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Patterson Enjoys Launch of Recording Career
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Four years after winning the Olympic all-around title, Carly Patterson told IG she is excited to officially launch her recording career with the release of "Temporary Life (Ordinary Girl)," her first single.
Patterson sings at the Pacific Rim Championships

"I have always loved singing, and have wanted to sing my whole life," said Patterson, who performed "Temporary Life (Ordinary Girl)" March 29 at the Pacific Rim Championships in San Jose. "I used to be scared to sing in front of people. After the Olympics, I really started to go for that, and got over the fear. I've been working almost four years to get signed and do all the things I'm doing now, so it's really exciting."

Patterson, the first American woman to win the all-around title in a fully-attended Olympics, is in the process of recording the final songs for her debut album for Musicmind, a division of Universal/Republic.

After upcoming recording sessions in Chicago, Milwaukee and Los Angeles, she said her album will be completed in approximately one month.

"Temporary Life (Ordinary Girl)," written and produced by David Kater, is already available to download on iTunes (

Patterson said the song appealed to her as soon as she heard the demo version that was sent to her.

"I liked pretty much everything about it — the lyrics and the sound," she said. "It's really 'pop' and it's all in my range, so I don't have to go really, really high!"

Patterson said she has been commuting from her suburban Dallas home to Los Angeles for recording sessions, without the customary companionship of her mother, Natalie.

"My mom hasn't traveled with me yet, because the record label and my manager are coming with me, so I'm pretty well taken care of," Patterson said. "She doesn't worry about me!"

Patterson said her 2006 performances as a contestant on Fox Television's "Celebrity Duets" gave her valuable exposure. The show also enabled her to get advice from industry experts and legendary performers. On "Celebrity Duets," Patterson sang with James Ingram, Lee Ann Womack, Anita Pointer and Jesse McCartney.

"It was a good experience for me to go out and sing in front of people and on TV, and to work with people who have been in the business," she said. "Getting their feedback, and getting to work with and talk to legends, was great."

In addition to promotional activities at gymnastics competitions this year, Patterson is staying involved in the sport as a coach. She currently coaches pre-school classes on a part-time basis at WOGA, the club where she trained in Plano, Texas. Patterson plans to coach at three gymnastics camps this summer.

Patterson said she is eager to follow the performances of the American team at this summer's Olympic Games in Beijing. She is especially excited to watch the competition between 2007 world all-around champion Shawn Johnson and 2008 American Cup champion Nastia Liukin. Patterson and Liukin are good friends and former WOGA teammates.

"I think they're both really, really good," Patterson said of Johnson and Liukin. "I enjoyed watching them battle it out at the American Cup [in March]. I really think it's going to be between those two. I don't know how the other countries are, but I know the U.S. is really, really strong. Nobody's been beating the U.S., but we'll see. I don't want to set any bad luck on anyone!"

As Patterson prepares for the launch of her album, she said she understands the hard work that will be involved in promoting her new career.

"It's going to get really busy from here on out," she told IG. "They keep telling me to enjoy my privacy while I have it, because it's not going to last too much longer. But it's good, and I'm glad. It's what I've wanted."

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