40011.85011.65071.700
21.Sergio Sasaki  13.80013.80027.600
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