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Romania, Germany Win Pre-Worlds Warm-Up
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The Romanian women and German men delivered dominating performances Saturday at a tri-meet with Switzerland, held Saturday in Erzingen, Germany. Pictured: Romania's Raluca Haidu

The Romanian women and German men delivered dominating performances Saturday at a tri-meet with Switzerland, held Saturday in Erzingen, Germany.

The competition served as a worlds warm-up for the three nations, which are soon to finalize their squads to the world championships, Oct. 7-16 in Tokyo.

World balance beam champion Ana Porgras led Romania to first place over Germany, 229.25-224.10. The Swiss women were third with 206.45.

Porgras, who captured her third straight Romanian all-around title two weeks ago, had the top score of the women's competition with her 15.30 on balance beam. She also led the rankings on floor exercise (14.50).

The Romanian women swept the top four spots in the all-around. Porgras scored 58.10 for first place over teammates Amelia Racea (56.95), Diana Bulimar (56.35) and Raluca Haidu (56.30).

Olympic champions Catalina Ponor and Sandra Izbasa competed three events each. Ponor, nine months into her comeback, contributed strong scores on vault (14.55), balance beam (14.65) and floor exercise (14.30). Izbasa, nursing a sore Achilles, watered down on vault and skipped floor exercise.

Nadine Jarosch led the German women, who outscored Romania on both vault and uneven bars. National champion Elisabeth Seitz had the best score of the meet on uneven bars (14.85; 6.7 Difficulty) but sat out floor exercise.

Five-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina topped the field on vault with her layout Rudi (15.15).

2008 Olympian Marie-Sophie Hindermann, who missed the recent German championships, competed uneven bars in a last-ditch effort to qualify to the world team.

"Her foot needs to be protected, so we can expect Marie-Sophie won't be at the world championships in Tokyo," German head coach Ulla Koch said. "Lisa-Katharina Hill will round out the team and push Anja Rheinbay to alternate. Our goal in Tokyo to qualify for the Olympics is not ideal, but difficult."

In the men's competition, Germany crushed Romania by nearly 20 points, 360.00-340.85. Switzerland finished tenths behind Romania with 340.40.

Despite a fall on floor exercise, European champion Philipp Boy led a German sweep of the top five places. In the all-around, Boy edged Eugen (Yevgeny) Spiridonov, 88.95-88.75.

Marcel Nguyen was third with falls on floor and pommel horse (87.30), but had the best score on parallel bars (15.85).

Fabian Hambüchen once again fell on pommel horse (12.50) and blew away the field on high bar (16.50; 7.5 Difficulty). Hambüchen, who made his return to competition last month after tearing his Achilles in January, also notched the second-best score on parallel bars (15.70).

Matthias Fahrig, recovering from a foot injury, also erred on floor but made his case for the world team with the best score on vault (16.20).

Despite some errors in Erzingen, German head coach Andreas Hirsch said he was pleased with his team's improvement since the national championships.

"The team performance has stabilized and there's a noticeable improvement, for example on rings," he said.

Competing without three-time national champion Flavius Koczi, Romania barely held off Switzerland. The Romanians had the best score on floor exercise, but lagged well behind Germany on the other events.

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2011 Germany vs. Romania vs. Switzerland
Sept. 10, Erzingen, Germany

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal


Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ana Porgras5.013.906.014.406.315.305.614.5058.10
2.Amelia Racea5.814.606.213.655.914.555.714.1556.95
3.Diana Bulimar4.813.205.713.806.115.055.814.3056.35
4.Raluca Haidu5.814.456.
5.Nadine Jarosch5.314.105.313.755.513.755.614.3555.95
6.Daniele Andrei5.013.805.413.705.113.905.514.1055.50
7.Kim Bui5.413.956.213.705.612.555.414.0054.20
8.Giulia Steingruber5.213.805.512.655.413.755.213.8554.05
9.Lisa-Katharina Hill5.013.706.
10.Anja Rheinbay5.013.554.912.855.313.654.812.9553.00
11.Pia Tolle5.013.655.510.855.413.855.213.4551.80
12.Linda Stämpfli4.613.404.811.654.812.705.012.5050.25
12.Jessica Diacci5.013.505.311.905.412.005.112.8550.25
14.Nadia Baeriswyl4.613.105.210.654.912.204.612.0548.00
15.Catalina Ponor5.314.555.714.655.614.3043.50
16.Elisabeth Seitz5.814.706.714.855.813.4042.95
17.Sandra Izbasa5.014.155.413.205.214.1541.50
18.Oksana Chusovitina6.315.155.514.505.613.8529.00
19.Yasmin Zimmermann5.213.755.212.5526.30
20.Sarina Gerber5.112.504.712.9025.40
21.Emily Berti4.811.454.811.7023.15
22.Marie-Sophie Hindermann5.914.3514.35

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Philipp Boy6.113.256.415.105.814.456.615.256.315.307.315.6088.95
2.Eugen Spiridonov6.014.555.714.405.914.656.615.705.814.656.214.8088.75
3.Marcel Nguyen5.813.555.012.706.415.356.615.856.915.856.514.0087.30
4.Thomas Taranu6.114.605.313.456.615.006.615.755.614.405.613.8587.05
5.Andreas Toba5.613.805.914.456.414.356.215.355.614.206.114.7086.85
6.Vlad Cotuna6.314.855.113.055.614.206.215.306.214.756.114.0586.20
7.Matthias Fahrig6.013.555.613.405.413.606.616.206.014.355.814.5085.60
8.Claudio Capelli6.214.404.612.555.113.956.615.556.
9.Sebastian Krimmer5.112.706.
10.Cristian Bataga5.914.
11.Roman Gisi5.412.805.413.805.413.556.215.255.514.105.914.3083.80
12.Pascal Bucher6.013.655.013.506.214.956.
13.Adrian Bucur5.714.005.311.656.013.456.214.355.713.9067.35
14.Pablo Brägger5.913.604.712.004.412.906.
15.Fabian Hambüchen4.912.556.114.906.515.707.516.5059.65
16.Marius Berbecar5.413.956.615.956.415.505.714.0059.40
17.Manuel Rickli5.714.105.013.406.215.306.415.3058.10
18.Marian Dragulescu5.814.255.313.955.714.506.414.4557.15
19.Andrei Ursache5.914.205.613.806.215.205.813.7556.95
20.Nils Haller5.312.406.315.
21.Andrei Muntean1.73.305.614.155.513.106.514.0544.60
22.Lucas Fischer5.512.4012.40
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