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Brazilian Men Grab First Pan Am Gold
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The Brazilian men won their first gymnastics team title Tuesday, defeating defending champion Puerto Rico as the Pan American Games continued in Guadalajara, Mexico. Pictured: Brazilian gymnasts Francisco Barretto, Petrix Barbosa, Diego Hypolito, Pericles da Silva, Sergio Sasaki and Arthur Zanetti show off their gold medals.

The Brazilian men won their first gymnastics team title Tuesday as the Pan American Games continued in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Led by Sergio Sasaki and 2011 world medalists Diego Hypolito and Artur Zanetti, Brazil defeated defending champion Puerto Rico by 1.25 in the second subdivision. The U.S, which competed in the first subdivision, won the bronze.

Hypolito, a two-time world champion on floor exercise, clinched the gold medal for Brazil on his best event. He failed to stick most of his tumbling (whip, Arabian double pike mount; triple twist dismount) but his performance had the Brazilian team celebrating on the side. The gold marked the best international performance to date by the Brazilian men, who at previous Pan Am Games won silvers in 2003 and 2007 and bronzes in 1987 and 1979. Rio de Janeiro, site of the 2007 Pan Am Games, will play host to the 2016 Olympic Games.

Puerto Rico had the top team totals on pommel horse and high bar, but struggled on parallel bars (sixth). The U.S. men outscored the field on still rings, but gave up 4 points to Puerto Rico on pommel horse.

Sasaki led the all-around qualification, topping 2008 Olympians Jorge Hugo Giraldo (Colombia) and Luis Rivera (Puerto Rico).

Competition continues Wednesday with the all-around finals for both women and men.

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2011 Pan American Games
Oct. 25, Guadalajara, Mexico

1.Brazil58.650 55.20057.30062.80056.70055.450346.100
2.Puerto Rico 58.15056.50056.10061.95053.55058.600344.850
3.United States56.70052.40057.300 62.05055.75057.800342.000
4.Colombia56.100 55.20053.65062.10057.40056.400340.850
5.Canada57.65055.050 54.60061.80053.40052.700335.200
6.Mexico54.00055.45053.05060.400 56.60053.000332.500
7.Argentina55.65051.80055.20059.000 54.20054.500330.350

Men's All-Around QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Sergio Sasaki14.650 14.60013.85016.05014.55014.00087.700
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo13.850 13.95014.30015.40014.90014.15086.550
3.Luis Vargas 14.20014.25013.55015.55014.30014.65086.500
4.Tomás González15.05013.00014.300 16.15014.30013.65086.450
5.Luis Rivera 14.65013.65014.15015.60013.35014.45085.850
6.Jossimar Calvo14.800 13.15012.45015.65014.50014.80085.350
7.Hugh Smith14.40013.600 13.95016.10013.50013.15084.700
8.Petrix Barbosa14.000 12.45013.75015.55014.20014.10084.050
9.CJ Maestas13.05012.45014.800 15.20013.70014.35083.550
10.Pericles da Silva13.850 13.85013.80014.45013.90013.65083.500
11.Anderson Loran14.30013.900 12.80015.15013.30013.55083.000
12.Federico Molinari13.70013.10014.45015.300 12.90013.40082.850
13.Angel Ramos 14.55011.90013.35015.60012.60014.80082.800
14.Tariq Dowers13.80013.650 13.10015.15013.55013.40082.650
15.Javier Cervantes14.05013.80012.80015.200 14.20012.40082.450
16.Jason Scott14.30013.900 13.30014.45013.05012.60081.600
17.Luis Sosa13.00013.95013.40015.300 12.85012.95081.450
18.Nicolas Cordoba13.60012.60013.45014.100 13.50014.10081.350
19.Javier Sandoval13.050 12.55012.70015.30013.70013.50080.800
20.Brandon Wynn11.55012.50014.900 14.50013.00014.20080.650
21.Carlos Campaña13.60010.50012.900 15.35014.35013.75080.450
22.Adickxon Trejo 12.60012.95013.05014.55013.50013.70080.350
23.Juan Lompizano13.55013.50011.65014.550 13.55013.05079.850
24.Mynor Juarez 13.05011.75012.00014.90013.30012.80077.800
25.Ernesto Vila12.00011.00013.050 15.40013.35012.95077.750
26.Oscar Cañas12.20013.400 11.70012.75012.80012.80075.650
27.Byron Lopez11.90013.200 12.05013.35011.95012.15074.600
28.Boris Merchan13.15011.200 12.10014.80011.85010.60073.700
29.Tarik Soto Byfield 13.65010.5009.05014.85011.80012.70072.550
30.Alexander Rodriguez 14.75014.60014.70013.30014.70072.050
31.Diego Hypolito15.600 12.90015.40014.05013.70071.650
32.Jose Quilla11.85010.700 11.80013.25011.60011.60070.800
33.Tyler Mizoguchi14.55013.25014.000 15.80012.50070.100
34.Osvaldo Martinez12.10014.55014.700 13.90013.95069.200
35.Donothan Bailey14.55013.90013.450 14.95012.20069.050
36.Aldo Torres13.50013.50014.600 13.20014.00068.800
37.Javier Balboa13.45011.70013.35015.300 13.45067.250
38.Jesus de Leon10.60011.30012.400 15.25012.40061.950
39.Paul Ruggeri14.550 16.10014.45015.20060.300
40.James Brochero14.100 13.00015.75013.95056.800
41.Rafael Morales 14.15014.00013.45015.20056.800
42.Fabian Meza 13.70013.65014.05013.95055.350
43.Sho Nakamori12.75013.600 14.60014.05055.000
44.Francisco Barreto 13.85014.10013.90012.75054.600
45.Juan Melchiori14.10012.600 13.25012.30052.250
46.Mario Berrios12.150 14.45012.45011.85050.900
47.Santiago Lopez12.40010.700 13.85012.60049.550
48.Arthur Zanetti14.400 15.55015.80045.750
49.Scott Morgan14.650 14.25015.40044.300
50.Jorge Peña13.350 14.40014.95042.700
51.Mauro Martinez 14.25012.75014.45041.450
52.Tommy Ramos 14.95011.85013.80040.600
53.Mathieu Csukassy12.650 13.05011.80037.500
54.Daniel Corral15.300 15.35030.650
55.Juan Gonzalez13.900 15.15029.050
56.Regulo Carmona 15.30015.300

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
QDiego Hypolito6.88.80015.600
QTomás González6.58.6500.115.050
QJossimar Calvo6.48.40014.800
QAlexander Rodriguez6.08.75014.750
QSergio Sasaki5.88.85014.650
QScott Morgan6.08.65014.650
QLuis Rivera6.18.55014.650
QDonothan Bailey5.88.75014.550
RTyler Mizoguchi5.88.75014.550
RHugh Smith5.78.70014.400
RMauro Martinez5.98.35014.250

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
QDaniel Corral6.19.20015.300
QSergio Sasaki5.69.00014.600
QAlexander Rodriguez6.08.60014.600
QJorge Peña6.18.30014.400
QLuis Vargas5.68.65014.250
QLuis Sosa5.68.35013.950
QJorge Hugo Giraldo5.98.05013.950
QJason Scott5.28.70013.900
RAnderson Loran5.28.70013.900
RDonothan Bailey6.37.60013.900
RPericles Da Silva5.78.15013.850

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
QArthur Zanetti6.59.05015.550
QRegulo Carmona6.78.60015.300
QTommy Ramos6.48.55014.950
QBrandon Wynn6.78.20014.900
QCJ Maestas6.68.20014.800
QOsvaldo Martinez6.38.25014.550
QFederico Molinari6.38.15014.450
QTomás González5.88.50014.300
RJorge Hugo Giraldo6.38.00014.300
RScott Morgan6.18.15014.250
RLuis Rivera6.37.85014.150

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
QTomás González7.09.15016.15016.030
QHugh Smith6.69.50016.10015.730
QDiego Hypolito6.69.1000.315.40015.730
QLuis Rivera6.69.1000.115.60015.600
QScott Morgan6.29.20015.40015.480
QPaul Ruggeri6.89.30016.10015.450
QAngel Ramos6.29.40015.60015.400
QJavier Cervantes6.29.00015.20015.300
RJesus de Leon6.68.9500.315.25015.280
RJames Brochero6.29.55015.75015.180
RCarlos Campaña6.29.15015.35015.175

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
QDaniel Corral6.39.05015.350
QJorge Hugo Giraldo6.18.80014.900
QSho Nakamori6.18.50014.600
QSergio Sasaki5.88.75014.550
QJossimar Calvo6.18.40014.500
QPaul Ruggeri6.38.15014.450
QCarlos Campaña6.08.35014.350
QTomás González5.78.60014.300
RLuis Vargas5.78.60014.300
RJavier Cervantes5.78.50014.200
RPetrix Barbosa5.78.50014.200

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
QPaul Ruggeri6.98.30015.200
QAngel Ramos6.18.70014.800
QJossimar Calvo6.48.40014.800
QAlexander Rodriguez6.08.70014.700
QCJ Maestas6.38.05014.350
QJorge Hugo Giraldo6.18.05014.150
QPetrix Barbosa5.98.20014.100
QNicolas Cordoba6.18.00014.100
RAldo Torres5.68.40014.000
RSergio Sasaki5.88.20014.000
ROsvaldo Martinez5.98.05013.950
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