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Canada's Savona Takes ACL Rehab Step By Step
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Although 2011 Canadian all-around silver medalist Jessica Savona will miss this fall's world championships because of a torn left ACL, she told IG she is keeping busy and staying optimistic during her varied regimen of rehabilitation.

Savona suffered a torn left ACL at the Japan Cup in Jauly

"The last two weeks have been pretty crazy for me in terms of rehab and running around getting from place to place!" said Savona, who injured her left ACL on vault at the Japan Cup in early July.

Savona said she began simple rehab on Aug. 15, three days after surgery. Her original rehab consisted of trying to walk on her injured knee and activate its muscles.

"That whole week was basically me being able to activate my muscles and walk on my knee because, doctors' orders were to lose the crutches in a week," she said. "Luckily for me, I was able to lose them in five days!"

Savona said her regimen for the past week has included various forms of training after three to four hours of daily conditioning at her club, Oakville Gymnastics in Ontario.

"I spend a good hour in physiotherapy; riding a bike, muscle activation and memory, and getting my range of motion, extension and flexion the best that I can," she said.

Savona said she is encouraged by the analysis of her injury by her physiotherapist, Randy Foster, who has compared it with the right ACL she tore in 2008.

"(Foster) is saying that the recovery on the left knee is a lot better than my right, and my left knee seems to be healing a lot faster with more progress than what was seen with my right," Savona told IG. "Therefore, he and I believe that I will hopefully be back sooner than expected, without forcing anything, and pushing my knee to its limits, of course."

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What is the full recovery time?
September 01, 2011
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