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England Takes Five More Titles as CWYG End
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English gymnasts continued their domination of the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man, winning five more gold medals as the competition concluded Sunday. Pictured: England's Dominick Cunningham won high bar, his third gold medal of the competition.

English gymnasts continued their domination of the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man, winning five more gold medals as the competition concluded Sunday.

The English women, who won the team title on Friday in Douglas, grabbed three of four titles in the apparatus finals. 2011 British junior champion Rebecca Tunney, age eligible for the 2012 Olympics in London, won the vault title. Charlie Fellows (Sandbach Gymnastics Club) won uneven bars, and all-around bronze medalist Abi Caig won floor exercise.

After team and all-around victories, the English men brought two more gold medals from Gaius Thompson (parallel bars) and Dominick Cunningham (high bar). Cunningham, the all-around champion, was the most successful gymnast in Douglas with three golds, one silver and a bronze.

"That was a fantastic achievement of all our boys and everybody is very happy with their performance and results," said Cunningham's coach, Ryan Bradley. "As for myself, this was my first experience as a coach bringing a gymnast at this high level of competition and I hope that I will be able to do many more!"

Australia picked up two golds from Emma Nedov (balance beam) and Declan Stacey (men's floor exercise).

Cypriot Michails Krasias was a double champion, winning pommel horse and still rings.

Men's vault champion Douglas Ross ended the competition on a high note for Scotland, which will play host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 World Championships.

The 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games are scheduled to take place in Samoa in the South Pacific.

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2011 Commonwealth Youth Games
Sept. 11, Douglas, Isle of Man

Women's Vault FinalVT 1VT 2Average
1.Rebecca Tunney13.70013.00013.350
2.Kirsten Beckett13.15013.35013.250
3.Abi Caig13.50012.90013.200
4.Raer Theaker13.40012.80013.100
5.Maddi Leydin12.55013.15012.850
6.Nicole Mawhinney12.80012.90012.850
7.India McPeak12.55012.10012.325
8.Kirsty-Rosalind Caruana12.15012.30012.225

Uneven Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Charlie Fellows5.113.250
2.Raer Theaker4.913.100
3.Angel Romaeo5.013.000
4.Emma Nedov5.112.600
5.Rebecca Tunney5.512.300
6.Kirsten Beckett4.612.250
7.Maddi Leydin4.711.950
8.Brittany Robertson4.611.100

Balance Beam FinalDNDScore
1.Emma Nedov6.013.300
2.Raer Theaker4.813.050
3.Charlie Fellows4.712.750
4.Angel Romaeo5.112.600
5.Maddi Leydin5.20.112.500
6.Abi Caig5.212.150
7.Shannon Archer5.211.650
8.Carly Smith3.58.850

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Abi Caig5.313.850
2.Brittany Robertson5.213.700
3.Rebecca Tunney5.413.650
4.Angel Romaeo5.213.500
5.Kiera Brennan4.912.950
6.Shannon Archer4.612.750
7.Emma Nedov4.80.112.700
8.Maddi Leydin4.90.112.450

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Declan Stacey5.113.950
2.Brinn Bevan4.813.850
3.Michails Krasias4.813.700
4.Zachary Clay4.813.300
5.Christos Sloeas4.312.950
6.Harry Owen5.00.112.950
7.Dominick Cunningham5.112.500
8.Robert Sansby4.20.410.800

Pommel Horse FinalDNDScore
1.Michails Krasias4.913.800
2.Gaius Thompson4.913.500
3.Dominick Cunningham5.013.050
4.Zachary Clay4.312.950
5.Harry Owen4.612.850
6.Xenios Papaevripidou3.711.850
7.Robert Sansby4.310.650
8.Wei-An Terry Tay3.910.150

Still Rings FinalDNDScore
1.Michails Krasias4.813.850
2.Tyson Bull4.813.700
3.Curtis Graves5.013.400
4.Dominick Cunningham4.713.100
5.Kal Nemier4.512.850
6.Wei-An Terry Tay4.912.750
7.Brinn Bevan4.612.600
8.Reid McGowan3.68.900

Men's Vault FinalDNDScoreAverage
1.Douglas Ross5.815.00014.825
2.Dominick Cunningham6.215.20014.775
3.Wei-An Terry Tay6.214.1000.114.450
4.Gaius Thompson5.414.65014.275
5.Zachary Clay5.815.00014.175
6.Harry Owen5.414.35013.325
7.Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie4.612.9500.113.175
8.Morihei Anderson4.613.30012.550

Parallel Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Gaius Thompson5.014.000
2.Brinn Bevan5.013.400
3.Curtis Graves4.413.250
4.Jack Neill3.912.850
5.Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie3.912.850
6.Zachary Clay4.612.850
7.Christos Sloeas4.212.550
8.Declan Stacey4.712.000

High Bar FinalDNDScore
1.Dominick Cunningham4.513.750
2.Curtis Graves4.713.750
3.Kal Nemier4.613.600
4.Gaius Thompson4.613.550
5.Tyson Bull4.913.500
6.Reid McGowan3.813.000
7.Liam Davie4.712.900
8.Christos Sloeas4.39.450
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